*Prompto and Noctis watching Gladio hit on a girl in the distance*

Prom: Do you ever wonder why Gladio’s always hitting on girls?

Noct: Probably something to do with his manly pride or bringing honor to the Amicitia name.

Prom: Man, I wish I could have THAT many girls heart throb over me…

Noct: Dude, we’re literally on a date.

Prom: Well, duh, but wouldn’t it be nice to have girls always wanting your attention?

Noct: …

Prom: Oh, right. You’re the Prince of Lucis. You know, after all these years of getting to know you, I forget that a lot.

Noct: Um…anyway, back to what we were talking about…

Prom: Yeah, yeah! So, I just don’t think Gladio’s straight.

Noct: …Prompto-

Prom: No, listen! He hits on girls to make us think he’s straight. It’s a mind game, Noct!

Noct: Alright, no more candy for you. *takes a sip of coffee*

Ignis: *walks by* Well, he certainly was not straight last night.

Noct: *spits coffee*


Reset Summary

Time does not flow in a straight line.  Not for Natsu.  Cursed to re-live his time with Fairy Tail over and over he’s seen more lifetimes than he can count.  Exhausted and at the end of his rope he gathers the strength to try one last time.  And this time he’s breaking all the rules.  Fairy Tail style.

This is our new Nalu fanfic that will be posted after Wild Aces. Hope this sheds some light on it!


On the High Wire by @bathtimefunduck | Chapter 15:  Backend Batman and Robin

Lucy stands her ground and does her job, Winn’s brain explodes, Pam readies her paperwork, and Vasquez wins a ton of money.

lunar-angelwings  asked:

Oh! I just found your blog and I love it already! Do you think you could do a small pic of both promto and noct pregnant at the same time in your wolf AU? That would be fun to see!

@lunar-angelwings Absolutely! Thanks for the ask :)

When they want to love on each other, their preggy bellies make it difficult, but they make do 

part of my werewolf/shifter au