Mission accomplished! Fan’s Eddie Redmayne selfie completes Les Miserables set. 


Seeing Eddie Redmayne totally completes my mission of celebs to meet this week! Now that I met him I have completed the cast of Les Misérables! I have photos with Anne, Hugh, Russell, Amanda, and now Eddie ️. #EddieRedmayne #TheTheoryOfEverything #OscarWinner #LesMis #LesMiserables #TheGoodShepard #JupiterAscending #TheOtherBoleynGirl #NYC #actor

i. let them know how we died
side by side, hand in hand
and we shall be reborn that way;
ii. let them cry and bury us in ground
for we burned brighter than the mighty paris on fire
and we shall become heroes;
iii. let them write songs about us, make art of our decaying bones
worship us, honour us
and we shall live on for centuries;
—  let them not forget children who
screamed of revolution | 
Les Amis Bday headcanon

E: January 4th
Courf: May the 24th
Ferre: August 15th
Jehan: December 7th
Bahorel: April 30th
Bossuet: February 29th
Joly: September 2nd
Feuilly: January 27th
R: April 1st

Gavroche: April 11th
Marius: October 25th
Cosette: June 18th
Musichetta: July 9th
Eponine: September 27th