What Jesse said! 

Roommate AU where everyone assumes Jesse and Genji are dating. They’ll casually wear each other’s clothes (Genji fits in pretty much all of Jesse’s stuff, but Jesse can only steal his hoodies cause Genji buys always buys them one or two sizes up) and share a bed when they can’t afford heating in the winter. Genji gets invited to a lot of parties around campus, but he says that Friday nights are reserved for Jesse’s shitty old westerns and delivery pizza. Likewise, Jesse stops going to the saloon-themed bar on Saturdays cause he promised Genji that they’d play video games and watch anime together as payment for the “bad” westerns (he’s mildly offended but he actually really likes spending time with Genji).

They live in a small apartment off-campus with one bedroom, a living room, bathroom, and small kitchen. The bedroom technically has two twin-sized beds, but they pushed them together one winter to keep warm and never bothered to pull them apart. An old couch and coffee table in the living room are remnants of the old tenants. Since there’s no dining room, dinner is eaten on said couch and coffee table. Neither of them are particularly good cooks, but they take turns making simple recipes. Genji, as a result of his privileged upbringing, is worse off than Jesse, who fended for himself before Gabe took him in.

Contrary to popular belief, Jesse is the morning person of the duo. He’ll wake up to his roommate sprawled on his chest most days. Genji’s a heavy sleeper, at least around Jesse, so he doesn’t move when Jesse repositions him so he can go make his morning coffee. Sometimes he’ll make Genji a cup of tea if he looks inclined to get out of bed. Otherwise, Genji will slip in and out sleep until at least 10.

Just. Really close roommates that don’t realize they’re catching f e e l i n g s until it’s Too Late