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Leans on Lazz, tired teach. "You should tell me what chocolate you like the best." [ Claude ]

Face stayed focused as he kept on playing Candy Crush, completely unaffected by the sudden pressure to his side. The leaning, physical contact, was common for a hockey player and therefore he didn’t offer too much of a reaction to it all ( it would’ve been worse if he had randomly fallen onto him, that would’ve left the defenseman a bit puzzled ).

     “Mm…Chocolate?” Lasse mumbled as he let his app go through various, bright colors. How ironic, here he was playing Candy Crush and Claude was all up about chocolate , it almost amused Lasse. “I don’t know… I kinda eat what I get, but…I think white chocolate is one my favorite…Second would be milk chocolate , but only the Norwegian or Swedish one… There’s this really tasty brand called Marabou , it has nuts , and fruit… It varies, but I like those with raisins in them.”

     Head tilted to the side as he ripped his eyes away from the screen, moving them over to the tired teacher. “ – or wait… those – uhm?” fingers moved as they tried to explain. “Chocolat raisins? Yeah… Those are good too.” 

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... the struggle is real. A cute Yun and Yona moment... or Aiko and Zeno having a moment. XD I'm sure you'll get to more Aiko and Zeno at some point, so Yun and Yona it will be! Yun talking to Yona about what he wanted to do originally in the city?

A cute little Yona/Yun fic for the wonderful Lazz! Thanks for the request!

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“Deep down, you’re scared. Aren’t you?” [ Claude/Lazz ]

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     “Hah…I – won’t really lie,” he muttered, a hand pressing against the back of his neck as he leaned onto his knees. 

     He wasn’t exactly getting any younger with the years, and he knew very well that the amount of injuries he had taken during his time in hockey had started to leave impacts on his limbs. They had gotten sore, stiff — they were not the limbs they used to be anymore, despite every odds. Exercise only did so much. It made him feel slightly better, but time and long processes wasn’t something that gave an immediate effect, which was what he needed.

     A long, gentle sigh came from the hockey player as he pressed his fingers against his neck. “ – I am…kinda scared, yeah. My brothers are getting older, busier with their lives… I’m getting older , and the only thing that…truly connects us with the exception of our mother is…hockey. Once I – stop playing I… worry that – well, that I’ll lose touch with them…especially the youngest one.”

     Most likely a silly fear , but it truly was a fear of his. Losing touch. Losing his brothers. They were his family, his younger images that were following in his tracks; great players, perfect family. Lasse loved them to death, and he knew that he already struggled with keeping in touch with the youngest, the most independent of them. Kim was… not like Andreas, for he was more of a guy who didn’t need or crave the same type of social activity as his two older brothers who constantly chatted together, one way or another. 

     “I live – quite the distance away from them as well… I’m just kinda scared that they’ll forget about me with time, Claude…~ Silly big brother worries, I know but…I practically raised those two idiots… I guess it’s – a typical parental feeling, huh? The fear that your children will get so independent that they forget about you with time, haha…”

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"Did you ever lick door handles as a kid? Talkin' about during winter -- I remember tricking one of my younger brothers to do it because they wouldn't leave me alone," the hockey player laughed as he glanced over at Claude, " -- Kinda mean I know." from the polar bear to the author

Just stared blankly at Lasse. 

Blink… Blink.

“Licking door handles? Please explain, I wasn’t hip enough as a child to know what that means, at all, aha. I didn’t really have many friends when I lived in Norway, so… I’m am extremely baffled right now, ahaha.”