s/o to my beautiful gf, thank you for inspiring me to be the best I can be. I know life isn’t easy right now but i’ll always be your rock, pinky promise. To the best pain in my ass, I’m always stuck on loving you.

i-am-avacado  asked:


(Oh my god, first time any one really did one of these things)

10 facts about my room

1) bare walls saddly, waiting for the walls to be painted.

2) The way I have my fairy lights up around my closet (Which is covered in mini posters) looks like a shrine.

3) Have a little make up table which i guess is cool

4)Toys, toys everywhere!

5)Hide a NSP poster on the back of my door because still can’t tell my step mom about them.

6) Bed never made because too lazy and bedbugs like clean beds more then messed up ones so….that’s my excuse.

7)Have a million little notes and receipts paper everywhere that are covered in fic ideas/chapters.

8)Cats aren’t allowed in the room, mainly because JackJAck is a dick and would trash everything.

9)hmmmmmmmm, room not that exciting….

10)I sleep in it