I wasn’t sure if this was directed towards me or jinnie Bc I got this ask around my birthday ((such a long time ago,,, I know I’m a dissapointment ;;)) but thank you!! We are both very thankful, and we love you too <3

((Also I actually make a scrunchy BLEP face when I get booped u can ask @saturnsky101213 its evidence))


henlo i lob pcy

lmao i cant live without that filter but, anyways. i was tagged by the lovelies @babydontpcy and @baekhyeun ages ago but im only seeing this now. also!!! i cut my hair!!! 

so, im tagging @eyesonxiu, @ksooslipring, @unrealpcwhy, @chanyowassupp, @byunbaeklr, @kyungsohs, @kimsangelll, @yeahluhannie, @sehunshusband, @chanyeolsoo, @exo–bts–trash, @exolovelyangel and whoever wants to do it!