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I have met Ghost Town. It was the first gig I had ever been too,(first concert was JLS at 8: obviously hadn’t hit puberty)and after the gig we got the meet them,have pictures taken,signatures and everything! then about a few weeks after that, I went to this concert with my friend even though I only liked a few songs by one of the support acts; keep the change. I had my picture taken with the drummer and got the signatures of all of them. It was fun😌

I met Andy Biersack at the Black Veil Brides concert last year in Manchester and it was amazing,I couldn’t speak properly but managed to tell him how much I appreciated everything he did for his fans,his music,ect😭❤️
The latest two was As It Is and This Wild Life. They did a signing at Pulp in Manchester and I was shaking so much,I was stuttering and couldn’t speak properly. When I got to Patty,he said “Hi, how are you?” And I basically screamed “Hey” so loud,As It Is and This Wild Life as well as many fans and staff turned round and stared at me😂he laughed and I answered his question before moving onto Ben and This Wild Life. After all of it,it was really fun😋

you know sherlock’s favorite time of the year is summer because it gets too hot for robes and john likes to sleep in just his boxers when it’s warm out, so he’ll just wander around the kitchen making tea half naked, and sherlock’s so unsubtle watching him while trying to discreetly fan his blushing lil’ cheeks with the newspaper he’s hiding behind/peeking over