Notice Me [Chapter 4]

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Chapter 4 of Notice Me

Series Genre: Fluff/Smut/Angst at times

“Y/N! Are you awake?” Jackson asked, still knocking at your door.

Mark rolled off the bed and grabbed his clothes from the floor, tiptoeing to hide in your closet.

You quickly threw on a t-shirt and shorts, peeking back to make sure Mark was out of sight. You took a deep breath to try and settle down.

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antisemites are fucking wild

These are all actual things that antisemites have told me, a known jewish person:

I must be a trump supporter

I deserve death

Im a fucking lizard

hebrew is the devil speaking through me

seriously some of them genuinely believe I’m literally a gddamn lizard man how cool would it be if I actually was

Im too pale to be jewish

other jews and I are “literally going to be the downfall of man.” Like thats a direct quote

that jews control the world (why would we let antisemitism run amuck like this)

that I have horns hiding under my hair

that I drink the blood of christian babies (they think we put it in our matzah)

that Im the reason for the downfall of the traditional family, as in like, I caused gay marriage and thats somehow a bad thing (hey my gay ass can’t take credit for that but @ the rigid social construct of the traditional family hell yeah burn motherfucker)

that the holocaust didn’t happen

that Im an alien sent to destroy the human race

that I caused the death of jesus

that I’m apart of the illuminati

that I worship satan

that I AM satan

the list goes on. Antisemites literally think Im some blood drinking horned lizard monster that rules the world. Fucking crazy



First photos from the “To Infinity” shoot we had yesterday!
Both coplays are made/put together by me ^-^
I loved the “To Infinity” series so much, that after just watching the first episode, I knew I had to cosplay from it! The designs were just so beautiful <3
And I am so hyped for the next one they are gonna make, I can’t wait to see it!!!

Captain Richards: Me
Crewman Jones: PokeGirl5

Photos taken by: MadSuzu
Photos edited by: Me
Series: To Infinity



The second set of photos from the shoot! <3
As you can see I really love editing my photos in bright fun colors, I feel it gives them more life ^-^
And I am actually rewatchig the series for the 4th time now while I’m editing these photos, so much fun owo

Captain Richards: Me
Crewman Jones: PokeGirl5
Photos taken by: MadSuzu
Photos edited by: Me
Series: To Infinity


- Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough! -

The most badass treasure acquirer in the entire galaxy <3 !!!
Some single shots of my Captain Richards cosplay! And yes, I will be wearing this for the Friday of London Comic Con in May!
Love cosplaying this amazing woman! ;w;

Captain Richards: Me
Photos: MadSuzu
Edits: Me
Series: to Infinity

to the person (I’ll keep your name out of it) who just sent me a message telling me that exercise does not help you lose weight and that I should try the keto diet you are on because, you know, going to the gym has been proven to be useless:

thanks for the words of encouragement. It’s so nice when people support what you do and the efforts you make to better yourself. OH WAIT YOU DID THE OPPOSITE OF THAT. You took what was an optimistic post about self improvement and used it to make me feel like what I am doing is stupid and my efforts will mean nothing.

A: I lost 50 pounds last time I was going to the gym regularly and I wasn’t on any special diet. B: I am also going to the gym to regulate my blood pressure, cholesterol levels and heart rate. And for the endorphins. C: Fuck you. Your “advice” made  me really angry. D: feel free to unfollow me

Seriously. Some people.

okay let’s all just take a moment to appreciate those heartbreakingly brilliant 9 seconds of banna in 6x01...

when Anna begins to vocalize the words “I thought I was pregnant,” you can see the hope in her eyes… you can see how much she wanted it to be true 

and then you can literally see her hope crumble as she tells her husband that their baby didn’t make it

there’s this moment of realization for Bates… in the span of a few seconds, he has just heard that (1) his wife was pregnant with their baby and that (2) their baby was lost… 

and Anna can’t even bring herself to look at him when she says the words “well anyway, now I’m not” 

that’s when we see the look of devastation on John’s face… not only for the loss of their baby, but for the immense pain his wife has had to endure