HoooKay so here are some more fan cast thingers: 

Is Hayden Panettierre too old to play teenagers? She doesn’t look it. Anyway I picture Loretta being older than most of the girls there but here she has a sense of control (and empowerment) and therefore she stayed on past her term as summer resident. And I think Hayden would be perfectly haughty (but then also kinda friendly sometimes). 

I see Tan as younger than Loretta and really eager to earn her respect. I like Ysa Penarejo from Project MC2 and think she could bring that to the Bobcats. 

I don’t know if they’re still acting I just know they’re the only sisters I know of because I don’t watch a lot of tv anymore but I used to watch a LOT of Disney Channel u_u

John the stable boy doesn’t say much does he? But he has to be strong enough to handle construction in the stables. Ryan Guzman is a model and mixed martial artist. He can handle looking pretty AND any action that… may come up for him. 

Cowboy Josh is young and sweet with Puppydog eyes. So is Ezra Miller. Perfect huh?

  again, I’d make a GREAT casting director based of this eh? 


MysMe Valentine Celebration Day 7 and Final : V : Love and Joy

IT’S FINISHED! I can’t believe I managed to do this in one day with my lazy ass skills. For final day I want it to be special, I really like V and he just deserved so much happiness in his life, I wanted to spoil him and thus this idea came to me.

MC5 best MC

Final day for an event held by @mysticmessimagines  

Thank you for holding this special event for this fandom! I really enjoyed it and seeing so many participants made me hyped up as well :D Also thank you for all the people who has reblogged or liked my post in this event, it really made my day, see you!


did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

click on them for better quality~

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The famous image of Einstein’s desk, exactly how he left it, mere hours after his death

Before his passing Einstein had refused the surgery for the internal bleeding that subsequently took his life; saying: “I want to go when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly”.

As can be seen here with the mountains of shuffled paper and scribbles on the blackboard, Einstein certainly did do his part and worked until the very end.


leeequals-mc2  asked:

Do you have any advice for drawing fuller female figures? There's a particular character that I like to draw who's pretty generously heavyset, but I have trouble getting her curves right... I really like the way you do yours, so would you be willing to spare a hint or two? -Many thanks, Lee

so like… i don’t have a method, or a secret to drawing chubby people, i just kinda do it!

i get this kind of question often and i’m never sure how to answer except that you, too, can just kinda… do it
but that’s kind of vague advice so another method i can suggest is this:

  • 1. just go ahead and draw that character. just the sketch! don’t finish it.
  • 2. step back and look at it to see if you’re happy with the body type
  • 3. if you think you didn’t get it right, then make that layer light and go over it with another sketch, making bigger changes to the body type this time.
  • 4. repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as you need to until you naturally get to what body type you want for the character.

the previous sketches work as a “skeleton”, so to speak, to go under the new ones, so you can have something to go off of when adding extra chub to a character.

at least that’s one way, anyways!


Reader right to left, like a manga!

Click here if you want to learn more about my custom MCs!

This took so much longer than I thought (working between commissions. My hand feels numb.). But I really wanted to draw my fave boy and his MC~ I know I put that she’s 4′11′’ on her initial profile, but I shrunk her a little more. 

Now Ji-Yun’s actually 4′9′’, but she tells people she’s 4′11′’ and wears heels all the time so that way she’s not technically lying. 

As far as the default MCs go, Ji-Yun is actually a mix of MC1 and MC2 (aka. Blonde MC). 

She started off as MC2, but because I love Zen and wanted him to have an MC that looked as “canon” as possible- I merged her with MC1. Don’t worry Blonde MC lovers! I’ll be introducing her when the time is right ^-^;;;

Next up, Jumin and his MC! 

My way of looking at the MC’s of the game. (A reference sketch)

I love MC2, it’s my favorite. <3 Anytime I want to draw stories of them, (I’m tempted to do the story of MC3 and his childhood with Jumin. Awwww!)

My ships are like this:

  • MC1 x Seven/Luciel/Saeyoung
  • MC2 x Yoosung
  • MC3 x Jumin 
  • MC4 x Zen

(Yes, some agree with others not …) Unfortunately Jaehee is mine (from MC Custom, lol) as well as Unknown/Saeran. LOL! And with respect to V… V loves Rika and nothing can be done. (Or is from Jumin XD)


FIRST OF ALL…. thank u so much for the kind compliments amg !! ;W ;;;; i ended up doodling a bit more than i meant to, so then i couldn’t reply to the message with more than 1 photo ……. BUT i hope you see this anon and that you enjoy it!! thank you for the request!
+ a bonus MC4 because they all need love

Help. I’ve fallen hard for Mystic Messenger and I can’t get up. 

I’m one of those fans who have multiple MCs, cause damn they all deserve to be happy. It’s just more fun that way for me ^-^ In all my MM headcanons, art, and fanfics- I always use these girls. 

How their story works is that Unknown has 5 different girls to choose to send to the RFA, and whichever member he wants to manipulate determines which girl he chooses to be the party planner (and therefore determining what route the player is on.) All 5 of them were specifically chosen because Unknown knew they would have the most significant influence on their target RFA member.

If you want to know who they are and read more about them, just continue under the cut!

Keep reading


here you go anon! thank you for your kind words, ily ♥~ i feel like each MC has a different dynamic with each mysmes boy man?

personally i ship MC1 with Jumin because that means FLUFFY JUMIN and i live for that shit

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It’s kind of tragic how Ben Reilly died thinking of his niece who he would never get to meet and who would never get to hear about him because she was stillborn.

However in the MC2 universe May Parker was allowed to grow up and when she becomes Spider-Girl it’s Ben’s costume she wears and it’s his web shooters she puts on, in a way Mayday is Ben Reilly’s legacy as much as she is Peter’s.

It’s also bittersweet that despite never meeting each other they always thought of each other. Ben always protected and cared for MJ when she was pregnant (and even before she was pregnant I might add) and worried about her baby’s health. Ben also anxiously awaited baby May’s birth as much as her parents did. Mayday occasionally thinks about her Uncle Ben, she asks Peter questions about him (even if Peter hasn’t told her the entire truth) and despite not having known him she considers him a hero and thinks fondly of him, she even gets upset with Kaine when she finds out he used to torment Ben.

Also Ben’s other legacy, his unknown to anyone but Kaine son, Reilly Tyne protects and guides her as the vigilante known as Darkdevil.

So yeah despite never meeting the bond between this Ben and May is a strong one.

Panels from Spider-Man vol 1 #75 and Spider-Girl #44