~meaningful glances~


This is a precious moment if we analyze it a little more in depth. I think it’s not arbitrary that Trunks is the one who offers Vegeta to hold Bra. When he looks back, he looks at his newborn daughter, but he also gives a meaningful glance to his eldest son Trunks, knowing that he failed him in the past. In this scene, Vegeta seems to be debating with himself: “Should I behave with Bra as I did with Trunks or should I fix my mistakes?” Luckily, he chose this last one. And in front of Trunks, showing him the kind of father he’s now.
For that, I’m happy with how they handled this scene. They chose to pass from a cliché scene in which Bulma offers Vegeta to hold Bra, to give place to a beautiful moment for Vegeta’s parental role. Bulma was only Vegeta’s moral support in the distance: “Mom says to hold her.” That was amazing. I’m impressed by this episode. We constantly complain about Dragon Ball Super’s general script but I can’t imagine this moment being otherwise. Although it lacked fluff (we didn’t have any labor moment), I think this fits better with the overall style of the series.

(Zimbits, AU, 3.7K, click “read more” for the whole fic.)

Thanks. You can put it on the counter in the kitchen.”

That had been Jack’s first mistake.

It wasn’t so much the words he said, but rather the fact that he’d said them in French.

However, to Jack’s credit, he had been in the middle of revising a chapter when he’d heard the knock on his door, and the fact that he hadn’t had any caffeine yet due to the broken coffee maker had thrown off his entire morning.

He had been expecting Georgia, the lady he rented the cabin from, to be standing on his door step. However, instead of the landlord, he got a blond guy with wide, brown eyes staring back at him.

There was a sort of gurgle of surprise and a nervous giggle from the other guy for a moment before he blurted, “Hi, I’m your new housekeeper!”

Jack raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything in his confusion. Francine, Georgia’s wife, usually stopped by once every couple of days to tidy up the place, but neither of the two ladies had mentioned anything about a new hire.

Jack must have been lost in thought for a moment too long because the other guy took this as a sign that Jack didn’t speak English. “Uh, you know, cleaning?” He mimed a sweeping action and then pointed at Jack. “Ummm, je… travaille pour Georgia?” he said in a truly horrendous accent.

Jack gave an impatient nod of his head.

Je m’appelle Eric or you can call me Bitty. Actually, je m’appelle Bitty,” he said proudly with his hand out.

There was something about the other guy’s candidness that made Jack pause, or maybe he had been trapped in a cabin for too long, but he reached out and took the handshake.

It’s nice to meet you,” Jack replied in French.

And that had been his second mistake.

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How that “due date” talk should’ve gone

Dean: So when’s the nephilim gonna be born?

Sam: Around the middle of May. That’s when the worst stuff happens every year, like the time you, me, and Dad almost died in a demonic wreck.

Dean: Oh yeah…remember when all the demons got loose from Hell?

Sam: It was also the middle of May when Hellhounds dragged you off.

Dean: Hell’s so much less scary now, though, isn’t it?

Sam: It sure is. But not back when I inadvertently freed Lucifer in the middle of May.

Dean: We plopped you, and Lucifer and Michael into the cage in mid-May, too.

Sam: You and Cas got sucked into Purgatory around mid-May, too.

Dean: And you were gonna finish the Hell trials in mid-May, but I stopped ya.

Sam: Then all the angels fell because of that a-hole Metatron.

Dean: Right…right.. It wasn’t mid-May when I died and woke up a demon, though.

Sam: True, but it was just after, so I think it counts. Same thing with killing Death and unleashing the Darkness.

Dean: Should we count the Chuck and Amara thing? That was the end of May, as I recall.

Sam: Yeah, but the big fight was really the week before—so, mid-May, again.

Castiel: *suddenly appears* Hey, what month did I turn into a sack of Leviathan goo?

Sam: That was, May, too!

Dean: *meaningful pained glances*


Prompt: 2) Hinny dueling, set anytime post-battle. Cocky harpy vs. wipe-the-floor-with-you Auror? First summer trauma coping? The angst/fluff potential is endless

A/N: so this is a combo of the prompt ^ from @julxr4 and inspiration from @blvnk-art‘s grown up hinny fan art, particularly this comic.

Also available on FF and Ao3!

Harry’s pretty capable, as far as new fathers go.  No major injuries or illnesses to report, and he thinks James seems pretty happy, all things considered.  So when Ginny goes to spring training for almost a month, he does alright.  Aside from missing Ginny like – something he would miss a lot.  Sleep deprivation is not particularly conducive to similes.  Or grooming.  Between a full workload with the Auror Office and handling James on his own every night, certain things get shunted to the side.  And it’s a pretty easy choice if he’s deciding between shaving and taking a kip for a quarter of an hour.

Which is why Ginny comes home to her husband lying spread eagle on the floor with the tiniest Potter splayed across his chest, playing with his newly grown beard.  “Alright Potters?”

James claps his chubby hands and topples back against Harry’s now raised thighs in excitement.

Quickly, Harry catches James around his middle and soon enough has his entire family wrapped in his arms.  Ginny’s warm and firm under his hands, freckles and just a touch of sunburn across her shoulders, her chocolate eyes sparkling in that way that lets him know he’s not the only one who’s been lonely.

James pitches toward Ginny, his kiss overly wet and gummy, while Harry nuzzles her damp hair.  “We missed you.”

Ginny takes James into her arms, showering him with kisses before using her free hand to scratch at Harry’s beard.  “This is new.”

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The episode didn’t refute Jonsa, not at all. 

Jon called Sansa “sister”, so what? It honestly feels like D&D are desperatly trying to remind us of their “official” relationship status. If anything else, I take this as a sign for Jonsa still having a chance. 

They gave each other long meaningful glances. I know we were all rooting for angsty weirwood kiss 2k17, but hey, don’t be too sad. We’ll get our kiss once the truth comes out.

JON FUCKING WENT FOR LITTLEFINGERS LIVE THERE. Sorry, not sorry but brothers don’t completely lose their shit, when someone says they “love their sister”. That was angry, jealous, protective husband mode. “If you touch her, I’ll kill you” has as much romantic undertones as “I’ll never let him touch you again.” Remember how excited we were about that? There are stilling going for the not so subtle love-triangle here. 

Look at his face, look at it!

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I’m calling it, Littlefinger is onto Jonsa. He’s just as suspicious as we are. He’s seeing the same signs as we do. LOOK AT LITTLEFINGERS FACE: “What the hell did just happen? What’s going on with those two ?

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“That reminded me of something… this has happened to me before.” 

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“WHAT THE FUCK ?!?!?!” He just realized ~something~. 

Don’t be upset about the episode not full-on being jonsa-fanfiction, be happy about all the angsty jonsa-hints we got. We won’t get much more jonsa-interaction in season 7, that’s sadly true. But seaon 8 will belong to us. 


Daily Horoscope - August 4th, 2017

ARIES: Feel better about yourself now? You will soon. A dear friend is about to let you know just how many times you’ve either saved them from an already bad situation or prevented them from getting involved in one. Listen up.

TAURUS: Someone you see on a daily basis hasn’t just caught your eye, they’ve also captured your attention – so much so that you can’ t seem to think about anything else. Wonderfully enough, they feel the same. 

GEMINI: A financial situation seems to be turning quite intense and you’re not at all sure what to do about it. Better call someone you can trust – someone who knows more about situations like this. 

CANCER: When you’re as upset as you are now, you don’t shout, throw things or make a scene. Your ability to resist blinking for an amazingly long time more than gets your point across. So why bother putting on a show?

LEO: This may be a tricky da, but if you’re smart – and really, no one could ever say you weren’t – it will all work out just fine. Your main quest is to stay calm, even if you’re baited. Remember to think logically. 

VIRGO: Variety isn’t the only spice has to offer. Taking chances can be pretty darned spicy too, especially if they happen to involve getting to know someone you’re drawn to. Isn’t it time to add some spice to your life?

LIBRA: ‘Sudden’ is definitely your middle name – and you’re proud of it. So when something that falls into that category comes along, you jump at the chance to enjoy it. Well, prepare yourself. Here it is. 

SCORPIO: Being nice to your family members – especially the particularly difficult ones. – will be far from easy now. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, only that you should expect a few roadblocks. 

SAGITTARIUS: Love may not be in the air, but romance certainly is – romance of the most secret kind. This includes ‘coincidental’ meetings at the water-cooler, whispered conversations and meaningful glances. 

CAPRICORN: It’s time to snuggle up and spend some quality time alone with the person you’ve had to share with others far too much over the past week. Bet you don’t get any arguments at all when you suggest it. 

AQUARIUS: You’re feeling both selfless and selfish when it comes to love – an extremely enticing combination. Selfless enough to let them know you care, and selfish enough to reveal that you’ll settle for no one else. 

PISCES: Alert the media. Each and every word that you utter will be not just charming now but so tempting that you could easily talk just about anyone into just about anything. Don’t take advantage of this now. 

most mainstream shows are like “characters must be in permanent Miscommunication Hell for angst and plot reasons, can only talk about their feelings through Meaningful Glances”


Too Strange

Fandom: Marvel (Dr Strange)

Summary: Based on “Imagine being a rival surgeon to Dr. Strange” by @marvel-imagines-marvel-fandoms

Word count: 1,970


“Hi, Doc,” you greeted the tall man in the corridor, moving past him. He cut his conversation off in the middle, running to you in hurry.

“It’s rather unusual seeing you in such a good mood so early in the morning,” Dr Strange caught up with you, ranting quickly, just like he did whenever he needed something.

“How can I not be happy knowing that you’re ending your shift in like… five minutes?”

“Four and a half, actually. And there comes this little, tiny question that I just happen to have for you… Would you like to change shifts with me, for like a… week?” he smiled slyly, opening the door for you.

You stopped in front of him, moving to him so closely that you could feel his hot breath on your cheeks.

“Nope,” you popped that out with a wide, bright smile that could light up the whole room if it wasn’t meant just to disrupt the man’s plans. You continued on your way to the dressing room.

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maryjanewannabe  asked:

So, I'm a Hufflepuff and I have been proudly for a very long time, but I was wondering if other Hufflepuffs seem to be able to communicate in various noises. Cause often times when I'm with very close friends, there are no actual words involved, but rather sounds like "shmur" or "neeah" but yet we all seem to understand eachother.

Eloquent sound effects are definitely a Hufflepuff strength. The next level of ‘Puff communication is even more subtle: meaningful glances with eyebrow semaphore.

-Tea Badger

For @nuzzlecas who requested:

“Is that a threat?”

“What is he doing here, Dean?” Ed’s voice interrupts Dean’s thoughts, thinking through the baseball game he just set up. He looks up already annoyed because Ed can’t seem to shut his mouth ever, and glances to where Ed’s pointing at. 

On one of the benches sits a, to Dean very familiar, figure. Tough enough to be on the baseball team, toned. But he seems to be focused on a book, the large glasses almost slipping from his nose. Ed begins to talk again. “It’s against the rules, if you’re not in the team, you’re not on the field, everyone knows that.”

“Hold this.” Dean pushes his bat into Ed’s hands and starts walking towards the stand. “Castiel!” He yells.

The guy looks up, sees Dean gesture and simply jumps down the two rows of benches, landing on the grass. He walks towards Dean and they meet in the middle. The other team members are all looking, probably hoping for their captain to get mad at the intruder.

Dean tries not to smile as he steps closer. Castiel’s holding the book to his chest, looking at Dean with his blue eyes squinted.

“Yes?” He asks, almost mischievously.

“You know that being here during practice when you’re not a member of the team asks for… consequences, right?” His voice is slow, loaded.

Castiel takes a step closer, almost nose-to-nose with Dean now.

“Is that a threat?” He asks as dangerously as Dean.

“If you want it to be, Novak.”

Castiel looks at the team members who follow the conversation as if it’s a match.

“What kind of consequences will occur if I stay, Winchester?” He says, turning his full attention back on Dean.

It’s impossible for Dean to hold his smile. His lips curve a tiny bit, and he sees Castiel mirroring the movement.

“I don’t know,” he frowns as if in deep thoughts. “I’m thinking… dinner at mine, 8 pm?”

As his team starts mumbling and look at each other, asking if they heard the same, Castiel’s smile gets wider.

“Oh, sounds dangerous.” He breathes against Dean’s lips. “I’m willing to take that risk.”

Dean smirks. He leans in and gives his boyfriend a soft, delicate kiss on his lips. There’s a dull thump as Ed drops the bat on the grass, but Dean doesn’t give him any attention. He takes his time kissing Cas before he pulls away.

“I’m glad you are. See you, then.”

Castiel slowly starts walking back to his place on the stands, and once there he’s quickly back into his book.

Dean gives his team one, meaningful glance. But it seems like they’ve learned.

Double Dating for Dummies x Jeff Atkins

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requested by anon ;  Can you write one where you are on a double date with Clay and Hannah, your date is Jeff. Originally you went so it wouldn’t be awkward for anyone as it is their first date together but turns out it was also a real date too between Jeff and you, which you don’t find out till later on when Clay says I told you this double date would help all of us.

You still couldn’t believe you let Hannah talk you in to this. A double date never goes well, that’s basic knowledge for everybody who watches way too many shows and teen drama’s.
‘Why was this a good idea again?’ You ask Hannah, while you look how she runs her hand through her short hair, her eyes focused on her reflection in the mirror.
‘Because you’re helping me out, [Y/N]. I don’t want to mess things up with Clay, and with you there, it will be so less awkward.’ Hannah turned around, smiling at you.
‘Hannah, I’m pretty sure Clay likes you anyway. He did confess that, right? You told me about, twenty times.’ You chuckled.
‘I know, but still. Besides, Clay is bringing along a friend, it will be loads of fun!’
‘For you two, yeah, still not sure which friend of Clay you’re referring to.’ You had been doubtful about your ‘date’, not sure who to expect. With Clay, you never really knew. However, since he had told Hannah how much he liked her, Hannah had been looking happier. She smiled again, made jokes and messed around with you. It was nice to see her like that again.
‘Don’t worry about it, [Y/N], I’m sure it won’t be that bad,’ Hannah grinned. ‘Besides, you’re doing this for me, so don’t you dare to be too focused on your date.’ She gave you a cheeky wink and then took her phone that buzzed loudly from the table. ‘They’re almost here!’ She announced happily.
‘Oh, joy.’
‘C’mon, I promise you won’t regret it. Have I told you you’re literally the best?’
‘Not nearly enough,’ you laughed, ‘but c’mon, let’s go downstairs.’
Just when you got down the stairs, the doorbell rang, announcing Clay’s and your dates arrival.
Hannah immediately opened up the door, greeting Clay with giving him a hug. A bit hidden behind Clay, you saw your company for the night. And, it actually wasn’t too bad. Fuck that, you were suddenly glad Clay was friends with him.
Jeff’s dark hair was in its usual quiff, his bright white teeth nervously tugging at his bottom lip and his hands pushed into the pockets of his black jeans. He was wearing a grey long sleeved shirt, with three buttons on the top of the shirt, that he hadn’t bothered to button up.
‘Oh, [Y/N], you know Jeff, right?’ Hannah ginned, turning around towards you. She looked very happy with herself, as did Clay. You kinda hated the smug smile on their faces, but couldn’t help but be happy with Jeff standing there.
‘Yeah, hi.’ You smiled, waving a bit awkwardly. Maybe the awkwardness wouldn’t be between Hannah and Clay, but between Jeff and you.
‘Hi, [Y/N].’ Jeff smiled back, pulling his hands out of his jeans pockets.
‘So, you two ready to go? We could go to the movies, and then go to the diner to have a milkshake or something?’ Clay suggested.
‘Sounds great!’ Hannah smiled, and you nodded along.
Apparently Jeff was driving, so you were forced to site in the passenger seat next to him, while Hannah and Clay sat in the backseat. The whole drive they were so caught up in their conversation that they barely noticed Jeff and you.
‘They seem pretty close,’ Jeff joked, looking at you and then glancing at the mirror.
‘They do, huh. Makes you wonder why they even want to go on a double date,’ you pointed out.
‘Yeah,’ Jeff said, focusing on the road. ‘So, eh, what kinda movie do you want to see?’
‘I don’t really have a preference. I like all kinds of movies. As long as it isn’t too romantic, because I’m not sure we’ll survive that with those two with us,’ you joked, pointing towards the backseat.
‘I can only agree with you,’ Jeff grinned. ‘Good thing I picked out a movie. Not sure what it is about, I just went with it because I liked the title.’
‘And what is the title?’
‘Don’t remember.’ Jeff confessed, a sheepish smile on his lips, making you laugh out loud.
‘What did I sign up for?’ You said, still laughing.

Turned out you signed up for a night full of laughs with Jeff, about how Hannah and Clay would get stuck together at one point, and how they would have to be together forever. It had actually been a while that you had so much fun, and it did surprise you. Sure, Jeff was pretty nice to look at, but you never knew he was actually a fun guy too. You two had a lot in common, more then you had thought.
You barely even noticed the meaningful glances Hannah gave Jeff and you. The movie had been absolutely amazing. Jeff did have a good taste in movies.
Now, the four of you were sitting in the diner, enjoying a milkshake while Jeff and you shared a plate of fries. You still were kinda hungry, but didn’t want to admit it. Jeff did notice it anyway, and ordered himself a plate of fries, but ending up sharing it with you. Even though he barely ate any fries. It did warm your heart a bit.
‘So, Jeff,’ Clay started, grinning at Jeff who was seated on the opposite side of the booth. You were sitting right beside Jeff. ‘I think you have to thank me, huh?’
‘Yeah, thanks,’ Jeff laughed.
‘Wait, I’m not following,’ you added, confused. This date was all about Hannah and Clay, wasn’t it?
‘Jeff wanted to ask you out, but was too afraid, so I came up with the idea of a double date. And I think it worked out pretty good.’ Clay smiled.
You frowned, and looked still confused at Jeff.
‘Is that true?’ You asked him.
‘Eh, yeah.’ Jeff admitted, nervously tugging at the sleeves of his shirt.
‘And I thought this was all about Hannah and Clay being awkward around each other.’ You said, a bit flabbergasted that you weren’t aware of this set-up date.
‘Oh, c’mon, have you seen them together?’ Jeff laughed. ‘But hey, doesn’t matter. You, eh, you’re not mad, right?’
‘Why would I be?’ You smiled. ‘It’s kinda cute.’ You admitted, cheeks starting to get bright red. You quickly looked at the other side of the booth, but Hannah and Clay were tangled up in yet another intriguing conversation.
‘How about a walk?’ Jeff proposed. ‘We’ll be back here to give them a ride home, they won’t even notice we were gone.’ You nodded and slide out of the booth, waiting for Jeff.
It was quite a dark night, since the moon was hidden behind the clouds. Luckily it hadn’t cooled down too much.
‘So, it was all a set-up?’ You started, smiling.
‘Yeah, eh, I guess I’m the awkward one here.’ Jeff laughed. ‘You’re really not mad, huh?’
‘Of course I’m not, as long as we get to do this again, without Hannah and Clay.’
‘That’s a promise.’ Jeff immediately said.
‘Can’t wait.’ You smiled, looking at him.
Turns out that double dates aren’t always trouble and drama.