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The survey will be open until Saturday, August 13th. Soon afterward, the overall results will be posted on Tumblr. I think it’ll be pretty interesting to learn more about this fandom and what people are getting out of it.

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anonymous asked:

I feel like Lynz's name would just be Shitty Teen or something along those lines, or something with Witch in it. And even tho she might've kicked Ghoul in the face I feel like that's their relationship and they're really close best friends

I like that.

I was thinking that her killjoy name would just be The Artist, because that’s how she introduces herself if anyone asks for her name. “who are you?” “I’m an artist.” it just stuck and she doesn’t really mind.

also yeah, there aren’t any hard feelings between her and ghoul. it isn’t safe to hold grudges in the desert.



anonymous asked:

Lynz is the kind of killjoy that literally knows everything. She has knowledge that no one has and plus, she scares everyone. The fab four once tried to get her to be with them, but she kicked fun in the face and ran off with one of party's gloves.

lynz is, in fact, terrifying and everyone respects her or else they get a boot to the face.


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Me as fuuuuuuck.

dangerdaysgraveyard  asked:

YEAHHH she's the killjoy with no name ! If you wanna talk about her you just say something like "she", "the lone killjoy" or "the girl that kicked fun in the face" or if you're Party "that b*tch that stole my glove"

ok but i don’t think party would even be mad about that - they’d just be like “eh shit happens hope she enjoys it.”

the lone killjoy akshsd

Totally Real MCR fact #30

On September 23rd 2016 mcr are releasing a mixtape called “you thought emo fucks” which is an audio of Ashton Kutcher saying “YOU JUST GOT PUNK’D” on loop for 45 minutes.