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Wrong Directions and Shower Secrets

Part Two to Warmth x If Looks Could Kill

It was warmer up on the hills, maybe even warmer than the cottage with its one source of heat throughout the whole place, and [Y/N] found herself grateful for not having to huddle together to keep warm.

They’d been hiking through the ins and outs of the landscape around their weekend home for a short amount of time, and Justin was already huffing from behind her.

“Why’d you come, then?” she kept questioning him, only for him to flip her off or call her an inappropriate name. She wasn’t quite sure why she kept asking.

The grass danced subtly in the light wind passing across their backs, but instantly fell when their feet met the ground. Justin’s footsteps were more stomps than anything else, however.

“How about we stop here for a break?” Kylie suggested, it was followed by Justin’s throat letting a groan escape.

The sun shone in her eyes, causing her to squint, otherwise she would have turned to Justin to see him look extremely bored and extremely annoyed.

“Seriously,” she said. “Stop moaning and enjoy it.”

“I’m deciding to be displeased with this adventure, you’re deciding to be far too overwhelmed if I’m honest, lets both just stick to ourselves,”

“How are you two still not getting along after the night you had together?” Khalil said as he proceeded to sit down on the grassy ground. [Y/N] nibbled the inside of her cheek while Justin frowned.

“What?” he asked, and [Y/N] mentally asked the same question. She watched them closely as they grinned.

“Nothin’, nevermind,” Khalil chuckled. They had all joined him in sitting on the grass now, and her legs appreciated the sensation of freedom.

Justin was still staring quizzically at Khalil who had moved on from the subject and was now staring out at the scene in front of him.

Being so high up on the hills, it meant the dip below was so visible for them to see. The fields swirled and winded in every direction, painting their vision green. [Y/N] was sure that if they tried, they would be able to see the cottage.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Justin holding his phone up in the air.

“All you’ve done is complain and suddenly, you wanna take a photo of it? I didn’t think you were impressed,” she made the small remark and saw his eyes shift to her.

“I’m not impressed, that’s why it’s a photo of me,” Justin muttered. “Gotta keep the fans up to date,” he grinned.
She didn’t say anything after that and she knew he was feeling smug because of it.

She was still wondering what Khalil’s suggestive remark meant, and she had a strong feeling the three had peaked into their bedroom while they slept this morning. It panicked her, as well as annoyed her.

Yes, she’d happened to wake up in Justin’s arms, and she’d appreciated his scent and how warm he been so close to her. But other than that, she couldn’t stand him.

“Smile, [Y/N],” she heard Justin say, it snapped her out of her thoughts, actually. Turning to look at him, she saw his arm stretched out with his phone in his hand and his head turned away from her.

She sent him a disgusted look as he snapped a photo, his mouth smiling wide while she looked less than pleased. He instantly pulled arm down afterwards and smirked at his phone, a face full of pure satisfaction. She was sure she’d be seeing it all over social media in the next few hours.

“Don’t worry, my beauty’ll district everyone,” he said and she rolled her eyes.

“Ya’ll are actually children,” she heard Khalil say and she turned to him.

“It’s all Justin,” she said and he heard him quickly jump to his defence.

“How the fuck is it all me? If you weren’t such a bitch, maybe we’d get along,” he spat, a deep glare evident on his face.

“All you do is insult me, all I’m doing is defending myself and giving you payback for being such an ass-”

I’m the ass?!”

“Yes, Justin, you-”

“For fuck sake, let’s keep walking!” Kendall interrupted. “Justin you walk in front, [Y/N], you walk behind. If you’re gonna act like children, we’re just gonna have to treat you like children.”

The group came alive as they got to their feet, the air, at least to [Y/N] felt a lot warmer. Their shoes thudded heavily against the ground while they continued their journey.

She could see Justin now, swinging his arms as he walked and she couldn’t help but remember the way his arms felt around her body, and how sleepy it had made her.

The rest of the adventure was rather enjoyable after that; without Justin at her side making her unable to concentrate on anything but his grovelling, she was able to have a pleasant time.

The trek back was tiring, and at one point, seeming impossible. She was sure they had walked in circles, but Justin was refusing to admit it.

“We’re going the right way, trust me,” Justin had said, waking ahead of the group.

Turned out, they walked in the opposite direction of where they wanted to be, thanks to Justin. By the time they arrived back at the cottage, all any of them wanted to do was rest.

“It wasn’t my fault, alright?” Justin muttered for the hundredth time during the conversation.

“Oh, so what happened? Did the cottage just magically sprout legs and decide to move?” [Y/N] chuckled, and was pleased when Kendall and Kylie did, too.

“At least I tried, I didn’t hear you making any contributions, [Y/N],” he said as he walked away from her.

“That’s because I wasn’t claiming to know the way back, unlike some,” she replied. “I think I’m gonna go take a shower,” she said to no one in particular shortly after.

She walked into her bedroom, the one she was - unfortunately - sharing with Justin. The bed was exactly how they’d left it that morning in their rush to get out of the close proximity they were in.

She grabbed one of the towels from her bag that she still hadn’t unpacked. She wasn’t sure if she’d ever get around to it this weekend.

With the towel under her arm, she walked out of the room to see Justin walking into it. He watched her closely as she stared at him also.

“You better hurry up in there; I wanna go in,” he said as though that would be enough to convince her to take a short shower. Although, it was a lot more civil than usual so she said nothing.

She walked into the bathroom, flipping the light on before closing the door behind her. She dropped the towel onto the side before proceeding to undress. She felt a harsh wind against every part of her body as she opened the glass door and stepped inside cautiously.

Turning the water on, it spat against her skin with ice cold water, she shivered and prayed for it to get warm in the next few seconds. Thankfully, it did and she was able to stand under it and let the steam indulge her. She could have moaned at the feeling, she felt goosebumps arising on her skin.

Her hands moved over her hody slowly, not missing a spot as she cleansed herself under the hot water. She felt relaxed, completely.

Her fingers just managed to flutter against her nipples, and she flinched at the feeling. She tried to tell herself not to take her boobs in her hands and concentrate on getting cleaned and out; Justin was waiting.

But she couldn’t refrain for too long and before she could fight with her conscience any longer, her palms were pressed against the sensitivity of her nipples. Small breaths fell into the air and got lost in the steam arising around her.

While her left hand stayed firmly around her upper body, her right hand trailed teasingly down her body, aiming for one spot only. She could feel her stomach doing somersaults as she leaned up against the wall, it was freezing against her back.

With anticipation, she pressed the tips of her fingers against her clit. It sent subtle shocks through her body before it eased. She started to create invisible circles and her head thudded against the wall while she arched her back.

Bliss was filling her lower body rapidly, making her legs feel weak and the position she was stood in feel uncomfortable. Nevertheless, she carried on, gliding her soft hands around the surface of her skin.

However, she was interrupted by a distracting banging on the bathroom door. Her head jerked towards it in annoyance.

“[Y/N]! Hurry the fuck up!” she could hear Justin’s deep voice and it only made her want to take even more time.

When it had come to a halt, she brought pressed her fingers pleasurably hard against her sensitive area, holding back a moan. But before she could really get into it, the bangs on the door returned and it sent a flush of frustration through her.

“You’re just gonna have to wait!” she shouted, flinching when it bounced of the walls and rang loudly in her ear.

“What the fuck are you doing in there?!” his voice was muffled but she still managed to hear his ignorance.

“Fuck off, Justin,” she said but her voice was slightly shaky and she knew it was evident. She listened and hoped he’d followed her order, when she heard nothing, she assumed he had and she proceeded.

Justin’s P.O.V

He was cold. He’d only spent one night there and he knew far too well how cold the cottage was. Who puts one tiny heater in a building with four rooms? He huffed and dropped down onto the couch.

[Y/N] strained as she shouted back to him, her voice shaking. She was probably masturbating, Justin thought. He chuckled to himself, even though he was annoyed he was having to wait.

He imagined her underneath the steaming water and envied her greatly. He heard the water shut off around five minutes later and jumped to his feet.

He pondered around outside the bathroom door for a minute, hearing shuffling inside. His fingers drummed against the door frame.

The door opened and [Y/N] halted as she saw him stood there impatiently. She stood clutching the hem of the towel that wrapped around her damp body.

“Jesus, Justin,” she breathed out, staring at him as though he’d grown another head before brushing past him.

He didn’t say anything as he walked into the bathroom, being greeted by foggy glass and mirrors. The door swung shut by the force of his foot, and he took a hold of the end of his shirt and pulled it over his head. The warmth still present from [Y/N]’s shower meant he wasn’t too badly effected by the cold air. In fact, it was almost nonexistent.

Looking around he saw there were no spare towels anywhere in sight, he swung the door back open but careful to make sure it didn’t hit the wall with a bang.

He took a sharp left and pushed the door open to their bedroom, and heard a gasp being thrown harshly into the air.

“Oh, shit- you’re.. wet,” he said abruptly, having caught a glance at [Y/N]’s naked body and quickly shifted his attention to the window at the other side of the room.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” she spat, wrapping the discarded towel back around her. Justin wasn’t sure where to look.

“Don’t flatter yourself,” he muttered, although he knew she should, “I came to get a towel.”

“Well, couldn’t you have waited? Or knocked?!” she glared at him, now looking more worried and more cautious than she’d ever looked at him.

“I didn’t realise you were in here, alright?” he sighed. “Can I just get a towel and go take a shower?”

She watched him as he crossed the room towards his suitcase. He watched her out of the corner of his eye, he licked his lips when he saw her skin glistening.

“Again, my apologies,” he thew his hands in the air, the towel now under his arm.

“It’s cool, just don’t do it again,” she still had an evident frown on her lips and it annoyed him.

“I won’t, but for what it’s worth,” he said, his famous grin threatening to show. “Your tits are gorgeous,” he finally grinned and pulled the door shut behind him before she could throw anything at him.

He walked into the bathroom, feeling smug, and having only one intention on his mind as he undressed, the image of her wet and naked body still fresh in his mind.