Hal’s teaser is him in front of some cool alien planet with an extra large slushie in one hand, his phone in the other. He opens snapchat and sends a pic of him winking and sticking out his tongue to barry. Barry sends back a pic of him smiling in front of the rest of the justice league.

On hal’s screen we see this convo:

Hal: who are those people? is that batman??

Barry: ya lol we r the superfriends :) sad u didn’t accept the invite :(((

Hal: what invite.

Barry: the one batman sent

“That moTHERFU—”

Just a little dceu PSA with the timeline for the guns on the Batmobile:

Suicide Squad’s Batmobile came before the one in BvS, which is why it’s sleeker and doesn’t have any guns mounted on the outside, as the “Mankind is Introduced to the Superman” moment hadn’t happened yet.

BvS’s Batmobile comes after, ready to rumble with its thicker look and heavy weaponry.

And now the Justice League Batmobile comes last, with the mounted guns that swivel to better take down flying Parademons.

So that’s the timeline for the Batmobile in these movies. Bruce didn’t take the guns off in Suicide Squad then put them back on for Justice League, he added them in BvS then modified them for Justice League.

Armie you dumb bitch. You think this is a game? Huh??? You think this is a fucking game?? bitch if you’re lying, if you’re scamming i do not even know what i will do. right now? i cannot even fathom what twisted shit i could come up with if i was that angry. watch yourself bitch. check yourself bitch. keep one eye open bitch.

halfaspecialsnowflake  asked:

I have never shipped Robin and Raven in any of there incarnations *be it comic, tv show, fandom* and the JSVSTT movie did NOTHING to sway me. It felt awkward and unnecessary and weird because is Damien still 10? I wanna say he is an actual teenager *like 13* since hes now a part of the TEEN titans but the time line is still pretty unclear to me and i dont know how much time has passed since SOB...your thoguhts?

yeah tbh i really just. don’t give a damn about the jl v tt movie and i don’t really care for robin n raven pairings bc i 100% hate how DC can’t move on from the trigon arc so they continuously age raven back down for no reason. (damian’s currently 13 as of rebirth i believe? which makes him 11/12 in r: son of batman bc he went on a year’s journey so time was a bit vague on if one or two years passed)