“ When Rey feels rejected by Luke Skywalker, who also sees parallels between the power in her and the abilities of his estranged nephew, the old Jedi master inadvertently pushes the two toward each other. “


“This is very much about Rey trying to figure out how she fits into all this, much like any of us as we’re growing up, as we’re transitioning from childhood into adulthood,” Johnson says. “You’re going meet people who you think are going help who don’t. And help is also going come from unexpected places.”
That unexpected place is Kylo Ren.

I don’t think Rian could be more explicit than this.


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“Bir şekilde başlıyorsun, bir şekilde devam ettiriyor ve yine bir şekilde bitiriyorsun. Buraya kadar tamam. Virgüllerle belirtilmeyenler senin kim olduğunu şekillendiriyor. Elbette bu süre içerisinde sadece mutluluk, güneş ve hayal görmüyorsun. Savaşlar, yıkım, hayal kırıklıkları ve düşmeler görüyorsun. Ama dediğim gibi ‘bir şekilde’ devam ediyorsun. Seni bilmem ama o virgüllerde bana en iyi gelen kitaplardı. Umut edecek bir ekmek, sisi aydınlatacak bir fener ve kıvrımların kaosunda dümdüz uzanan bir ip oldular.” (Selime Göç-Calling mag) 

He hates her. This girl. This garbage picker. This amateur who somehow drew his family lightsaber to her hand, overpowering his own bond with the Force.
And yet, Adam Driver says Kylo Ren can’t help but harbor an admiration for Daisy Ridley’s Rey in The Last Jedi.

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He has been aware of this ability in himself from such a young age, and I don’t think there’s a lot of people around him who are on the same level,” the actor says. “I think that there is something familiar there, as well as something to be feared, or something … that he can’t quite place.

Adam Driver on how Kylo feels about Rey

(could that ‘something he can’t quite place’ be… love?)

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The danger is becoming allies instead of enemies.

I’m starting to think nothing about this cover is random. Look at the back: that’s the elevator that supposedly leads to Snoke’s room. Which means they’re in the same room we’ve seen in the other pic that came out today where Rey looks straight ahead and Kylo is at her back.

Now back to this cover: I thought they simply pasted two of their promo pics together to show that they’re still enemies and they’re gonna fight each other. But they’re literally facing the same direction and they also wear the same exact expression on their faces. It could be a coincidence, of course, but a thought came to my mind: what if they’re literally showing us a scene from the movie? Aka Rey and Kylo facing Snoke together?

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