ok i’m sick n bedridden so i’m jus gunna do something i’ve been meaning to do for a while

NurseyDex Merlin AU

  • okay so picture if u will a gangly red head in a small medieval village 
  • he’s lanky and awkward and his ears are too big for his head
  • his dad’s been missing his whole life, and so it’s up to him to provide for his mother and siblings
  • which at first was hard
  • but as time went on, dex discovers he can fell trees just by getting angry with them
  • his rabbit snares never stay empty for more than a day
  • his villages livestock is always immune to whatever diseases plague the other towns nearby
  • one day though, while he’s out in the woods splitting wood with much more ease than a scrawny teenager should be able to, the axe slips and he hits his foot
  • what would have been a debilitating injury for most people healed almost instantly in a rush of gold light
  • unfortunately, dex wasn’t alone while this happened
  • fortunately, it was only his mother who saw
  • when she realized he possessed magical powers, she sent him away to an old friend who lived in the kingdom of Samwell so he could be trained to control his impulses 

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What I want from The Golden Circle:

- Roxy. Just. Roxy. Period.

- Cliche protag/antag reunion between Charlie and Eggsy

- Merlin on a mission

- Merlin in a suit

- Merlin with his knife

- Just give Merlin 200% more screentime

- Like 80% of the film

- At this point just cut out the middle man and give him his own film

- I would watch it

- #giveMerlinhisownfilm2k17

Don’t leave me here to pass through time
Without a map or road sign (x)

honestly, I’m not even sure

Merlin doesn’t name every weapon he has used.

That would be crazy. And take a lot of time.

Besides he doesn’t name them, they name themselves. And reveal it after they save his life.

One drunken night he had tried to explain this to Lancelot who had laughed.

But there was:

Mitchell his assault rifle,

Barabara the knife,

Eloise the watch,

George the garrote,

in a memorable turn Ariel the shoelace,

Thomas the grenade launcher,

Max the Volvo SUV,

and of course his secret favourite, can never ever know it is his favourite weapon,

Harry, the agent.


aColin 2 by archaeologist_d
Via Flickr:
Merlin filming Pierrefonds 2010