Brown Lives Matter (1/27/15): The police have done it again. They have taken the life on another unarmed teenager, this time a 16-year old girl by the name of Jesse Hernandez. After shooting her multiple times, they dragged her lifeless body out the car and proceeded to cuff and search her, rather than seek medical attention. The death harkens back to another young, unarmed Latin@ the Denver police killed last year, Ryan Roquillo. The officer in that death was eventually cleared. Prayers for peace and justice to this young girl’s family. #staywoke #farfromover


Save Our Kids (3/14/15): UPDATE on the Jesse Hernandez’s tragic story. The autopsy report shows that the police were lying through their teeth about the circumstances surrounding why they killed Jesse. Her death has been ruled a homicide. Like Mike Brown before her, many tried to blame Jesse for her own death, that she instigated it by going on a joy ride with her friends. Worse, many were eager to believe some trumped up GTA story of Jesse trying to mow down the cops with a car. The first is belittling and sad. The second has proven to be an outright fabrication by the police. What side are you on my people, I said what side are you on? #thefreedomside #staywoke #farfromover


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Family And Friends Of Teen Killed By Denver PD, Speak Out Challenging Official Story
By Cassandra Rules on January 28, 2015

Denver, CO– Around 6:30 am on Monday morning, 16-year-old Jessica Hernandez was fatally shot multiple times by two Denver Police Officers.

The department claims the young girl attempted to use the stolen vehicle she was in, which included 4 other teenagers, as a weapon against an officer.

Her friends and girlfriend who were with her, as well as her family, are now speaking out against the official story.  As of Tuesday evening, there is still no word on who stole the car, where it came from, or if the car belonged to a relative of one of the teenagers.

The shooting took place in an alley behind one of Hernadez’ friend’s homes, who was in the car during the incident.  She tells a very different story from what the cops are alleging happened.

She claims that the cop was not struck by the car until after Hernandez had already been shot in the neck and lost control of the vehicle.  The Free Thought Project is choosing to withhold the friend’s name as she is a minor, but her story may explain why the car had collided into a wall, as well.

“The cops that shot Jessica were on the side, they shot the window and then shot her that’s why she got shot on the SIDE of her neck, she hit that cop when she was already shot and unconscious.” she said.

The unnamed teenager’s mother, Bobbie Diaz, told CBS that she was lying in bed when she heard four gunshots followed by an officer yelling, “Freeze! Get out of the car! Get down!”

Diaz also told CBS that when she rushed outside to see what was going on, the officer’s had their guns drawn and were yanking the teenagers out of the car, including Jessica Hernandez’ limp body.

“She seemed like she was not responding, not moving,” Diaz stated. “They just yanked her out and handcuffed her.”

As they were pulling Hernandez out and handcuffing her frail body, Diaz said she heard another person screaming, “She’s dead! She’s dead!”

“I’m just trying to process everything. I’m just heartbroken for the girl’s family,” Diaz said. “How could something like this happen again?”

The Denver Post has reported that they received a video of the officer’s searching and handcuffing the motionless girl as she bled out, before providing any sort of medical aid.  The video has not been released at this time.  Hernandez was unarmed, according to her friends and family.

Hernandez’ shooting marks the fourth time in seven months that a Denver police officer has fired into a moving vehicle after claiming it was being used as a weapon, and the city’s independent police monitor now says he will investigate the department’s policies and practices related to shooting at moving vehicles, which he said poses unique safety risks, Yahoo News reports.


Do you believe police were justified, or did they overact again? #staywoke #farfromover


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