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Can I just say that, while overall seeing your art on my dash just brightens my day, seeing Amun and/or Angelo just makes me super happy? They look lovely to look at and the content is usually so fluffy and I just love them ❤️❤️❤️

thank you!!! i really enjoy drawing angelo and amun, i’m happy you guys like seeing them! please feel free to ask for anything more you’d like to see; i’m still working hard on their story but i love the chance to address the fun little things along the way!

angelo’s been posting on instagram over summer; his friends like amun a lot ♡

stuff from the riverdale panel...
  • Charles was one of the first actors to audition for New Reggie, KJ said that he was doing push-ups before he went in.
  • Charles did chemistry reads with KJ, Cole and Ashleigh. (somebody better leak that tape!)
  • Asha said their singing an iconic song that “everybody knows” – Josie and the Pussycats theme song confirmed?
  • RAS said that they have big stories planned for Josie and her mother. They are also going to be tested this season.
  • Veronica is still a Pussycat in season 2.
  • They guy who plays Pop Tate is the “nicest guy in the world”.

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As of season 2, Riverdale is going to have 4 young black female recurring characters. Josie, Valerie, Melody and now Toni. It’s really, really, really important that they have storylines, that yes it involves the color of their skin but also their character and personality. They matter a lot to me and I want them to be different from one another. Riverdale is good but lacks in many aspects.

Also another important thing, is someone independent and capable like Josie possibly getting a love interest. I need it cause 1) I already like Charles a lot and 2) It shows you can have both (career and a romantic relationship).

I want a good storyline line for my girls and Reggie. I’m not even asking much so RAS get your shit together

  • @josievadillo: clearly someone has a lot of time in their hands to go and hack into mine & jase's personal messages & images. i never would've thought that someone would've stooped so low. the sucky thing about this entire situation is that jaisy now has to go out into the community HEARING about how her father and his girlfriend have nudes leaked out on the media. which i mean i'm grateful she's at an age where she doesn't understand but still. the older she gets the harder it's going to be for jason to keep this away from her. i'm disappointed really.
  • @josievadillo: but i guess since there's nothing i can do i might as well embrace the fact that my boobs looking nice & y'all can stay jealous.

First, with all of this, you have to realize something that music snobs fucking hate: One Direction and the Beatles are very similar. They both got their fame because of a massive, obsessive teenage girl fanbase. The One Direction following is just like Beatlemania. Both One Direction and The Beatles wrote their own music. (Yes, you read that right! Contrary to popular belief, One Direction wrote 52 of the songs on their 5 studio albums). One Direction also are musically gifted, with albums ranging from bubblegum pop, dance, pop-rock, with many rock and indie influences. If you actually sat and listened to an album all the way through (instead of thinking you’re better than them, like most people) you might come to find the massive range of music they have. Speaking of range, One Direction have incredible vocal ranges. (Key Word: Talent). Louis Tomlinson, who is frequently argued as the worst singer of One Direction has a vocal range of A2 -D5. Zayn Malik (having been on 4/5 One Direction’s studio albums) has a vocal range of 3 octaves. Liam Payne has a range of 3 octaves, 4 notes and a semi-tone. The vocal range of John Lennon and Paul McCartney have vocal ranges of C2-D5 and A1-C6, respectively. One Direction have broken several records that were previously held by The Beatles, the most recent being “Perfect” as 1D’s fifth top 10 debut on the Hot 100 beating the Beatles’ four. They were also the first group to ever have each of its first three albums debut at the top spot. (All five of there albums debuted #1 just an fyi). While One Direction may have not preformed over the span of a decade, they managed 4 world-wide tours, 3 being stadium tours and 5 studio albums in only 5 years.

You can think about what you want about better music; that aspect is up to the listener. One cannot argue some music is better than others because all music is inherently different. There is music for all walks of life, for any mood and for any time. Music can cross time periods, borders and bring millions of people together. What you cannot argue is that One Direction have not worked hard for what they have, that they are untalented and that they do not deserve what they have rightfully earned. If you do think this you’re the one that is delusional.

Plus, no member of 1D has ever beat a woman, so no matter how good their music is, it’s never going to make the members good people.

—  @fondinglovers destroying a Beatles fan over Facebook