This week’s episode it’s called “The Blackboard Jungle” or 2x10

Let’s begin

  • Let’s start with the first scene… Finally we get to watch Jughead writing at Pop’s again, a classic. With all that happened in the first half of the a season, adding this scene is like going back to the roots of the show. YES!
  • Looks like Penelope thinks she’s in pretty woman, My dear, YOU HAVE A CHILD! What is wrong with this woman?! Honestly, Cheryl is th e only character who has a reason to act the way she does, they all have issues but not like her
  • What the hell with Polly? And the names of the twins? She’s definitely in a cult or something…
  • FP aka “Bughead shipper #1” totally wants Jughead to get back with Betty. He’s like “son, you will regret it if you don’t, like me” He and Alice definitely have history.
  • I really wanted more than one scene of bughead, or at least I wanted them to talk about them
  • Betty’s like “since I’m not in good terms with my sis I’m going to find my brother.” Who needs Polly when you can have Chic?
  • I love the idea of the serpents going to Riverdale High
  • Josie said there’s no more to Pussycats :(
  • Reggie is acting like a dog whose territory has been invaded.
  • Cheryl confronting Toni is everything
  • Go Archie aka Cody Banks
  • I feel like Archie didn’t care enough about the fact that Nick assaulted Veronica, he wanted to know more about what happened to Nick and used Veronica as an excuse.
  • Jughead is totally a rebel without a cause. He’s a melodramatic, hot, extra, sassy, bad boy and It’s so fun to watch like dude you need to chill
  • Sweet Pea is so happy my baby finally has a decent education and Jughead is ruining the whole thing with his tantrums #chill
  • I think they look hot in uniform, the whole school should wear it… just saying
  • Chic is definitely not Hal’s son, his reaction when Betty wanted to look for Chic speaks by itself.
  • Betty defending her brother was just beautiful
  • It looks like Varchie didn’t break up as we thought, thank god
  • I don’t want chic to be a psycho, the last scene of him watching Betty sleep it’s creepy af. WHY THEY DO THIS? Fingers crossed that he has a good reason to do that, is it bad that I want him to be a normal person who is going to take her of his lil sis?
i listened to too much carrie underwood now here we are - anon submission

while we’re crying over now-separated lovers… because i’ve been listening to too much carrie underwood… and i’d like to take us back to like, 2012.

shea weber is captain of the nashville predators, and according to the team, roman josi is “his rookie.”

whatever, at least with suter in minnesota, shea doesn’t have to deal with him skating up to deadpan, “oh shea, you’re so big and strong and good at hockey. please, tell me more about penalty-killing strategies,” after every time roman asks for advice during practice, or after practice, or just kind of looks at him intently from across the locker room for extended periods of time. he’s still got dicky and fish giving him looks when jos has apparently been chatting with/orbiting him for a significant amount of time, and more than once, peks has commented things like, “roman has a lot of admiration for you.”

usually shea just rolls his eyes and gives them the finger (not peks, because he doesn’t deserve that, but like, the other guys. when they’re being shits), because he’s the captain. if jos feels and plays better because shea lets him spin circles around him and talk plays, good. as far as shit he’s done or gone along with in order for his team to be better goes, this is pretty mild.

and shea’s incredibly good at compartmentalizing, so when he tells himself that it doesn’t make a difference that roman’s a young, attractive guy, who will tease shea when he thinks he can get away with it, and flush when shea compliments his play, and smile brighter than the sun when he feels like it – he’s actually pretty confident that he’s not lying to himself.

not to mention the fact that the whole team is about 98% sure roman brought some longstanding on-again/off-again boyfriend back from switzerland when the lockout ended. but hey, so long as jos can focus on the ice, shea can’t (and doesn’t really want to try to) fault him for wanting another person to smile at.

however, it only takes a few minutes for his perspective on the guy roman’s probably dating to shift from “neutral” to “ready to punch his face in until he has fewer teeth than fingers.”

it happens because he gets a text just as he’s getting ready to go to bed – and it’s from fish, of all guys. when he opens it up, it turns out to be a video, and this already feels like something bad; not like, seriously problematic and concerning, or else mike would’ve called, but really, texts sent at midnight are never about decent, pleasant occurrences. before opening the video, he reads the bit of text sent with it, “flip just sent me this and said, ‘we did carries song! it was very fun i think jos is maybe feeling better!’ i think the kids need some captainly guidance.”

nothing about that text makes shea feel any better, but he opens the video, and it’s jos very fervently screaming (granted, there’s a lot of background noise) along to “before he cheats,” with maybe calle, colin, and ellis squished into a booth with him, and upon watching it a second time shea notices the concerning number of shot glasses on the table in front of them, as well as how red roman’s eyes look.
as soon as he sends out a quick response to mike and figures out where the rookies are, he’s grabbing his car keys and pulling his shoes on.

most of the guys are staying at the same hotel, so dropping them off isn’t too bad (they’re all mildly horrified, however. he has to really emphasize that they’re not in trouble for anything, he just wanted to make sure they all got home safe before wilson starts looking a little less like he’s about to have a panic attack). but jos is quiet until it’s just the two of them, and even then, shea has to kind of prompt him as gently as he can without feeling uncomfortable.

eventually, roman, looking really miserable, confirms the whole boyfriend thing, but says that he found out today that the guy would hook up while the team was out of town, or even just when they had games in nashville, because he felt too “restricted” living with jos.
shea has never had to work so hard to fight the MurderTM impluse in his entire life.

so instead, he gets out of the car, tells jos to do the same, and then they hug. shea tells him to let it out, so he squeezes his arms as tight as he can around shea (which – it’s a good thing shea is fuckin huge, because reminder: jos is also toned as fuck) before gasping out the the breath he’s holding and sinking into the hug. so shea rubs his back and lets him press his face into the crook of his neck. and they stay like that for a while. at some point, roman mumbles, “it’s kinda stupid, but just feeling… not worth wanting… it sucks.”

shea quietly counters that he can’t imagine anyone not wanting roman, before ruffling his hair a bit, and offering to let him crash at his place, if he’s not in the mood to go back to his apartment. while wiping his eyes, jos asks if he’ll make him breakfast in the morning, and shea laughs, but nods “– and make you drink your weight in water once we get back there.”

they move to get back in the car, but then, jos has a hand on on the door, and he’s just giggling. he manages to get all buckled up, but he’s still grinning like an idiot, so shea asks what’s so funny. jos just sighs, and laughs a little more, but answers, “it felt pretty good to fuck up his car.”

that… gives shea pause.

“what car?”

“you know,” roman starts, before quoting, “i dug my key into the side… da da da, four-wheel drive… both headlights, slashing tires – carrie’s song.”

all of a sudden, the golf clubs that watson had shoved into his trunk made a lot more sense.

(shea thinks of all the times he’d been caught in awe of that spark roman had inside of him, and promptly files those thoughts away for the moment. right now, jos just needs a friend, and shea wants to be that for him).

but yeah, roman’s captain probably wouldn’t advocate for smashing the shit out of your cheating ex’s car. but roman’s friend definitely can.

Aaaaaand a double epilogue, cause i’m feelin ExtraTM like that:

a few weeks?months? later, they carpool to an afternoon game, and go back to shea’s to hang out afterwards. but once they’re both in the car, shea doesn’t immediately go to turn it on, but instead tells jos that he played really well, and that it’s a good thing that the team has him – that the team wants him, they’ll always want him.

“and you? you… you’re a part of that too?”

shea nods, and roman, quick and a little jumbled, “-because i want you. but. not like how i want the team or want anything else, honestly, and…”

“god jos, of course i want you.”

and then everything comes full circle because while roman once demolished a car of a bad boyfriend with the help of some friends, now he’s on his way to getting BANGED in a CAR by a FRIEND who will be a GOOD BOYFRIEND (and daddy because jos and webs are kinky like that)

or at least they make out a bunch before shea gets a very polite call from peks, who says, “sorry to call, but i just wanted to remind you that we have teammates who wouldn’t know discretion if it was spelled out in front of them, and you’re parked in the players lot.”

and once again, we’re back in 2018. shea’s in montreal – which kind of sucks, because roman’s in nashville, but sucks a little less because he just watched the preds win their game on tv, and after, he and roman have gotten really good a phone sex, so if they’re both in the mood, that’ll be pretty nice.

juuse saros has pretty officially stepped into the role of pek’s backup, and seems to be doing a pretty good job, if the night’s shutout is anything to go by. when he’s getting interviewed, however, something catches shea’s attention:

the kid honestly spends most of the time talking about how amazing pekka; how much he’s done to embrace him as a teammate and as a friend; to guide him and help develop his play. the kid just gushes praise, respect, and a hearty dose of adoration.

shea sends a quick text to pekka, just saying, “saros has a lot of admiration for you.”

pekka sends back the middle finger emoji, and shea just laughs.

So… I have a theory

Maybe the real black hood is either Chic Cooper or Polly

Or maybe they teamed up??

Maybe Polly digged up something from her parents secrets way before Betty did or she saw Chic when he visited their home when he turned 18.

And Chic did all the dirty stuff while Polly did the planning.

Maybe it was revenge for what Alice had done and they’re just trying to clear (or distracting) the way for the real murder.

Maybe they’re hypnotising Betty while she’s home alone to help them and get facts.

And in the end of 2×10, it is shown that Chic is definitely on to something regarding the Cooper family.

Anyway, that’s just what I thought.


this one has been on the twin au list for a while

marinette gets paid for message-conveying in constant excuses to talk to adrien (who she knows exactly where to find at all times for swift delivery); everybody benefits from this system

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