a mix of the old songs that run through our veins like tape in a cassette. rewind through the digital daze and the danger days with a blast from the past, when the days were long, the nights were wild, and the beat of the drum pulsed unhindered. track back, rehash, raise your guns, one day we'll be BL/Ind no longer. till then, keep sharp, salute the dead, and take in the transmissions.
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- - - - [ That's How We Deal With Boys Like Me ] - - - -
- - - [ A semi pop-punk angsty parksborn fanmix ] - - -
Dying Is Fine | Ra Ra Riot
This Is Gospel | Panic! At The Disco
Bang The Doldrums | Fall Out Boy
One Of These Days | Foo Fighters (cover)
Andy, You're A Star | The Killers
Despite What You've Been Told | Two Gallants
Lights Out | Mindless Self Indulgence
Sleep | My Chemical Romance
Giving Up The Gun | Vampire Weekend
Too Tired To Wink | Ludo
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everything is fine: a mix for Tim W. (hover for relevant lyrics)
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| fun. // be calm | the boomtown rats // sleep (fingers’ lullaby) | the mountain goats // the mess inside | locat (soundcloud) // requiem for a dream on piano | andrew jackson jihad // best friend | rise against // swing life away | against me! // black me out | my chemical romance // planetary (GO) | the killers // all these things that i’ve done |

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imagine a pacific rim game for kinect where you can only play this one version of it with another person. before each try in a battle w a kaiju you are given time to discuss your strategy with your co-player. as the battle starts you both have to do the same actions (within reason) but if one player deviates from the plan/they get way out of sync, you lose the battle.