Far From A Fairytale

Day: Four
Prompt Used: Fairytale
Pairing: Hinata Shouyou/Kuroo Tetsurou
Warnings: None
Additional Tags: prince!kuroo, prince!hinata, can you tell that this is partially inspired by tangled?

in which Hinata is a kidnapped prince, and Kuroo is a prince from a neighboring kingdom who believes way too much in the notion of love at first sight

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                 it’s like looking into a mirror, but not. this woman before her, she bears an uncanny resemblance, but the SHAVED head, the BRUISED body, the EMACIATED appearance – this is not a mirror image, but the familiarity still remains in a most disconcerting way. johanna’s eyes widen, breath caught in her throat as she stares, willing herself to take steps toward the woman.  “holy shit.”  a cautious hand reaches out toward her, (herself?) as if she intends to curiously make contact, but her hand halts, remaining in place. “are– are you… am i…? how the hell did you get here?” probably not the most polite of inquiries, but then again, johanna was never the sort for manners, anyhow. she proceeds in a hushed voice, significantly bewildered, entirely curious

                     “what happened to you?”