when you bite daddy… but then you realize it was mean

  • Princess:*is sad and hiding under blankets*
  • Daddy:why don't you come out?
  • Princess:*sad pout*
  • Daddy:alright, well if you don't come out I'm going downstairs...
  • Princess:*continues to pout*
  • Daddy:*pretends to leave*
  • Princess:...
  • Princess:*peeks out to see if daddy left*
  • Daddy:*tackles princess and tickles her and kisses her all over her face*
  • Princess:*giggles and feels better*

Ok this one might require a little more work, but it’s worth it!!!
It’s a cloud lamp and its easy to make (the only hard part it’s he lightbulb connection)

You only need one of those Chinese paper lamps preferably the sphere ones and stuffing that’s used for stuffed animals!!!

You assemble the lamp and with hot glue or spry glue you start adding the stuffing to the lamp and shaping it!!!

You can use any color you want of light bulb to make it look different; now there are two options either you attached it to the light on the ceiling of the room; or you can use led lamps, or Christmas lights attached to the inside of the paper lamp!!!

If you use the Christmas lights you can use the different lighting mods they have and make it look like a thunderstorm…

And voilà now you have a cloud lamp, Daddy helped me make one for my room and it was awesome but j never got the chance to hang it up!!!

It would be perfect for any present and it’s so fun, easy and inexpensive!!!