“We’re remaking the Les Mis movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“But we’re going to remove solos from most of the people who have actually done the role professionally!!!!! Also we’re going to write Hugh Jackman a completely pointless song that has no purpose except to highlight the fact that he just bought a child he doesn’t know!!!!!! Even though Grantaire’s solo in Drink With me is really important to his character and to the setting of the show, we’re going to remove it for literally no reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Samantha Barks slays as Eponine but since she’s not a household name I guess we can cut out the second half of her death scene as well!!!!! Hugh Jackman’s vibrato is the most annoying thing on the planet and Russel Crowe’s singing abilities are questionable but they’re famous so we will cast them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most fans care 10x more about the barricade boys than other characters but since they’re not Hollywood famous we’ll showcase them as little as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except Daniel Huttlestone because he’s cute so it will sell and make people sad when he dies!!!!!!! And we’re going to cast the people who actually have professional experience with musical theatre as extras shown for like half a second!!!!!!!!”