💕cherosie: the power couple everyone forgot about 💕
“i need star power. i need the pussycats.”
↳ “ i love my girl cheryl.”

why is the cherosie tag so dry i’m angry these two deserve more content
someone get on it i’ll sell you my soul for it

also,,,shipping multiple ships doesn’t make me a hypocrite smh. just saying. it means i’m fine with either couple working out.

on the bright side, cherosie seems devoid of hate bless

anyway, this is yet another aesthetic in the set of many i have posted in honour of 1k. i spent a lot of time on these and i’m genuinely so happy with how they came out, so i hope you guys like them too!

requests are always open for aesthetics and theories, and always make my day.

xoxo, v


no i couldn’t find a better title
anyway i’m looking for some blogs Dragon Age related to follow because i don’t have enough Dragon Age on my dash 
i’m gonna be a little more specific just in case someone has blogs about the characters i like and wants a new follower: Blackwall and Anders are my male faves, Sera and Isabela are my female faves. i also like Fenris, Dorian, Bull, Cassandra and Varric especially together because i ship them, Josie, Merrill and Cullen. i think that’s all of them. 
i don’t like Vivienne 
i still haven’t played the first game because i’m poor 
i think that’s it for now 
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Going Down South // Cheryl Blossom

Hey, could you write a cheryl x reader where she is trying to befriend betty, ronnie and the others because y/n and her are dating and they are y/n best friends. Please show how difficult it is for her to stop being a bitch to everyone but y/n. (Y/n fem if possible) thanks!

Hey, here’s another Cheryl. I’m actually surprised how many Cheryl requests I’ve gotten. But, I’m not mad. Anyway, please LEAVE THOUGHTS about my imagines! I’d love to hear FEEDBACK! ❤


‘Y/Nkins I’ve told you, your friends don’t like me and I don’t care. I’m only in this for you.’ Cheryl explained, the two of us walking down the hallway, entering school for the day.

‘I get that Cheryl, but can you at least try to be friends with Betty, Ronnie and the others? You’d know that would mean the world! Come sit with us at lunch today and try to get along with them, for me?’ I pouted my lip, giving her the puppy dog eyes.

She rolled hers, giving my lips a quick peck. 'Fine. I guess I can try, but, it’s only for you and no one else. You owe me big time for this.’

'Thank you.’ I smiled, kissing her cheek. 'You’re the best.’


Lunch time came around quickly and Betty, Ronnie and Kevin were all seated at our usual table outside. I didn’t know where Cheryl was, but she promised me that she would come sit with us instead of her cheerleading friends and I trusted her. I made good friends with hers, the least she could do was do the same thing for me.

'Are you seriously having Cheryl sit with us? Look, Y/N, I know she’s your girlfriend, but she hates us.’ Ronnie explained whilst I sat down, sighing.

'The woman is a devil, with big, plump cherry lips that could be used as a weapon.’ Kevin added.

'I know, Ronnie and Kev. She promised to be nice to you guys today and I appreciate immensely if you all did it in return, for me.’ I turned my head to see my beautiful girlfriend walking across the field, making her way over and looking as gorgeous as ever. 'Be nice.’ I whispered, looking back at my friends.

'Hello Y/Nkins,’ she ran her fingers through my Y/H/L Y/H/C hair before kissing my lips. 'Hello Betty, Veronica and…I’m sorry who are you again?’ It almost pained her to call Betty and Ronnie by their proper names, but Kevin just gave a look to Ronnie, telling me he was already frustrated with her presence. I could already tell this was going south.

Kevin took a sigh before answering, 'Cheryl, you know who I am.’

'What? The gay best friend? That’s still a thing?’

'Ironic when you’re dating Y/N, huh?’

'Well, at least I have taste.’

'Cheryl,’ I muttered, giving her a warning glare.

'I’m sorry, Cheryl Bombshell, is being a superficial bitch still a thing?’ Ronnie sassed. I groaned quietly, this whole conversation still going down south, nowhere near improvement.

'Is being a boy snatcher still a thing?’ Cheryl retaliated. I gave Betty a look, seeing if she had any ideas on how to stop this, but she looked just as lost as I did.

'Okay, seriously, stop this.’ I cut in, but no one seemed to bother.

'Why is it that you give us hell, whilst you have never once said anything bad about Y/N and she’s friends with us?’ Betty finally asked.

'She’s my girlfriend, of course I’m not going to be a bitch to her. You three on the other hand I have a problem with.’

'Cheryl, enough!’ I exclaimed, leaving them dead silent. 'I get that you just have a natural defence mechanism of throwing insults at people but these are my friends, I’m going to be become the four person you have a problem with, do I make myself clear?’ Cheryl nodded, before I turned to Kevin and Ronnie. 'Now, I know you always defend yourself against her, but you didn’t have to. You could’ve let it go. But, guys, I love Cheryl. She’s my girlfriend and that won’t change. All of you need to be amicable for this to work and for me to be happy, can you all do that for me?’ I sighed, breathless.

They all nodded in sync just as the bell rang. Ronnie, Kevin and Betty said their goodbyes and walked away, leaving Cheryl and I to ourselves. Cheryl had her head down, probably feeling guilty due to the fact I yelled at her.

'It really is hard for you not to be a bitch?’ I asked, chuckling a little bit at the end. Her face turned into a smile, her brown orbs looking at me.

'Yes…but you love me for it, right?’

'Of course. Besides, it’s what makes us the best lesbian couple in Riverdale.’ I chuckled, kissing her lips again.

'You’ll always be the best thing for me.’ She kissed my lips again, making my heart flutter.

anonymous asked:

is anyone else confused by josie? like, she was marketed as a main character in all the promos along with the core four and cheryl but she...hasn't done anything. her storyline only existed for a few episodes and it didn't relate to jason or town politics at all. is she actually going to become important or are the writers just extremely bad?


This week Amanda and Laura recap the first round playoff series and discuss the swept Hawks opting out of the Worlds, Jack Eichel coach killer, if Carey Price is overrated, that Trotz will kill you if given the chance and answer asks about butt appreciation, our dream nachos and which players we’d have dinner with.

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Oh !! Do you have any headcanons for Cherosie maybe? 🍒🌹❣️

-for reasons cheryl doesn’t understand yet, she starts spending more time with josie mccoy. maybe it’s because tina and ginger are gone, maybe it’s because valerie and melody started dating, but the amount of time she’s started to spend in josie’s music room should concern her. and yet, it doesn’t 

-cheryl nearly runs when josie comes to her in tears after her father did god knows what to her self esteem. she isn’t used to this role. she doesn’t even think she knows how to be nurturing. but josie steps into her arms and cheryl finds herself whispering empty threats to her dad the way she knows she’d want josie to do for her. when josie finally calms down, josie kisses her so hard cheryl’s afraid her lips might bruise 

-a few months later and they’re in josie’s room, lips buzzing from all the kissing. she lets josie undress her. her hands shake as she goes to undress josie, too. “you know it’s okay if you’ve never done this before,” josie says. this time when they kiss it’s with softness that makes cheryl’s head spin. “i haven’t done anything like this before either.”

-the first time cheryl tells her is when she’s leaving on tour with the cats. cheryl should be supportive but her head keep telling her that she won’t come back. tears prick at her eyes but she won’t let them fall. “i love you,” cheryl says freely; the first time since jason died. “and now you’ll leave me, too.”

josie shakes her head. “cheryl,” josie’s eyes shrine with tears, too. “i promise i’ll be back.”

-it’s almost five months before she sees her again. josie’s gone for the summer and first quarter, too. they call, they text, but cheryl still feels like she’ll wake up and josie will have been violently ripped away from her.

-there’s commotion at school that day. exasperated teachers try to reel their students back in but it’s useless. people talk, celebrities and the pussycats and josie and-

she pretends like she didn’t wear a pussycats’ tee shirt to school that day. she avoids veronica’s knowing eyes like the plague. she considers sending an acid remark her way but she knows that she’ll only be building a case against herself. 

-when the bell that signals the end of the day does finally let out, cheryl is the first out of her chair. she sends a text to the vixens, practice is canceled, and she knows none of them will question it. she weaves through hoards of students, not bothering to stop when they call out to her. and then she sees it: the shine of metallic cat ears. five months of frustration melt away in the five easy steps cheryl takes to reach josie.

“there’s my girl,” josie says.

“you came back,” cheryl says back.

“i told you i would.” 

-josie cups cheryl’s cheeks and she kisses her, a kiss that cheryl thinks is well worth the wait. she hears the faint snapping of pictures, sees the flashes of lights behind her lids, knows that their kiss will be plastered on social media before it’s even over. but that doesn’t matter because josie is here. josie came back and her lips are even softer than cheryl remembers.

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Cheryl deserves someone, she deserves to be happy. Like why are they doing this to her, everyone has someone on the show and Cheryl is in the corner crying because no one loves her.

I really wish they’d pair her up with someone super sweet and protective of her (Josie, Archie, Veronica, Reggie) she works so well with so many and it’s a shame they are just throwing her happiness storyline to the side for fuckin b*ghead scenes man

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Why are people saying Kevin killed Jason? What's their theory?

There was actually a post going around about why people think it’s Kevin. If I find it, I’ll link you to it. 

I think Kevin’s extremely sketchy. I think he’s waaaaay too chill about the fact there’s a murderer running around town. We don’t know where he was July 11th. Also there was this scene where FP had Jason’s letterman jacket and was like “if the cops come snooping this is our way out” or something like that which leads to me believe that Kevin’s fingerprints are on that jacket and if the cops (ex. Sheriff Keller) get too close to the Serpents, FP’ll use that as blackmail as I highly doubt Sheriff Keller would want to arrest his son so he’ll turn the other cheek. Kevin’s also not exactly a main character but he isn’t secondary either if that makes sense? It’s a weird situation. He has more screen time than characters like Cheryl and Josie but less than the Core Four. It’s a just a little peculiar to me of why they would set it up that way.