Fans of Female Creators -Your Help Needed!

CBR recently ran a contest to identify the 100 greatest comics writers and artists. That’s 200 slots.

Guess how many were women?

Go head.

Did you guess two? Two out of 200 slots?

Gail Simone made the writer list and Fiona Staples made the artist list.

That’s 1%.

Kelly Thompson is working with Brian Cronin of Comics Should Be Good to identify the 50 best female writer and artists. She writes

It’s not really surprising that given only 200 precious slots to fill, and with all the absolutely stunning comics creators over the years that women almost never made it into people’s ballots. Women just haven’t historically had the comics credits to their name and that’s for a variety of reasons both reasonable and less reasonable. But this post is not about examining the past and the how and why we got here, it’s about celebrating what we do have, and what we have had.

We hope this raised awareness of the great work done and being done by women in comics will be one small drop in the bucket toward eventually having a Top 100 list that includes more than just two women.

Agreed. Let’s celebrate the women who make the comics we love. Please pop over to CBR and review the list that is there and add any creators that should be on the list. And then show up for the voting in two weeks!


Austin by Ellsworth Kelly

Designed in 1986 and was never built, the Blanton Museum of Art has announced recently that it will be constructed. 


I agree with this! When people talk about a player’s personal life, they don’t realize how badly it can affect their loved ones. I made the mistake of looking at the Patrick Sharp tag on twitter and I was absolutely disgusted - most people on there don’t know what the facts are, yet they were making vulgar comments about Patrick, Abby, Duncan, and Kelly-Rae. If you don’t have proof, please stop speculating and spreading rumors about things that may cause others emotional harm. Yes, they are professionals and are constantly in the media, but at some point you have to draw the line and understand that they are human beings just like the rest of us. 

anonymous asked:

what would you like to see happen in cap 3?

Okay im breathing a bit but here it is

I want the trial of Bucky Barnes. I want the country to completely turn against him and brand him a monster. Steve is trying desperately to save him but Natasha and Sam have to literally hold him back from breaking into Bucky’s holding cell to free him. Steve is legit losing his shit throughout all of this and him and Bucky have some really heart breaking discussions in jail. Then I want Tony to initially be on Steve’s side but completely break when he finds out Bucky was the man behind his mother and father’s deaths. This will be Civil War with Tony campaign for Bucky to be put away and Steve for him to be free. This destroys their friendship and yadaydadaaaa Civil War shit..


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Mar 1, 2015