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I really REALLY need more blogs for my fandoms so if one if the anime/manga that is listed here is also your fandom, kindly reblog this post and i will immediately visit your blog and follow you uvu

So here are my fandoms
(The bolded ones are my main fandoms)


- Magi
- Amaama to Inazuma
- Koe No Katachi
- Owari No Seraph
- Shokugeki No Soma
- Noragami
- Boku No Hero Academia
- Hetalia
- Umineko>
- Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
- Nisekoi>
- Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
- Akagami No Shirayukihime
- Kuroko No Basuke


- Ib
- Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
- The Gray Garden
- Forest of the Drizzling Rain
- Paranormal Syndrome
- Final Fantasy


- Seiyuu related stuffs (Or maybe a blog that mainly posts Hayami Saori, Ono Daisuke, Mizuki Nana, Kaji Yuki & Kamiya Hiroshi fufufu~)
- Foods (Food is laifu kk?)
- Aesthetics
- An Art/graphic blog
- Flowers
- My lovely OTPs (You can see it on my ship list in my main page uvu)


Hi everyone! I’m (relatively) new to the studyblr community. I’ve been a lurker, not a poster haha. I’m going to the IB program next year (grade 11) :) I’m looking for more blogs to follow (esp if you’re in the same situation as me!) so just like/reblog this post so I know! Thankssss!


bucky barnes | satisfaction ib: no chill nova- by wtf marvel

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I remember in the Ib fandom the most popular pairing was GarryxIb and I can't remember any kind of anti for the Ship. Seriously, you didn't even needed to make a spectial tag to it, you could publish it in the main tag no problem. Considering it was shipping a 9 to 11 years Old with an adult and the Ib fandom was one of the happiest fandoms from 2012 makes me think Why do antis think they are making any good to the community.

That’s the thing. Fandoms were thriving perfectly fine without antis tainting everything and nobody was claiming this stuff affected real-life abuse, and it really didn’t. But now it does suddenly? Uh, no. It really doesn’t. So that leads me to believe that most antis are out to hurt people and feel good about it, and the evidence is overwhelming. They’re in it for the abuse or because fandom spaces are so toxic nowadays that you HAVE to agree with antis or be harassed.


Lydia, you go with Stiles.


The ‘You’ll Probably Don’t remember me’. Idea was Ib @lydia-martins gifset
The 'Hey Lydia, looks like you’re going to ignore me..“ idea was ib @lydias-stiles


Sebastian Stan, ladies & gentlemen.
- ib everyone
- cc void octavia
- ac rare audios
(this is trash bc I had to rush whoopsi)

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Okay I'm really sorry I keep bugging you but what are some of your favorite horror JRPGs?? I listed some in my matchup, but some others I like are Witch's House (WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT ENDING), and Hello? Hell...o? was good but short. Yanderella's also not very well-known, although it's definitely not one of my favorites.

You’re not bugging me at all!  THE WITCHES HOUSE FUCKED ME UP!  I love mad father, ib, corse party, and Chloe’s requiem~  It’s a tie between Chloe and Ib.  Ib had Gary who was such a lovely character and bae but I’m also a slut for classical music and Chloe really gave my friend and I a lot of screams and laughs.

(Is this an Ib themed sorta thing? Reminds me of the good ol’ days with the RRG.)
(It looks fun, but I’m going to sit here mildly confused and hope everyone is enjoying themselves.)

a lone (very nice and polite) dad of a Youth who is a potential engineer or economist stopped me and asked me questions about *Ch*c*g* for his son who is applying (& is currently in IB so i told him i did IB & earned his Trust) and i tried to gently tell him like your son is gonna stress himself out of his mind, get him to a land grant or the one high-status small collaborative engineering trade school (you know the one, i cant remember the name, that’s the kid’s main other option) but idk if he accepted my message into his heart