Friend of a Faunus

Maya bit her lip as a spoon full of tuna was lobbed at her. She leaned to dodge it, though the laughter that followed made her want to hiss. “Come on kitty kitty. I’ve got some nice milky for you!” A voice taunted before more laughing followed. She pushed her anger down. No her semblance would only make it all worse by the end. She sighed. She had wanted it to be different here. Wanted to be accepted. But it didn’t seem to be the case.

so we’re discussing zaul no -ie ?? 

  • zakiyah put him in a headlock when paul wouldnt show her his tonyails (what kind of lOve ??)
  • zakiyah fed him ice cream
  • paul said zakiyah could run the girl section of his store

  • paul said theyd smoke after the show
  • paul sat with paulie and they had an I Love Zakiyah sesh (mostly led by paul even if it was mostly led by paulie)

  • paul and zakiyah are both two people who have for sure secured out-of-house friendships
  • they are are gonna marry and be socialites in nyc (because zakiyah is forever east coast beast coast)
and that’s tea girlies 

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A Primer for the 2016 Republican National Convention

After what feels like an interminably long, strange, and sometimes terrible primary season, we find ourselves here in Cleveland. This is where it ends, and where it begins. The weeks of speculation about Vice Presidential picks and endorsements, about grassroots #NeverTrump movements, about party platforms, about protests and riots, about the fleeting dream of a dramatic, brokered convention - this is where it all stops. After next week, all that remains is a long, hot summer. November seems like a distant dream.

Let’s do this.

What’s the Convention for, again?

Nominally, the Republican National Convention is for selecting a Presidential candidate. But as we all know at this point, Donald Trump’s final delegate count - 1,447 delegates - is well in excess of the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination. His nomination is all but assured - but the delegates still have to meet and vote, not only on Trump’s nomination, but on the rules of the convention itself, the Republican platform for the coming election, party rules and regulations, and other minutiae.

The conventions are about rallying the party’s base and communicating what their message is going to be from now until November. Just as importantly, though, the conventions are about free media. Speeches given at the RNC and the DNC are broadcast live over just about every major news station in the country, which means that over the next two weeks, you can turn on just about any channel at prime time and someone will be giving a speech or something will be happening on the convention floor.

What’s this #NeverTrump movement I keep hearing people talk about in more and more urgent, desperate tones?

#NeverTrump is a movement within the Republican party led by a loose coalition of relative moderates who believe that Trump’s nomination would be a disaster. Their efforts at organizing around this banner to date have been lackluster at best, and the convention is their Alamo. The basic idea is that anti-Trump delegates will attempt to amend the GOP convention rules to allow delegates to vote for anyone they want, and that in so doing, they would snatch the nomination away from Trump and give it to someone less harrowing.

Any amendment to the rules platform requires a majority vote from the delegates, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

What is the Party Platform?

Think of the platform as being a document that outlines a party’s core beliefs. It’s a collaborative effort between delegates at the convention’s platform committee, and for that reason, it often reflects the policies of both the candidate and the candidate’s opponents. It’s a product of compromise, but every election, the platform serves as a snapshot of sorts for where the party and its values are headed. You can go back years and years and see how each candidate helped to shape their respective platforms - Romney’s platform, which is still online, was focused strongly on the economy, for instance, whereas the Bush platforms were focused on national security.

This year’s platform combines Trump’s stances on immigration and national security with the staunch social conservatism we saw from supporters of this campaign’s runner-up, Ted Cruz (remember him?). As a result, the GOP party platform is… very, very conservative. Here are a few highlights!

The platform itself won’t be finalized and voted on until the end of the day today, Monday the 18th. So until then, the language is up in the air. But by all accounts, many parts of the platform tack to the right of even Trump himself is fairly moderate on trade and LGBT issues.

Who’s speaking at this thing, then?

All sorts of people. Here are just a few:


The candidate traditionally speaks on the last night of the convention. The most humble candidate in years likely won’t take the stage until Thursday.

Mike Pence

Pence, Trump’s VP nominee, will also be there - probably not because he wants to be so much as because he has to be.

Rudy Giuliani

The former mayor of New York is an outspoken fan of Trump.

Sarah Palin

Former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential nominee, Palin is also an outspoken fan of Trump. Come to think of it, are there any Trump fans who aren’t outspoken? Are there Trump supporters on the down-low, just praying that nobody finds out they want to deport Syrian refugees?

The Entire Trump Family (No, Seriously, Like, All of Them)

Scott Baio, For Some Reason

That’s right, Charles in Charge himself. Joanie Loves Chachi, but Chachi apparently loves the idea of a wall across the Mexican-American border. This is a case of Arrested… Development. Nailed it.

Of course, just as interesting as who will be at the convention is who won’t be. A swath of Trump’s ex-rivals, including Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and a whole congressional delegation of people who oppose Trump will be absent - unusual for an event that is historically a chance for the party to vocally unite behind the candidate.

You can peep the whole convention schedule right here, and if you want, you can tune in to the Republican Party’s own livestream of the event on Youtube. I’d recommend turning the chat off for that one, though.

I’ll be answering any questions you have throughout the week, and updates will happen here as events unfold. If anything exciting happens, I’ll let you know. But until then… sit back, pop open a Costco-sized case of Tums, and enjoy the show!


One DNC staffer already apologized over the DNCLeaks… you can find the story on Politico

How earnest, right? Meanwhile, Centrist Democrats are calling people even bringing up the leaks “not for party unity” or “a vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Trump” 

Remember when the democratic establishment called the Sanders wing conspiracy theorists for crying out about Clinton and the DNC being tied together? TODAY, IT’S IN BLACK AND WHITE.The DNC actively promoted Clinton ahead of Sanders and went to extreme, dirty lengths to do so. That is not democracy. That is a dictatorship. That is dishonesty. 

Quite frankly, i don’t care what other names or accusations establishment democrats lob at us (the left wing of the democratic party). Actually, people are leaving the party in droves, so i guess we can be called independents again. 

Alas, we represent millions of voters.. The lawsuit filed against the DNC by a Miami-based attorney is serious about getting people back the MILLIONS of dollars they funneled for a campaign that was silenced from the  beginning!

 What the DNC committed was collusion - hence, the law suits being filed against the DNC. How can people still absolve Clinton from all wrongdoing in an effort to disavow a nationalist, chauvinistic pig like Trump? Want to make politics transparent, Clinton supporters? You need to hold your candidate accountable. Tweet CNN, MSNBC, HuffingtonPost, etc. for continued media black out on these matters. Call the DNC. All phone numbers and culprits have been released.

We cannot stand by the accusation that the Democratic party has become the opportunist party - a party that cries equality and opportunity solely to get votes while the opposing party calls for borders and dangerous rhetoric 

We cannot stand by a party that used Latino voters and LGBT voters - look it up in the leaks

I cannot stand one more centrist democrat telling me I need to “get in line” and support the “REAL” Candidate. That’s the bullshit they said since the beginning and now the leaked emails prove how vile and deep they went to block and disenfranchise the Sanders campaign before it even gained momentum.

If party unity means we can’t hold the Clinton Camp and DWS accountable for the disastrous, unlawful DNCLeaks, ignore lawsuits, and pretend this is all better than Trumps’ camp, then fuck party unity. Fuck both the democratic and republican parties. We need to stand by the people. 

the fact that communismkills is literally willing to lie and claim i edited her posts to be something about pedophilia really shows that she has no moral high ground or sense of decency. i really don’t know if she believes what she’s saying but it’s disgusting that she’s lobbing such outright untruthful accusations at me. she knows what the fuck she’s doing, i think.


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Only one who can raise
the lyre in shadow โ€”ย 
may he be allowed
to sing endless praise.

Only one who has eaten
poppies with the dead โ€”ย 
may he never again
be lost for sound.

Rainer Maria Rilke, from Sonnets to Orpheus, I 9 (translated by Martyn Crucefix)


“Nur wer die Leier schon hob
auch unter Schatten,
darf das unendliche Lob
ahnend erstatten.

Nur wer mit Toten vom Mohn
aß, von dem ihren,
wird nicht den leisesten Ton
wieder verlieren.”

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