Lucky Me (Jackson Scenario)



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No matter how old you got or how many shows you’d been to, nothing was quite as exciting as those few moments right before the start of a concert. The way you could feel the preliminary adrenaline pumping through your veins, hitched at the back of your throat and waiting for the lights–and subsequently the rest of the world–to shut off.

You had to admit, there was a lot more excitement in your body tonight. There you stood, front and slightly off center at a GOT7 show. Part of you still couldn’t believe your luck in affording this ticket, or your ability to go without a friend. It’s not that you were nervous around crowds or had never been to a concert before, but this was your first one alone. You had a feeling it was going to be eventful; the exact events that took place, however, could never have been predicted, even by you.

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Lost Boy

We listened to Neutral Milk Hotel today and how right it should rain, too, as I wander down this path almost covered by new growth. Did you know your prints scored and burned my world as if the very earth tried to keep you here, and I still call it love? I used to scream at you, my apparition, haunting your ward with eyes that don’t see, hands that don’t hold, and ears that don’t hear. Oh how I tried interlocking my fingers with yours, and matching your step, and holding your empty gaze. But, though I watch you in silence and amusement and something akin to indifference (for truly there is no less emotion or emotionlessness achievable with the real you- your apparition simply does not awaken such passion or love anymore)- I find I wish you might depart from my ward, my earth. I wish the rain would come and nourish the trees so that bark will regrow where your hands burned and the earth with soften and refill the gouges from your feet. My little lost boy, Neverland was never made in the shape or function of hearts. If only you believed, maybe your shadow wouldn’t still be here and you wouldn’t confuse me as Wendy and I wouldn’t confuse you as Pan.

Why am I still writing about you? Maybe you’re waiting for me to write a book to you. Maybe I will one day.


Jackjackdadog instagram update

I made mommy’s manager carry me cuz i was too tired to walk.

April 2016

Jack dislocated one of the toes on his back left paw. He went to the vet and had it put right under general anaesthesia, and he’s very wobbly.

Poor old Jackjack.

anonymous asked:

After a couple of months the bees are better and the poly parents send the girls out for the day. Paying for them to have a good time while night's watch stay home and enjoy some relaxing alone time while poly parents take Robin out for a nice walk

Oh my gods could you imagine Summer and Raven slightly fighting for control of the stroller?! 

Then Tai sneaks Little Robin out and carries him around the town, buys him a balloon and stuff. 

They all go do a nice cafe and Tai is making all the goofy faces like everyone to JackJack in The Incredibles. They could take him on his first airship ride and he would be so giddy because he things he’s flying. 

They buy him like a hoodie of red with orange on the arms so that he looks like an actual Robin. 

How did the anons make me invent this? You guys are freaking good

Appreciation post to the number one hunni in my life. 💕 thanks for always putting up with my shit; drunk and sober, thanks for feeding me; also drunk and sober and thanks for making sure I always get home safely; of course, drunk or sober. You’re the bestest JackJack. 👫❤️ #iloveyouhoe

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