GOT7: seeing you dressed up for the first time

I never wear dresses, either, unless it’s for a special occasion. I like to sit in positions dresses just don’t accommodate, so what can you do


Mark thinks you look fantastic no matter what you’re wearing, but would really enjoy seeing you in something you don’t usually wear. A smile brighter than every star in the universe would dominate his face as he gently takes your hand, pulling you close to him. “You look amazing, Y/N,” he’d say as he continues to gaze at you, utterly wonderstruck. He’d take this opportunity to document the special occasion through countless selfies and candids of you walking beside him. Would probably show these pictures to everyone he knew and brag about how much he loves you


Jaebum, too, thinks you look hot in literally anything. Like, you could be wearing sweatpants and an old mustard-stained tee shirt but damn, you’re hot. When he sees you all dressed up for the first time, though, he’s rendered speechless.  Unable to look away, he’d rub the back of his neck almost nervously before walking up to you, his hands coming to rest on your waist before leaning in and kissing you. “You look amazing, babe,” he’d mutter with his lips brushing your ear ever so lightly


Jinyoung would break for a second upon seeing you in a dress for the first time. His mouth would hang slightly agape, his eyes fixated on you. Shaking his head to snap himself out of his trance, he’d take your hand and bring it up to his mouth to kiss it, his eyes never wavering in their contact with yours. “You look like a princess, Y/N,” he’d say, a soft smile turning his lips up. He’d be unable to look away from you the whole time you were together. You’d catch him gazing at you unabashedly more than a few times


Jackson would freeze for a second when he first say you in a dress. It’d pass as quickly as it came, though, and all of a sudden you’re being showered in compliments as he spins you around to see the dress at every angle. He’s torn between wanting to show you off to the world and wanting to keep you all to himself, and he voices each and every one of these thoughts. Finally, he’d take your hand in his and practically drag you to wherever you were going, stopping random people in their paths and asking, “Isn’t she beautiful? She’s my girlfriend. I’m so happy.” 


Youngjae is having the time of his life. On an ordinary day, he’ll still think you’re the prettiest human being on the planet, but seeing you all dressed up is making his heart hurt. His smile would burst across his face before he even realized it, a shy laugh slipping past his lips as he looks at you, awestruck. “You look so beautiful,” he’d say softly, planting a kiss on your cheek. He’d probably take your hand and dance with you at random times during the day, spinning you around and beaming, because he can’t get over how amazing you look


Bambam would be in the middle of a sentence when suddenly he saw you in a dress and all of a sudden, he forgets whatever he was saying and stutters out random vowels for a straight minute, his body frozen. Finally, he snaps out of it and rushes over to you, his hands on your waist as he plants kisses all over your face five times over. “Wow. You look… wow,” would be the only thing he’d be able to say for the time being. Expect him to take a million selfies with you and to catch him taking photos of you when he thought you weren't’ looking 


Yugyeom would immediately smile so wide you thought his face would spilt in half because of it. He’d gently cup the sides of your face and lean in, kissing you, before pulling back and saying, “You always look so amazing, Y/N.” Smirking playfully, he’d take your hand and spin you around like a princess before pulling you back to him and dancing slowly with you, no matter where you were.