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I forgot why did riku have to wear a blindfold again. I remember saying something about him getting use to darkness?

When Riku removes the blindfold between CoM and the end of KH2 he “transforms” back into Ansem Seeker of Darkness, complete with that Guardian from the Destiny Island fight. The blindfold isn’t explained much except for Mickey saying that Riku couldn’t lie with his eyes (the line in the English version might be “his eyes couldn’t lie” or something similar). 

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I wanted to get Soras shoes done before I go on vacation Friday, but life was like NOPE. Ah well what can ya do. But they turnin out pretty swell! A lot comfier than the other shoes I made for kh2 sora hahaha. Also super secret side project sword in the background ;) #kh3 #cosplay #wip #kingdomhearts3 #sora #shoes

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