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Sign of spring 6 by Shinichiro Saka
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Lily Collins - RALPH & RUSSO
Robin Wright - SAINT LAURENT, Chopard jewels
Jessica Chastain - ALEXANDER MCQUEEN
Deepika Padukone - MARCHESA
Araya Alberta Hargate - RALPH & RUSSO
Gianna Simone - MARCHESA
Araya Alberta Hargate - OLIVIER THEYSKENS

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I've been having a lot of discussions with my white family regarding world politics, racism, etc. and somehow whenever the conversation moves to antisemitism and issues jewish people face, my father always brings up how "the jews control the media and all the money". I'm wondering if you know what factual information I could bring up to debunk that terrible idea, because it's so vile and random that all I can think to say is "Fuck you, no", but that never really helps.

OK. Let’s look at this:

Five Largest Banks in the USA according to wikipedia:

1. JP Morgan Chase: CEO Jamie Dimon - Not Jewish
2. Bank of America: CEO Brian Moynihan - Not Jewish
3. Welles Fargo: CEO Timothy J. Sloan - Not Jewish
4. Citigroup: CEO Michael Corbat - Not Jewish
5. Goldman Sachs: CEO Lloyd Blankfein - Jewish

OK. So one of five. Overrepresented, but Jewish control? Hardly.

Let’s look at some of the biggest news organizations.

1. Fox News: Part of NewsCorp which is run by Rupert Murdoch who isn’t Jewish
2. CNN: Part of Turner Broadcasting, which is owned by Time Warner which is run by Jeff Bewkes who isn’t Jewish
3. MSNBC: Part of NBC Universal which is owned by Comcast which is run by Brian Roberts who is Jewish
4. BBC: Owned by the British Government
5. Al Jazeera: Owned by Qataris who aren’t Jewish
6. RT: Owned by Russia
7. New York Times: Owned by the Sulzberger Family who are Jewish

The point here is that while there are Jews in significant roles in the media and banking and that we may even be over-represented, there is no such thing as Jewish control of those industries. Most Jews don’t work in the media or banking. Also, despite rumors to the contrary, we don’t hold weekly Elders of Zion meetings where we connect to the Hebrew Hive Mind and plot how to control the universe. 

Instead, consider this fact:

There are approximately 6 million Jews in the USA. There are 1.5 million Presbyterians. There has never been a Jewish president. There have been 8 Presbyterian Presidents including Donald Trump.

So clearly, there must be a Presbyterian conspiracy to rule the US through the Presidency. 

Does that sound absurd? That’s because it is. Every Presbyterian I know personally opposed Trump. Do they deserve to be hated because their fellow Presbyterians are over-represented in the US Presidency?

Do you get my point? 

If you are looking to confirm that Jews run the media and banking, you will find evidence to prove that. Instead of pulling together a list of Jews in the media and banking, try pulling together a list of non-Jews. I guarantee it will be much longer.

This is called confirmation bias: where people ignore information that disproves their case, no matter how much of it there might be, and instead choose to focus on data that proves their case, no matter how spurious. I do not understate when I say that confirmation bias, especially in this era of Fake News and “alternative facts,” is a profound threat to everyone in the world. 

Antisemites are particularly fond of playing “spot the Jew” in every industry they don’t like. They don’t put a lot of effort into counting all the Jewish doctors, teachers, non-profit workers, scientists, etc. etc. etc. who make enormous strides to make the world a better place. A Jew ended the polio epidemic. A Jew discovered dark matter. A Jew wrote the inscription on the Statue of Liberty.

Tell your family to start looking for Jews in fields that have made positive contributions to humanity. They’ll find we’re quite over-represented there, too. They might want to start with Jewish winners of the Nobel Prize. 

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Gad I’m on mobile atm but I just have to: the LLS segment on A&G Tribal Radio is just pure gold omfg. The ‘Happy Party Talk’ is where the other six members (only Suwawa, Aikyan and King are there) reveal secrets about the three.

Ainya had three and they’re all about Suwawa gawd stahp blinding me you two XDDDDD 1. (My JP failed at this part but about sww holding her hand??? I’ll have to re-listen later when I’m not out) Suwawa very attentive towards her like a caring bf (legit, even the hosts pointed that out)

2. Whenever sww hugs her she doki’s (King added ‘yeah she always hugs Ainya but lately she’s been hugging people indiscriminately www’ Sww: ‘I like hugging smol things 😏)

3. She thinks Suwawa is cutest whenever she hugs her (at this point the host was like: three combo! Embarrassed sww was like “erm is there anything from others?”)

Bonus: so the host read Shukashuu’s “She’s cutest whenever she winks during dances/performance!” I totally understand sks!!!

Suwawa explains she doesn’t wink often, she just does it whenever in Kanan winks in anime/PVs.

Host: hmm can you wink for us here?

Sww: … *winks

Others: Fooooooooh! !! 😇😇😇

King: ah Ainya will get mad

Host: jealousy?!

Host2: Ara please get along!

Other highlights too XD our beloved Shokunin said KyanKyan is a true otome at heart and dislikes being alone ❤ AiAi also complained that Suwawa hugs Ainya all the time it’s unfair she wants Suwawa to hug her too! Daww 😆 Rikyako thinks King being a glutton is her cute point King: I don’t want to be told that by Aida-san! 😣 ah, she, Ainya and myself are the gluttons of Aqours btw

Anyway there are lots more too but overall 100/10 segment 👍👍👍


Pic 1: “Prepare to give me all the attentions, Missus!”

Pic 2: “M-maybe if I switch instruments I will be better…? Don’t go yet, Missus! I can try harder!”

Miri is desperate for attention and praise (I do dote on my other little beauties and their talents) so she’s determined 😤 to be a musical prodigy. Poor little green bean doesn’t realize you need years of practice to be any good. ^^;

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1 中 恐れていたバルタン星人の動物園作戦
2 二 バルタン星人の限りなきチャレンジ魂
3 右 怪獣を塩漬にしろ!
4 一 あっ!キリンも象も氷になった!
5 左 ひきょうもの! 花嫁は泣いた
6 三 怪獣サインはV
7 游 あっ!タロウが食べられる!
8 捕 オヤジ星人
9 投 恋するキングジョー

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Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu (Heaven 03)

(Today I felt like a change, I changed my hairstyle a little but…)


(It seems like Shuu-san hasn’t noticed, he’s listening to music like always…)

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