Hey, remember when I said that first episode of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo yielded 53 posts-worth of material?

Yeah, well, turns out there were even two more gifs that had gotten lost.

Scooby, intermittently flying through the window…

I hear a “vvvrrrooosh!” sound in my head every time he goes by, like the old Humongous Entertainment educational games had.

…and the now-empty front gate having silhouettes of the gang when lightning strikes, because the animators didn’t want to bother to re-do it.

So… yeah. One episode, 55 posts, in actuality.

Just imagine what would happen if they made a Pup Named Scooby-Doo movi– wait, no. I am not giving them any ideas.


Can some of you stop with the mistagging? If your post has nothing to do with other groups, then don’t put them in the tags. It’s simple as that. I don’t know why you make a post about group A but you have to put in groups B, C, E to Z in your tags when it’s only about group A. 

Unless it’s a general post about kpop, then sure but when it’s only about 1 group only and no other, then stop tagging every single group and their cats under the sun. It’s annoying to see and it’s clogging up the feed unnecessarily only.