Every Episode of the Defenders
  • Scene 1:
  • Matt: Plot plot plot!
  • Jessica: Exposition exposition exposition!
  • Danny: I am the Immortal Iron Fist!
  • Luke: Danny Rand is an idiot.
  • Scene 2:
  • Jessica: Plot plot plot!
  • Luke: Exposition exposition exposition!
  • Danny: We should storm the Hand Stronghold with no planing or tactics!
  • Matt: Danny Rand is an idiot.
  • Scene 3:
  • Luke: Plot plot plot!
  • Matt: Exposition exposition exposition!
  • Danny: Something stupid and obviously wrong!
  • Jessica: Danny Rand is an idiot.

i just want to say that sisterhood is and will always be what orphan black was centred around, it is its entire purpose - to show these women who came from all walks of life, who despite their differences and despite the amount of tragedy they all suffer through the 5 seasons, together they fight for their autonomy and form a family. i have never seen a show prioritise platonic and familial relationship dynamics as much as on orphan black and that was always so refreshing to watch. the show made so many revolutionary statements about found family and nature vs nurture and to be honest as well as making me sick and angry it also just makes me so fucking sad that some fans decide to ignore the beautiful relationship the clones have as sisters and attempt to make that romantic

  • Akashi: So, the purpose of this meeting is.. I need your advice.. about certain matter.. that's been bothering me for a wh-
  • Kuroko: It's about Furihata-kun isn't it?
  • Kise: Oh Chihuahuacchi! What about him?
  • Kuroko: I think Akashi-kun want to fu-
  • Akashi: Get close to him! I want to get close to Furihata yes, that's the matter. And I need advice.
  • Kise: Ohooo~ interesting, so he is Akashicchi's secret crush. I see now, I see.. well, you came to the right person, Akashicchi. I have just the solution.
  • Akashi: I'm listening.
  • Kise: Choke on your food.
  • Akashi: ...
  • Akashi: Excuse me?
  • Kise: Choke on your food in his presence, could be real or just a pretense, let him worry and take care of you, build a beautiful friendship from there and-
  • Akashi: Anyone else? I prefer actual advice that makes sense, and has zero risk of ruining my reputation.
  • Kise: Aww come on, Akashicchi, choking on your food is as natural as breathing, it shows that you are human, there's nothing embarrassing about tha-
  • Akashi: Midorima?
  • Midorima: Talk to him about horoscope, it's a good topic, perfect for ice breaker.
  • Akashi: Except you're the only person on this planet who thinks that. Murasakibara?
  • Murasakibara: Ehh~ choke when you're eating candy maybe? I think it would be more natu-
  • Akashi: [mutters] Mention choking one more time and I swear to God.. [starts to eat his food]
  • Kuroko: Do you have balls, Akashi-kun?
  • Akashi: [chokes on his food]
  • Kuroko: I mean metaphorically? I'm sure you do. Grow them. Grow those metaphorical balls and just.. I don't know, ask him out on a date? Surely you can do that?
  • Akashi: Why, thank you Kuroko, interesting choice of words you got there by the way, but before that, I NEED TO BE CLOSE TO HIM FIRST. Were you even listening to me? We are still practically strangers at this point.
  • Kuroko: ...
  • Akashi: [sighs] Goodness gracious me, you guys are hopeless.
  • All GoM: ...
  • Aomine: Basketball. Talk to him about it but make it natural. Don't be too intimidating or aggressive. Ask him to play one-on-one. It's useful for you both, also a perfect chance to do some "accidental" physical contacts. Do it couple of times, and.. you'll figure out the rest, I guess.
  • Akashi: ...
  • Akashi: Wow.
  • Murasakibara: Oh my~
  • Kuroko: This time has finally come.
  • Kise: To witness Aominecchi's once in a lifetime brilliancy like this..
  • Midorima: It's such an honor for me, Aomine.
  • Aomine: ...
  • Aomine: I hate you all.

The next day… in a rather dramatic way, KO is ready to prove he gets Enid.

Okay wise guy, first thing to get: WHY IS ENID…

yeah… that. 

“refusing to make eye contact or talk to anyone. You’re in top form, Enid“

leaving alone the idiot ball issue Rad and Mr. Gar have right now… are you telling me that part of Enid’s job IS ignore people!?!?!?!?!?!?


Yumes edits are so unoriginal say those who don’t even know how Photoshop works.

Yumes have such unoriginal names say those who have the most standard “insertshipnamethateveryfandomhas” user ever too.

Yumes have such unoriginal recycled ideas agree those who steal our memes and take time making drawings out of them. 

Yumes are so unoriginal say the ship representatives of those who used to replace Kaname’s with their radiant knight’s face because they were salty about what the truth was.

Yumes ARE SO UNORIGINAL say those who instead of showing us their supposedly immense originality decide to open their mouth and sprout crap! 

anonymous asked:

Lol sarumi realising that their bio daughter has powers also and them trying to keep said powers at bay

So maybe they didn’t expect her to have powers either, like there’s no precedent of children of clansmen inheriting their parents’ powers (the Minato twins I assume were already born when their parents joined Scepter 4). Then one day maybe Yata and Fushimi are walking with their daughter near the park and she gets distracted by like a passing cat, Fushimi and Yata not noticing because they’re bickering about something. There are some kids nearby playing baseball and that’s when one of them hits the ball straight at the Sarumi daughter. Yata and Fushimi both move to protect her just a moment too late, both terrified that she’s going to be hurt, which is when she raises her arms in front of her face and the ball bounces off a shield of blue light. Fushimi and Yata are both staring at her like wait what as she lowers her arms and comes running back to them all ‘can we go now?’

They end up taking her back to Scepter 4 where Munakata has some of the Gold clan come by to take a look at her. It turns out the reason she has powers is due to how she was ‘born,’ so to speak, that she was created by a Strain using parts of both Fushimi and Yata’s inner makeup including portions of their souls, and as such she has inherited clansmen powers without being a clansman herself. Yata’s all concerned, probably worried that maybe she’ll hurt herself with her powers somehow, while Fushimi just asks if there’s any way to keep her powers in check for now. As it turns out even most Strain-dampening artifacts won’t do much to her, since her powers are considered clansmen powers and those are harder to contain. Also as they’re talking Yata’s suddenly like 'wait, so if she has powers because of our souls, doesn’t that mean–” He’s cut off by his daughter using green sparks to knock out all the electricity in the building. Yata kinda sighs and Fushimi facepalms as they both realize that thanks to Fushimi in particulate their cute little daughter can now use three colors.

They end up taking her home with instructions from Munakata to try and help her keep her powers in check until he can find some other way to help. This turns out to be difficult because maybe the more she uses the powers the stronger they get, like first she just lights a little fire on her finger because she thought it would be fun but then next thing they know she’s set fire to the couch and is crying and scared. The blue powers are probably the least destructive so they try to help her focus on those, Fushimi sitting next to her and just using his own experiences as a three color user to help her focus on one color at a time. Yata’s mentally a little annoyed that his daughter is using blue powers and not red but he also knows that if the blue is what it takes to keep his kid safe then he supposes he can live with it as long as she knows that red powers are the coolest okay. (Ooh but maybe the more she uses her powers the more it drains her and suddenly there’s the worry that she’s losing control and she’s going to burn herself out before Yata and Fushimi can stop it. Fushimi starts having a small angst meltdown because again here’s a precious person who could be lost while Yata’s like storming the gates of Mihashira demanding that the golds find a way to help his kid. In the end things look bad but then Shiro shows up with this bracelet that will help her keep her powers in check and Yata and Fushimi are just holding their exhausted little girl, staring at each other in relief and Yata holds out his fist to Fushimi like yeah, we made it through this and we’re all gonna be fine now.)