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hello yes smol crutchie having a shirt that says "If lost please return to..." and then a long list of names

okay, I know that this isn’t exactly what you asked for BUT this is such a davey thing. all of the newsies have a version of this shirt. 

♕ blogrates ♕

hiii everyone <3 okay, so from tomorrow i’m going on a semi-hiatus bc it’s exams period and i need to study, which means i won’t be much active :/ and well basically i need to study right now, but who has time for that? blogrates it is! :p


  • mbf the queen of procrastination
  • reblog this post // likes don’t count!
  • maybe join my tumblr awards last day to enter! and october botm?
  • send me tv/movie recs bc i need to watch something once i’m done with my exams or just a ‘♕’ 
  • blacklist ‘kelly does blogrates’ if you don’t want to get spammed :)

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