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I think I remember seeing you post before how you merge your files and I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I downloaded s3pe but after i merge the files together, the merged file is only a few MB smaller than all the files I merged. Am I doing somethign wrong???

Hello there, here is tutorial showing how to merge packages: click check if you’re doing everything correctly^^

Upgrading to Windows 10

Look at the shiny 2,712.6 MB download ready for installation. All I have to do is click ‘Get Started’.

But first! Time to scrutinize others’ installation outcomes. UvU

Edit: For the record, I could care less about the forced automatic updates or information sending. Could. Care. Less. The only thing I’m worried about is the NVIDIA graphic driver update clashes currently ongoing between Windows and NVIDIA software.

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Hi, when you-all tell people why they shouldn't use d*mb, could you please not forget its actual targets? You only ever mention deaf/HoH people. But the 'deaf' in 'deaf and d*mb' is for being unable to hear. The other part is for being unable to speak. And I think it's really important that you not erase nonspeaking people by framing it as a slur for deaf people specifically/exclusively.

yeah, dumb targets developmentally disabled people, deaf and hoh people, and nonverbal/vocal/etc people as well as people with speech “impairments” (side not, if anyone has a better way to phrase “speech impairments” that would be awesome bc its a gross phrase).

im dd, probably hoh, non verbal, and have trouble w speech when i am verbal, so i fit all of these categories and yeah it sucks when ppl erase us :/ unfortunately, since not all the mods are all of these things or know that dumb targets all of these people, they only specify what they know, which isn’t always the whole story.

it seemed like to big a deal to correct a mod on that when the post wasnt about that in the first place, but from now on if that happens ill message them and they can correct the post or w/e

thank you! :)


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what is bhadraksh? and ravi seems like they'd be friends with the MIB space unicorn dude XD are we going to find out what he is too?

Bhadraksh is a “Noseless One” which was described by Prester John as a creature he saw in India. In actuality he is a big humanoid scarab beetle.

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And then Dave looks down in the water bc now he's panicking hella hard bc he thinks he just killed the only person he's ever seen before in his life, and Karkat's just sitting there, as calm as fucking hell, trying not to laugh his ass off with this enormous, shark toothed grin and Daves just like to wtf and tries to go down and see how the fuck this apparent merman (he has the gills and the pretty pink blood after all) came to his little island in the middle of bumfuck nowhere

karkat who moves to press his feet to the bottom and basically stands upright while daves struggling to stay down and hes just fkn watching this kid marvel. like shit its almost kind of endearing. pushes off the bottom and surfaces and dave does the same but hes looking @ karkat like hes ten kinds of special and interesting omgg,, mb theres like a waterfall or smtn thats tall but not too tall that he dives off of so hes like pulling karkat out of the water to go show him that bc?? thats how u woo a mermaid right?? u show them lots of nice water. look at this water. its quality. pls dont leave my island.