What even is he


Q :whats your favorite Justin Bieber song?
JK: *sings Nothing Like Us*
His voice is so pure and beautiful ;-;


“I still have T.O.P’s poster in my room. Unfortunately, I never got to meet him. I felt like my whole world was crashing down when T.O.P recently left for the military. I didn’t have a chance to audition for YG but there was an opportunity for JYPYeah, why didn’t I go to YG. It’s unfortunate.” - Jeon Somi

GOT7 reaction to their crush having a loud  and funny laugh

Request said:  GOT7 reaction to the crush having a loud and funny laugh? Ty


Mark: He will be so surprised because you hide it so well.. but then he will laugh at it…making you feel a bit insecure but he reassured you that it was okay.

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Jackson: When he first heard it he will a bit confused but then he will whisper “We are perfect for each other” while laughing with you, with his loud and funny laugh. 

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JB: When he heard you, he swore that you were Jackson laughing but…when he saw that the sound was coming out of your lips. He will chuckle and say “Jagi, you had it all hidden, didn’t you” 

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Jinyoung: He at first will tried to hide is reaction to it..but when you kept laughing he couldn’t control it and eventually join you and say “Really, Y/N I thought your laugh was cute but this is hilarious!” 

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Youngjae:  He loves to see you happy, even though other people think that you looked and sounded like a retarded seal but he thought it was cute… but then will join you… 

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Bambam: When he heard you he will be like “What? is that really Y/N laughing?” he will ask like three times just to make sure you were the one laughing and not Jackson. 

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Yugyeom: You were with the guys and you were scrolling facebook, when suddenly a funny meme came and you start to laugh you head off making all of the guys jump in surprise and join you and Yugyeom say to Jinyoung  “This is why I like Y/N” laughing with the rest. 

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