Dating Montgomery Includes:

  • Changing him as a person
  • “What did you just say to Hannah?”
  • “Something Courtney told me”
  • “Not cool Montgomery”
  • “I-I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry”
  • Monty making you wear his jacket to his baseball games to show you off to everyone, making you secretly happy
  • Going to his baseball games. Being the loudest one screaming and flicking someone off who told you to shut up.
  • Monty flicking someone off for you as well
  • “Sit down and shut up!”
  • “Don’t scream at my girlfriend up there!”
  • “Yeah don’t scream at me!”
  • Sleeping over his house after his games to give him a celebration
  • heated make-out sessions
  • Him always giving you hickies in the most obvious areas so boys know that your his
  • Him stealing you makeup so you can’t cover them up
  • “Damn y/n that one is huge!”
  • Monty getting jealous when he sees a boy talking to you
  • Jumping in front of the boy just to roughly kiss you
  • You giving him hell for getting suspended
  • “Babe come on, we haven’t had sex in a week!”
  • “Oh well, you shouldn’t have punched Alex”
  • Passionate first time
  • Him being nervous to take your virginity at first
  • “Are you sure about this baby?”
  • “Yes Cruz”
  • Rough and hard sex afterwards
  • Monty being into daddy kink
  • Him being into bondage
  • “Y/n why are your wrist red”
  • “Don’t ask.”
  • Monty being the first one to say ‘I love you’ and not realizing it
  • “Gosh y/n your lucky that I love you”
  • “W-what did you just say?”
  • “I love you, holy shit I love you”
  • Both of you being inseparable
  • Him ditching his friends just to be with you
  • “Bro are you coming over”
  • “Nah I’ll pass, I’m with y/n”
Boyfriend Material

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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: “(I saw your requests were open, hopefully they still are??) I’ve seen several “dating Justin would include” and I haven’t see one for my Alex yet:) could you maybe do one of those?“

Words: 480

A/N: I am not good at these because I never did one, but why don’t we give a shot? I hope that you like it and I won’t fail you.
Anyways, I love Alex’s smile so much. His teeth are perfect and, damn, he’s fucking sexy! Sorry, not sorry!

P.S.: Send in some Alex Standall x Reader requests, please!

- G. x

Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name.

Dating Alex Standall would include:

  • Alex was shy around you at first
  • His friends always teasing the two of you
  • Awkwardly asking you on a date
  • Dinner dates at Rosie’s diner
  • You are the most important person in his life
  • Cheering him up whenever the tapes come across his mind
  • He would run to you to complain about his friends’ problems
  • Constantly stopping him and Montgomery whenever they start a fight
  • Curing his wounds after a fist fight with Montgomery
  • He snaps at you because the disinfectant stings
  • “Stay still, Standall!”
  • Him being possessive whenever Bryce and Montgomery bother you
  • “Fuck off, guys!”
  • Then he would wrap his arms around your waist to protect you
  • Cheering him up whenever he’s depressed or overthinking
  • Calming him down whenever he has a shit day
  • You worrying whenever Clay talks to him about Hannah
  • Being each other’s crying shoulder
  • You both call each other by your surnames when you are fighting or fooling around
  • “Shut up, Standall!”
  • “You shut up, (Y/L/N)!”
  • You always staying by his side whenever Hannah’s tapes torment him
  • You having constant nightmares and calling him to wake him up
  • Your ringtone is louder than any other of his friends, in case you call him in the middle of the night
  • “I’ll be there in 10, stop crying please. I love you.”
  • He’s really sweet to you
  • And sometimes you would cry because you don’t expect it
  • He always calls you with sweet nicknames
  • “Hi there, beautiful!”
  • “Hey there, flatterer!”
  • His friends teasing him whenever they see you flirting with each other
  • He introduces you to his family
  • His father likes you because he sees Alex happy
  • You sometimes come over to cook together with his mum
  • Compliments from Alex and his family
  • “What a great wife you got here, Alex!” His father jokes
  • Sleep overs
  • Window sneaking when you are grounded
  • Cuddling and making out, instead of partying
  • And when you are at a party, he’s overprotective
  • He assures that you don’t drink too much
  • Him taking care of you when alcohol knocks you out
  • PDA
  • You love it when he smiles
  • And he tries to smile a lot
  • Because he knows that it is your weakness
  • You poking at his dimples whenever they show up
  • Him beating you at Volleyball
  • You love it when he plays his electric guitar
  • Worrying when he gets distracted and misses a note
  • Him teaching you how to play a guitar
  • Him being jealous when he sees you with Clay or Justin
  • Him constantly swearing
  • “Standall, words!”
  • “Jesus Christ!” He complains as he rolls his eyes
  • Him being sarcastic
  • Inside jokes that only the two of you understand
  • Sweet and passionate kisses
  • Tight hugs
  • Getting him medicines for his stomach ache
  • Being his personal nurse when he’s sick
  • Walking with hands intertwined
  • Always!
  • “I love you so much, (Y/N).”
  • “I love you too, Alex.”


I know I’m a little late, but a Massive congrats to Sally Deakin (Dan’s sister) for completing the London Marathon and raising £6,663 for Bloodwise UK. 💜

Dating Alex Standall Would Include…
Warning: Profanity
  • Him getting super shy when you tell him ‘i love you’
  • You were his best friend–long before Hannah and Jessica
  • Having many inside jokes


  • Everyone’s just like “what the hell is going on”
  • Really chill couple
  • Really chill listening to twenty one pilots
  • Alex calling your dad sir
  • You and Dad having a conversation just like

“He’s just such a gentleman, I FEEL SO RESPECTED”

  • when Alex is getting suffocated because you and your family are hug people 


“No, no its okay Y/n.” 

  • You asking him about the formal cause why not
  • Alex being dramatic and shedding fake tears since he wasn’t expecting it
  • ALWAYS giving him cuddles when he has the stomach problems
  • First kiss was at the formal because Alex got really jealous at the number of boys staring at you
  • Alex walking in on you changing

“Well who knew my girlfriend was this damn hot”

  • You were a blushing mess for days
  • You walked in on Alex changing 

“I-well-I was just-um-I-I’ll just leave now.”

  • Alex bringing up that moment all the fucking time because he found is hilarious
  • secretly he thought it was the most adorable thing he has ever seen
  • like really adorable
  • better than kittens and puppies in a lil basket
  • you didn’t speak to anyone when he passed
  • you didn’t believe it was suicide
  • and you wanted an investigation stat
Baking Pancakes | Zach Dempsey

Pairing: Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey x Reader

Warning: TOO MUCH FLUFF! Almost full smut

Request: Just my imagination


I woke up to the smell of freshly cooked breakfast downstairs. I looked at the time and saw it was 6:30am in the morning. 1 hour before class.

I stood up from Zach’s bed and put my underwear on. I grabbed his grey shirt that smelled strongly of him. I went downstairs and saw him in nothing but his boxers hanging low on his waist.

I went to him and saw that he was mixing a pancake batter, I hugged him from behind and saw the red claw marks on his back, I mentally gave myself a pat on the back.

“Hey baby.” He kissed my forehead and went back to mixing the batter.

I had other things in mind, I dipped my finger in the better and smudged it on his nose. He looked at me with excitement and a dangerously playful grin on his sexy lips.

“y/n. You did not just-” I ran from him but whats the point 3 steps later he grabbed me from the back and spun around.

“Oh my god Zachary!” I laughed so hard because he was tickling me.

“Say your sorry!” He demanded while laughing and tickling me.

“N-n-never!” I managed to wheezed out in between my laugh.

“Then I’ll never stop!” He tickled me harder this time reaching for the sides of my waist.

“Fuck! Okay okay!” I said laughing harder. “i’m sorry!” I panted while still in fits of laughter.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” He smiled smugly and sat me at the counter top. Good thing his sister is with his mom on a trip or else it would have been embarrassing to wake them up with the noise.

“Fuck you, Dempsey” I playfully pouted.

His eyes turned 3 shades darker and lifted me up to get a better position on the counter top,

“Tell me y/n, baby, when?” He kissed my jawline, “where?” He kissed my collarbone, “how?” And kissed me roughly on the lips.

“Right here.” I moaned.

“Now.” I gasped him grabbing my breasts and squeezing them, kissing me. He tore the shirt I was wearing and my bra top.

He sucked on my left breast, “Here, Now. Hard!” I moaned loudly.

Well, let’s just say we were late on 1st and 2nd period.



What do you guys think?

———- I LOVE YOU ALL xx

p.s REQUEST for IMAGINES is closed as of the moment. Im sorry guys. As soon as I finish writing the requests that were already sent, I’ll open it again.

I still accept ships and headcanons.

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Dating Justin Foley Includes

a/n: i’m so sorry this probably sucks

requested by: @zachandreggie

• wearing his letterman every chance you get

• going to all of his basketball games and being the loudest one in the stands

• “that’s my baby!!!”

• skipping the occasional class for secret make out sessions

• lots and lots of neck bites (!!!!!!!)

• he stays the night often after getting kicked out of his house

• “i’m so fucking grateful for you.”

• getting drunk in your bedroom

• slow dancing and tripping on each other’s feet

• lots of giggles

• he gets really clingy when he’s drunk

• you’re usually the big spoon because he acts like a little kid

• “baby give me kisses”

• constantly hanging out after school if he doesn’t have practice

• him watching you do homework and wondering how he got so lucky

• you tutoring him in english so he doesn’t get kicked off the team

• him being so completely and utterly in love with you

• you make him want to be a better person

Justin gets jealous over Clay - part 2

A/N: I’m debating on either leaving this imagine as it is, or making it into a longer series and writing a part 3. It’s up to you guys, so let me know what you think down below in the comments.

I was sitting in English class beside my project partner, Clay Jensen. The two of us were happily discussing what we could do for our assignment, but Clay kept fidgeting in his seat. 

“Are you alright Clay?” I ask him gently, laying a hand on his arm comfortingly.

Clay clears his throat. “Y-Yeah, I’m-I’m fine.” He stutters out. 

I look at him skeptically. “Are you sure?" 

"Mhmm.” Clay hums, but as soon as the bell rings, he darts up from his seat, bolting out of class. 

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Soul mate AU as a series?

Someone suggested that I do a soul mate AU for all of the 13rw characters as a type of series, and I think that is an absolutely GENIUS idea! Are you guys up for that?

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