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Omffffggg I adore the way you draw 2p!Canada!!! You make him look perfect!!!

jumbo size spicy big dad 

I don’t think you understand this woman was like “my jumbo potatoes are like my children” it was so fucking

I should stop zoning out at work
  • Customer:Hey, do you have any bara?
  • Me:*still half asleep* Sorry, what? Bara?
  • Customer:Yeah, bara.
  • Me:*thinking* Why do they want big jumbo spicy men
  • Me:*thinking* I must have missed something here
  • Me:...You want barramundi, don't you.

I was playing oblivion with my friend and we discovered that jumbo potatoes quest and I was laughign so much I almost use a asthma attack because of FUKCING jumbo potatoes

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Name: Erika

Nicknames: They’re all based on my birth name, which is “William James,” but I went by Jimmy. So I’ve been called Jimmy, Jim, James, Jimbo, Jimbop, Jimmy James, BillyJimmy (by my high school history teacher to keep me separate from Jimmy Winslow, aka “JimmyJimmy”) Other Jimmy (also in relation to Jimmy Winslow–high school sucked), Jumbo, JimJam, Jimothy, William, Jimmy Crack Corn, and a few cutesy names in relationships. Maybe someday I’ll have Erika-based nicknames!

Birthday: 4/11

Star sign: I hate the zodiac because I’m quite averse to conflict and confrontation, but am smack in the middle of Aries. None of the zodiac posts ever make sense or apply for me.

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10-11"

Orientation: Kinda swings between bi and lesbian

Favorite color: Blue, white, and green atm

Time right now: 11:42 pm

Average hours of sleep: Like 8-9 lately

Lucky number(s): 4, 17, and 235

Last thing I googled: “can you romance thane krios” (asking for my grandma as we play Mass Effect 2 together, he’s her favorite. The answer is yes!)

Word that comes to mind: Quiet

Happy places: The Camp Gallagher beach at sunset, forests and lakes in the mountains of Western Washington, my family’s house and 5 acres in one said forest, With Sam, Grace, and other friends at college

Number of blankets I sleep under: 1 but only with a fan on me, too hot otherwise. In winter like 3 lol

Favorite fictional character: Probably Korra from LoK, but dang I feel like there should be more.

Celebrity crush: The two gay Ellens, Ellen Page and Ellen DeGeneres. Also Annasophia Robb when I was growing up.

Favorite Book: Paper Towns, His Dark Materials series, Percy Jackson Series,

Favorite bands: (in no particular order) Air, Metric, Lorde, The Decemberists, Marina & The Diamonds, Sigur Rós, Terra Naomi, Chiaki Ishikawa, Tuung, Gorillaz

Last movie I saw: At home: the new Annie! (Quvenzhané Wallis was so good!) In theaters: Inside Out (also highly recommend)

Dream trip: the whole world! But narrowing it down to one place: Japan, again, for longer–hiking and skiing in Hokkaido, visiting the beach in Osaka, I want to polish off my rusty Japanese and see much more than just Tokyo this time!

Dream job: Something involving both programming and psych. AI development?

What I’m wearing right now: a gray shirt and red boxers

I tag: tsundere-hamilton, opalwhisker, themeaningoflifeischeese, oppositeofloveisindifference, ultraraker, not-yuri, rainbowpudding18, luminejakob, bassclarinetprincess, oppawsitegrowlithe and anyone else who wants to do it!

Signs As Taylor Swift's Instagram Captions
  • Taurus:On tonight's episode of "why I can't have expensive turtle neck sweaters"
  • Gemini:On tonight's episode of "Not Purposely Trying to Recreate Music Videos, Just Going Out For Indian Food"
  • Leo:Always trying to take the line "I'm dancing on my own/I make the moves up as I go" to new levels.
  • Virgo:Living with Meerkats- a documentary
  • Libra:When you're at rehearsals and the door just can't even.
  • Scorpio:Casual Sunday night with the parents.
  • Sagittarius:Swan goals.
  • Capricorn:How To Peel Jumbo Shrimp That Is Very Hot: A Turorial
  • Aquarius:Meredith has been mad all day
  • Pisces:Playing my alien space piano at Rock in Rio