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what the hell? why do people like tom riddle? tomione is sick!! it's like shipping harry with umbridge

Remember earlier when I talked about people who were basically dicks to other people for no good reason? Yeah, ship shaming? Not cool. Considering most Tomione fans aren’t shipping CANON characters, maybe actually open your mind and read some stories. 

And stop being a judgmental shit.

I personally get squicked out by Snarry, but you don’t see me going around freaking the hell out. Calm down. It’s a fictional pairing. Go learn about Syria and do something useful with that pent up energy. 


With Teeth: Ten H.R. Giger ALIEN Inspired Creatures

As a tribute to H.R. Giger I thought it would be interesting to pull together ten spinoffs of his classic ALIEN creature. You can read more about these ten movies by following the link below.


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i love your tom riddle fanfics. too bad you hate the marauders :(

Yeah …pretty sure @colubrina and I established earlier today that we’re not the same person. Also, it’s actually pretty easy to hate the Marauders when you consider the perspective and information we’re given on them in canon. Not good boys. Nasty bullies. It’s a lot of headcanon and rewriting history through fanfiction that makes them as insanely awesome as they are.

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No but what if, Chara met a very young sans while they were alive and their puns made sans love puns too.

Ngl I ADORE the idea of Sans and Chara being friends way back when.
I know ages are arguable, especially on whether or not Sans was even alive when Chara was around, but as time passes…I’m slowly starting to think that he may have been there in some way?
Like I still need to put all my thoughts on this matter together, but I’m starting to think it may have been possible that Sans and Chara knew each other.
And boy oh boy what a tragic friendship that’ll be.
Let’s hope they can continue being buddies one day, haha…

It’s been a month since I’ve been sick with a head cold and then bronchitis and then a lung infection, but since I’m fairly recovered, I need a night of fun. He-Man’s working late, and I’m planning to spend my free time with my favourite online pals, and a bottle I’ve been saving for when I started feeling better!

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