i had a dream last night i was watching JL at the theatre again and diana was like, “kal-el… please”, pleading clark to stop and recognize them, so bruce just appears in the same frame going, “who the fuck is kal-el what a ridiculous name lmaoooo” and clark just obliterates him. i think this is one of snyder’s deleted scenes

Still not over how Aquaman basically decided to become the guardian angel of a small town in Iceland. How he decided to help those people because he knew no one else would. He understood that people who had been rejected everywhere else might be willing to go settle by a nuclear plant.

This is just a reminder of how the DCEU is very much grounded in the idea of compassion. Hippolyta drops what she’s doing when she sees one of her comrades is hurt. Bruce tells Barry that when he saves one person, he’ll know what to do. That’s what this is about. At its core, Justice League is a movie about hope and compassion and it doesn’t lose sight of that even in its big, messy action scene of a climax when Clark hears the civilians and knows someone needs to go help them.

I love how that urge to do good is born through the experiences of the characters: experiences of loss, of isolation, of injustice, of confusion. This universe and these characters are growing so organically, so beautifully and I am so excited to see where it goes next.

I’m convinced that the only reason Superman was able to beat Wonder Woman in a hand-to-hand fight in Justice League was because Diana allowed him to win

Think about it: She’s fighting alongside three people far more breakable than she is, and if she uses her full strength against Superman, he will react by using his own strength or a power like heat vision. If he’s holding Diana in one hand and Bruce in the other, what happens when Diana kicks at him or otherwise surprises him and he clenches his fists? Bruce dies because of Clark, and Diana has failed them both. As a result, she tempers her strength and tempers the situation by doing so.

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What are your thoughts on Justice League flopping so badly?

my thoughts on justice league flopping? well. *cracks knuckles* shall we? we shall.

let me start just off by saying that i love the dceu. i’ve grown to love zack snyder, what his vision was for these characters. his films are deep, his films have MEANING, his films are smart, they’re full of heart and depth. they feel realistic. he’s handled these characters AMAZING in mos and bvs. man of steel is one of my favorite comic book movies of all time. i haven’t been a fan of dc for very long, i’d say around a year in a half but in that time i have grown to love these characters and care about them very dearly. 

also, those are just my thoughts and my thoughts alone, but i know A LOT of people, dedicated zack snyder fans feel the same way. go on twitter, search around in the dceu community, you’ll find that most of them share my opinions or some of them. 

you might not want to continue reading if you haven’t seen justice league as im about to get into spoilery territory. the rest is going to be under the cut because there is A LOT i have to say. 

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