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5 Years of 5sos!! I can’t believe how far this band has come. Four small boys from Australia took on the world and found their way into our hearts. They’ve transformed music and helped bring the sound of guitar back to the radio. So much has happened over these 5 years from winning awards, multiple tours, and even having the chance to play at MSG. You’ve saved so many lives and gave us all a voice. You brought us all together to be a part of a beautiful dysfunctional family. You gave us a space to be ourselves. I’m eternally grateful for everything you’ve done and had to sacrifice. I can’t wait to hear the new music you’ll make and see how you’ll continue to grow as a band. But for now enjoy your time off because you guys deserve it. Thank you for everything. I love you guys💕 @5sos

Please Don’t Go | Viles

With prom right around the corner, Miles wanted to make everything would go right. The day after isn’t something he wanted to think about. He didn’t want to think about her graduating and leaving for New York. Yeah, the talk would have to come up, but how? What are the right words to say or questions to ask? The thoughts continued, but he tried his best to block those thoughts as he drove to her house. When her front door opened he smiled, speaking almost intently. “I know you could’ve just texted me a pic of dress but I couldn’t wait any longer to see it in person.”


Cindy,Claudia,Naomi for Balmain S/S 2016 by Steven Klein 

Olivier Rousteing’s #BalmainArmy is in expansion mode. Yes, he already has 2 million troops on Instagram, which says nothing of the mononymous celebrities who wear his clothes and support his vision (Kim, Kanye, Rihanna, Gigi,Kendall, et al.), but Rousteing’s Spring campaign for the house brings a new demographic into the mix: ’90s fashion icons. Shot in black and white by Steven Klein are Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer posing in the designer’s body-conscious and ruffled Spring creations.

“It’s a new chapter for Balmain,” began Rousteing on the phone from Paris. “Sometimes people are confused and think it’s all about social media and Instagram. Balmain has a deep soul, and it’s not only about followers. It’s about dreams and love, and I think with this campaign I’m going to show that and go back to its roots. This campaign is about what makes me love fashion, and these three women are exactly that. These three women are what made me love fashion yesterday, make me love fashion today, and are going to make me love fashion in the future.”

For the designer, the campaign was a long time coming. Reflecting on his youth in France, he remembered pinningPeter Lindbergh photos and candid backstage snaps of the trio onto his mood boards. “I felt like I was dreaming as I was watching the photo shoot, because I knew it was going to be something iconic that I would never forget,” he said. “You realize working with them, it’s another way than working with the models of today. They know so much about themselves. Their career is so strong. They know their bodies so well. They move at the same time that the camera is moving. Steven also knows them so well, so it was such a good synergy.”

The shoot also provided the three legends some much-appreciated time to catch up. “I loved seeing Cindy and Naomi again. Every time it’s like I’m continuing a conversation from the day before. We have experienced some amazing times together. Cindy and I talked about family life as we had our hair and makeup done, and Naomi, who still has the best body in the business, made us laugh,” recalled Schiffer, with Crawford adding, “I can’t wait to see the pics—[they] will probably give me a little more fashion credibility with my daughter!”

As for how the existing #BalmainArmy will take to the new campaign, chances are you’ll find their reactions plastered across social media within the hour. To those who say that a trio of supes is a departure from Balmain’s standard Generation Y fare, Rousteing is quick to remind, “All the people who love Balmain have this nostalgia of the power of fashion in the ’90s when models were iconic—and this is always what I push… . When you love Balmain, you love Cindy, you love Naomi, and you love Claudia. It’s natural because they are iconic, they are powerful, and they are strong—and they make a lot of people love fashion.” Amen to that.


2016 in review - I’m no photographer, (and the third pic was taken by somebody at agility), but these are some of my favourite images from this year.

So many new adventures, so many new places, with my best friend at my side. This year we have both been overcoming our anxieties and fears, taking new risks, and accepting new challenges. I am so proud of how far we have come together, and grateful for how much this girl continues to teach me every day.

I can’t wait to see what future lies ahead of us in 2017 - especially when the Maligator comes to take our life by storm. Here’s to a new year of exploring, training, achieving and dreaming! <3

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: boys be ??? boys be what?? @seventeen please put me out of my misery already i just want to know what your comeback is i mean honestly i KNOW joshua has a tumblr and is watching us react like this.... how seventeen gonna play us like this? tellin us to wait until september 10th, always posting at 10:10, and then suddenly pulling this shit on us!! i WILL lose sleep over this new photo and truthfully, i don't think i can survive The Next 10 Days. what's next? continuous teaser pics? more updates from hoshi? repeated death? i'm not ready

A snippet of olivia pope’ Review!

I know we have scene these pics a thousand times more here on tumbkr and until We get new Olitz pics We will continue to post the same old pcs but with a different scenario:)

But I jus wanted to note that lookin bac ova these pics & videos it seems that olivia is the one who seems to can’t BREATH when Fitz is all up in her face, on the wait for me vid she said Fitz then breath hard then when he say Quiet she let out a Ahummmm b-4 they kissed & the Mr. president vid she was panting hard twice :) And in that seventh Pic’ I know tony had to breath out of his mouth Caus sister girl was all up in his Nose Dang’ lol….

http://youtu.be/EX02O8NxPr0 - Wait 4-me
http://youtu.be/T_2Us7PvWKs - Mr. president…
http://youtu.be/xESnABweB5w - T he Elevator scene…


Random HTTYD2 merch time! Finally starting to get some new stuff around here!
I know, I know… I said I would post some of my London pics first but…. no.

pic 1- New plastic cups! Um… not sure if this is the design they used on the cups you got at the theater (Since none of my local theaters carried them) but I like them none the less. (same picture on both cups just a front and back view) Can never go wrong with drinkware.

pic 2 & 3- I’m in love. I am absolutely in love with this thing and had to search several Halloween pop-up shops to find one that had them in stock. They only had one that wasn’t broken/cracked, scratched beyond belief. The back pivots up and down, made totally out of plastic. They also had the Astrid, Hiccup & toothless costumes but made differently from those you can purchase at target. More detail on the Hiccup costume (not just screen print), toothless was more like footy pj’s (I wanted to get it so bad!!) and they had really nice plastic weapon replica’s for Hiccup’s sword (not flaming) and Astrid’s ax (I WANT IT ALL!) No tag’s on the Helmet so I can’t say what company makes it but I found this wonder at Spirit. I FRICKIN LOVE HALLOWEEN

Pic 4 & 5- Toothless/ Dragon Headphones. Found at Walmart in the toy isle- not the electronics section, they also had toothless/stormfly walkie-talkies but seeing as how I have no present need for walkie-talkies but did need new headphones… headphones it was! Not sure how well you can lay back in a pillow or against a seat with these because of the wings, but still, they are fun!

pic 5- More not so blind bags! Not sure if these were part of wave 1 and my stores just never got them or they are wave two- movie characters so I’ll just stick with them being new and say the group now includes: Dragon Racing Toothless (who is smaller than the other BB toothless’) Skull Crusher, Bewilder Beast, and Cloud Jumper. No love for Grump it seems.

slowly but surely new things are starting to roll out onto store shelves. I will continue my hunt and hopefully find that Astrid Figure I’ve been waiting for among lots of other goodies that have yet to have been released.
(eventually I will post the UK Happy Meal toys I finally got my mitts on, oh and some box trolls.)


Hello, my friends!

Sorry that I didn’t maked many contests in this year, and I still need to finish another one, but until there, I need to make a back up from my new computer to continue the previous one, so I’m still going to make a special new contest for all my followers who join this!

“Butt why you did you striked your actual follower’s numbers in your pic?”

Why?WHY? Well, its simple…

I this whole year, my old computer got overheated and also, I had to make my (hardcore) study for my final year of middle school, taking all my time to bring my computer to fix it, but everything time I give that to station, my old computer get overheated again, so I had to wait to finish my school and get a new one in my birthday, explaining why I didn’t make any art because theses “silly” delays I received.

That is the reason why I didn’t maked any special contest early, when I get more than 1000 followers, so I hided untin I get my time and my new computer, but lets start already following this rule:

1- You need to follow me. New followers are TOTALLY welcome in here! ^w^

2- Reblog only count! Likes won’t count because I’m doing for all the followers who reblogs this early, and yeah, you can reblog many times as you want to show your friends, but please, don’t SPAM!!… So quickly, reblog this post early before it will go out on my endurace zone of my sanity’s limit !!! 0û0

3- Reblog this post with your reference, TOO! I’m won’t go into your blog(s) to check your oc because I’m lazy and also, I’m still threating some few mental illness that slow my psychological speed and my mood’s level. Even if you had alot of references, please, I don’t how to choose one of your ocs because I don’t have any telepathic spell, so please, choose wisely your oc!

4- I will draw the ocs only in pony, griffons and dragons style… in case if your oc it won’t have theses types, don’t worry, I will ponified them to include one when I release theses pics in future.

…Sorry, but is in the maximum skill I can do in this time. T^T Oh, and it will be in chibi styles too! ^w^

The contest will end in 5 of january, also, the max number on ocs in my draws it will be in 60 followers, but I will do more if I can endure more and have more mood into it. Also, some of my friends will and my “idols” will be automatically inside this contest.

And I give a great luck on you and your friends, hope I will seeya you more