I tell all my friends I’ve moved on, that it’s better this way,

And maybe it is,

I’ve got lots of friends now, success in my career, stronger familial ties, a rose tinged life.

But every time a car passes by I hope it’s you, getting up the nerve to come see me, every time I get a follower I hope it’s you, wondering what I’m doing now, and every time you see another girl, I hope you wish it was me

The truth is, I’m not over you at all, not even a little

Okay so it has come to my attention that some of y’all have found my Danny Phantom fanfiction from 2011

And it has also come to my attention that some of y’all who have not yet read it would like to read it

The first one (also the first fanfiction I ever wrote) is called Photoshop, which I am so graciously providing the link to for your amusement.


I did write a second one called Autograph which, if you would feel so inclined to read as well, can be found through my old fanfic profile.

Read, enjoy, laugh all you like about them, idc! I remember being so proud of them when I wrote them and I don’t think they’re objectively terrible or anything especially for my age but I must warn you — these are relics of a time long past. It was the summer between middle school and high school. A dark, dark time indeed.

So buckle your seatbelts, kiddos, and welcome to a land of mediocrity

Cola and peanuts - by Dogman707

This is a southern thing putting salted peanuts in your Coca-Cola or Pepsi. As a kid, my friends and I would go to the neighborhood drugstore or grocery store. We would get a bottle of ice cold soda and a bag of salted peanuts. It could be Coke or Pepsi because other sodas wasn’t the same. You first would have to take a drink from the cola to bring the level down in the bottle. Then, we would open the peanuts and pour them into our opened ice cold soda. It would fizz up some. We would sit under the shade of the bridge drinking our sodas. While drinking them, we would checkout the baseball cards or comic books that we just bought. The cars would be whizzing by overhead rushing to who know where. Truckers and travelers would be speeding by on the highway under the bridge. Here we were a few kids enjoying the summer, drinking our sodas, trading baseball cards, or reading our comic books. What the hell were we thinking wanting to grow-up. All we had to do was enjoy being a kid. Well, dammit today I traveled back in time and had me a cola and peanuts. Ah, the memories of yesterday and now the ones we are making today.

Happy Thanksgiving.

So we don’t celebrate this where I’m from, but I just wanted to do this. As much as tumblr isn’t the most fantastic social website to be on, I’m thankful for all the folks I’ve been fortunate to meet over the years. Old or new, I love all of you. You all mean a lot to me, and I’ll be forever grateful.

Have a fantastic day. 

peter suffers from short term memory loss, it’s probably from the sheer amount of head injuries he’s been through, he keeps saying it’s not that bad

wade picked up on it when they had the same conversation three times in a row, the second time he wasn’t sure if he was just remembering things wrong or maybe he was hallucinating the conversation over again, he realized it was peter somewhere during the third time

peter is constantly checking his schedule to make sure he doesn’t forget anything, especially important reminders he usually scribbles on his arm so that he’ll see it more

there are some things that peter doesn’t have problems with, he’s still a math wiz and has no trouble working through equations for hours, but other times he’ll take two steps outside and forget what day it is and why he left the house

as spiderman it was really cutting into his free time, he had to spend too much time chasing down criminals whose faces and names he didn’t remember, he got sick and tired of it and made his suit a new program that takes snapshots of faces and keeps them on screen for peter while he hunts his targets down

he hates briefings since he has to read over the material several times before he’s got it down, he’s worked out a system where he just submits his body cam footage instead of standing around and trying to recount what all happened

sometimes peter’s friends doodle on his arms in between all his notes and reminders, peter always gets that warm fuzzy feeling inside when he looks at the little hearts and dicks on his arms, he also gets mad because he fucking forgot about the dicks and he still needs to scrub those off

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last November I was a tumblr newbie and knew no one. Oh how a year changes things. This year I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made here and I want you to know how much I appreciate you guys.

@thefinalhorcruxx, @remedial-potions, @jenn582, @idearlylovealaugh, @wildegreenlight, @trademarkblue, @coyotelaughingsoftly, @aloemilk, @aloemilk, @azaleablueme, @theperksofshippingromione: because you guys are my better than RL friends and I honestly have no idea what I would do without you. 

@diva-gonzo, @otterandterrier and @weasleyismyking540: for showing me what it looks like to always stand up for yourself and what you believe in! You are incredible. 

@owlpostagain @disneyprinceronweasley: your Potter discourse gives me life. Never stop.

@fleamontpotter @chirravutever: for illustrating all the missing book moments…thank you for giving me everything I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. Now I can never get enough.

@rupelover, @susieq41, @mrsgrint1407, @annraafat, @lady5mery, @holylemondrop2, @alwaysthequietones, @mandyweasley: for being my hardcore Rupert squad. I feel a lot less mental when I’m surrounded by you guys. 

@zippityzaparoo, @emmilinne, @fredrosesart, @viria, @burdge, @tlpursuit, @hillyminne, @lberghol: for making amazing art that brightens my world and encourages me to keep working on my own skills. You constantly amaze me with what you create. 

@barmy-owl: you’re always there for me to talk to when I need to be silly for a while. Thank you! 

@littlebitofbass, @daisies–daisies: for keeping me informed and my dash filled with SO MUCH WONDERFUL Ed. 

@mypatronusisacupcake, @mugglemama , @itspotterpandemonium, @lilyjean630, @beks21, @like-a-whisper: for keeping me surrounded with or helping me find all the fabulous fics.

I’m so looking forward to getting to know even more of you over the next year. I cannot believe how incredible of a place you guys have made tumblr for me. I never thought I’d find the escape from reality here that I did.

In summary.. I’M THANKFUL FOR YOU.

        ”I guess I died, I’m so sorry–“ You say…

                                  “Shall we say our ‘Goodbyes’?” You Say…


                   I Wonder If I Had Become a Big Sister For Them

お誕生日おめでとう たてやまアヤノさん!!                                                                              「Happy Birthday Ayano Tateyama!!」


☂☂ Sometimes I look at you and just realize it’s going to be okay. Do you do the same? ☂☂