foreveryoungw1d: WIFEEEE <333 PONES 4EVAAAAA!

mrscurlsboy: I KNOW RIGHT?! WE BREATHED THE SAME AIR FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME BUT IT WAS LIKE SO CLOSE, BUT YET SO FAR AWAAAAAAYYY D: But at least they went to Narnia, eh? But hey, the boys are just starting their career on the UK so I think we should give them some time. :)

ilalalaloveonedirection, zeelovesharrynialllouisliamzayn & s-wriight: Thank you so, so much. :’) xxxxxxxx

anon1: People say in Manhattan but who knows. All I know is they’ll go to New York to shoot a video lol.

forever-a-t0mlinst3r: Thank you! << GUYS GO FOLLOW HER SHE’S NEW

anon2: Zayn’s from Bradford, in England.

nialljaymileylover: Good question lol but um I actually love them all equally. I love how they’re all openly gay for each other. But in some situations, I would favor that one particular or two bromances than the others lol.