got7 as greek gods

this is my ridiculously limited knowledge on greek gods ok. this is also not that srs ok

Mark: Hades. God of the Underworld. Because he’s capable of so much secret evil under that angel boy act heheohoho

JB: Zeus. God of the Sky and Thunder. Naturally, because he’s the leader, he deserves the head of the greek gods themselves.

Jackson: Ares. God of War. It fits Jackson’s character way too well.

Jr.: Athena. Goddess of Wisdom. Because Jr. is a naturally inquisitive, intellectually craving man.

Youngjae: Apollo. God of Light and Sun. BECAUSE CHOI YOUNGJAE IS A RAY OF SUNSHINE.

Bambam: Hermes. Messenger of the Gods. Can you picture a more perfect representation of Bambam? In film, they always make Hermes a bit more lively and talkative than other gods, haha.

Yugyeom: Poseidon. God of the Sea, Earthquakes, and Horses. Because no one else wrecks your bias list as much as this maknae.

Funny how when Jimin acts loud and crazy on ASC it’s “obnoxious” but when Jackson does literally the exact same thing on the show it’s “funny”. Funny how when Yerin is introverted and deletes her SNS she’s “bitchy and overdramatic” but when Mark is quiet and JB deletes his SNS it’s “Oh I hope he’s okay!!” I love GOT7 but their newer fans are so rude to 15&. Why would you ever be rude to your “Oppa’s" friends? It makes no sense to me.



[ENG SUB] GOT7 Cut at PPTV The Fanclub 

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No Bullshit (Jackson)

Plot: Frat boy Jackson + you’re a sorority girl known for turning down any guy who asks you out, but Jackson is convinced he can persuade you otherwise. He bets the guys he can land a date with you + Jackson acting like a total fuckboy in an attempt to grab your attention at your house party

Length: 1,868 words

Genre: Fluff/Frat boy series

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