~lunch break~

One hour ago I met @karlacton at Vauxhall station so he could have lunch with me on my lunch break… sun was shining, birds were singing, it was warm, etc.

Now it’s time for me to go back to work and in true London fashion it is pouring, a rainstorm of Biblical proportions is occurring, I can literally see my work from where I’m sitting but I would be soaked in the sixty seconds it would take me to get there, etc.

Is “will be a bit late, no Ark” an acceptable text to send your boss?

squatch88  asked:

Do you ever see any alligators in the springs?

Not usually in the springs I frequent, but definitely in the rivers they connect to that I swim in. Gators are cold blooded and typically prefer warmer waters. The springs stay a constant temp (68-72) regardless of the weather. In the winter they are warmer than the river. Summer they are much cooler. Also, the springs tend be being crowds of people. Alligators don’t like people like that so they try stay away. In the dark water rivers I’ll swim knowing there could be gators but if I see one get into the water nearby I’ll get out pretty quick. I don’t swim in some rivers at all though. Dark water sketches me out most of the time. Even last time I was in this river I was sketched out too bad to dive to the bottom, and I swim it all the time. It’s real close to home so I can go on a long lunch break kind of thing. Nothing like springs trip at lunch to help improve the day.

dylan-trash-tbh  asked:

filthy Thomas smut???????????? HELL YES!!! I am fucking ready 🔥🔥🙌🏼🤤 are you gonna post it today, love? 💖 I hope you have a great day so far 😘

Depends on if I finish it. I’m gonna work hard on my lunch break and try! You can thank Chloe for this one she kinda requested it and came up with the plot! ❤️



26.4.17// super busy and tiring day. I had seminars from 10 a.m and the german course in the afternoon until 8 p.m.
I had my lunch break in this nice coffee shop run by students, at Freie Universität, Sportler Café. I love the cozy atmosphere, the homemade coffee and cookies, and the comfy couch. Here I read about 30 pages of Berlin Alexanderplatz and I´m almost at the end of Döblin´s second book.