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Hello there! I have recently discovered your art and I gotta say I love your style, but most of all, I love your Polish Winged Hussars art the most (gotta love those winged badasses), so care to tell me a little more about them? And any ships as well, I live off of shipping :) - Ayu

Thank you!!!

Here’s a little chart to make clear who’s who (I hope it’s more or less readable):

A bit of random trivia:

  • Jerzy is the lieutenant and he plays mother for this band of misfits. Kasper, the rotmistrz, is in fact in charge of them all, but he’d rather lead them on the battlefield than deal with their everyday shenanigans.
  • Father Walenty is the army’s chaplain. He was sent to them by the bishop as punishment, but settled in well and wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Albert has freaking 13 children and a third wife now.
  • Emir had to run from the Ottoman Empire when he was accused of being a traitor.
  • Kasper met Ewa when she tried to rob him. He was impressed.
  • Jakób nearly became a rabbi.
  • Some ships: Stanisław and Krzysztof are a cute older couple. Karolina changes her boyfriends often (Michał is one of them) and she has no intention to stop. Andrzej is in an unstable relationship with Ewa from time to time, but there’s also a weird tension between him and Bartłomiej. Wasilij has a crush on Wilhelm, and Rozalia on Teresa. Emir sleeps with Stefan often, but there’s a possibility for him to have a romance with Kasper.
People of the World please spread the word  please read, I beg you

People, I’m venezuelan and I still live here, I’m one of those people that still believe that our country will be a good place to live someday. We are going through very hard and difficult times. I know I only post my art here and I don’t like to bother you with personal stuff, but this is much more than personal. THE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD NEED TO BE INFORMED about what’s going on here in Venezuela. Since years, months, weeks and days, venezuelans in the country are fighting for our rights. We are protesting peacefully, we don’t want more dead or injured people, we don’t want our people to look in the trash for food anymore, we don’t want our people to make lines to buy the things they need, we don’t want our people dying in the hospitals because there is no medicine or equipment, we don’t want our people to be killed because they didn’t have a good phone to be stolen, we don’t want our children dying of hunger, we don’t want our classmates to be arrested for no reason and tortured in jail, we don’t want our beloved ones dying because they decided to protest, ALL WE WANT IS OUR RIGHTS TO BE RESPECTED! OUR RIGHTS AS HUMANS! You don’t know HOW PAINFUL is living in here, knowing that there are mothers that die, hungry because they gave the last they had to feed their babies and somewhere else there are people of the government relaxing on a beach, buying Mercedes Benz, or having a fancy dinner.  Yesterday, april 19 people took the streets one more time and the government  did the same as always. THREE people died yesterday in the hands of the government. Nicolás Maduro sabe que esto se acabó. He knows! We venezuelans have had ENOUGH of you! 

Today, april 20, the people went back to the streets, and it happened the same way. I was in my apartment and suddenly a lot of gnb (military police) appeared in the street. The people, that is really REALLY mad at them, started yelling and insulting them, they are murderers. The gnb started shooting at the buildings (some windows are broken) and then used lacrimogen gas on us. THEY ARE SHOOTING WITH GAS THE BUILDINGS WHERE ARE CHILDREN, BABIES AND OLD PEOPLE! 


I won’t post photos in here, but for the sake of you, search in twitter or instagram with the tags #20abril or #19abril. The social media is the only thing left for us. No tv channels or radio stations are transmitting what’s really happening

I’m sorry it’s a really long post but you don’t know how much more I want to write about this



I wanted to try my hand at comics so here is a little fluffy one, you can tell I ran out of steam, these are so hard to make 😖 but maybe that is a good thing because the rest of the comic turned sad very fast haha excuse my poor dialogue skills the english language is my bane

Me, grossly sobbing : The ninjago movie is looking so good right now and I hope this means I will be able to talk to other ppl about it without them assuming I like some weird bad kids anime because of the title.


There’s so much life living here. That’s what I’m doing.

I’m living here! 

Peridot and Lapis being fascinated about Earth makes me grin like a big dork. I want these two to share exciting new discoveries together about their new home while Lapis makes a tiny water Earth! 

Sincerely Three x Reader w/ a High Sex Drive HCs (part Three!)

Part three!

 Requested by Anon 



 - Connor swore that there was no better high than weed, until he met you. 

 - you kinda forced him to talk to you, you’d start talking and he’d have no choice but to respond. Slowly he actually became you friend, he gave you his number, you guys would get breakfast before school. 

 - You help keep him steady, he’d go to school daily to see you, he’d do all of his work because you would be so happy and proud when he got good grades, he stopped smoking cigs (but not weed). 

 - you two were originally going to be friends with benefits. - “When was the last time you got laid Murphy?" 

- "What the actual fuck?" 

- "When was the last time you got your dick wet?”

 - “Never?”

 - “I have a proposition!” - Connor’s family was going to visit his relatives this weekend and Connor said ‘fuck you I’m not going’ so his house was empty except him this weekend. You two planned to hook up on Saturday. 

 - You got Chinese food and watched some movies, Connor seemed nervous, so you decided to ease his stress ;) 

 - You moved closer to him, and start to whisper in his ear, while running a hand up and down his chest. You pulled his ear lobe between your teeth, and let your hand drop from his chest to his Bulge. 

 - My god did this boy have some sexy fucking moans. His voice got deep and gravely, he’d throw his head back while his body lifted into your touch. 

 - Hands. E V E R Y W H E R E. He’d touch every inch of bare skin he could find, stripping you in the process. You’d do the exact same but more needy, he was slow, taking in every inch of you. You wanted him, bad. 

 - You were especially good at finding all of his sweet spots. Where on his neck he was weak for hickies, if you drag your finger nails on just the right spot on his side he gets goosebumps, if you pull his hair he’ll be putty in your hands. 

 - He was scared at first, he treated you like porcelain, he was scared to go hurt you and make you leave. But you made it clear to him that you could take quite the beating during sex ;);) 

 - You topped in the beginning but Connor liked to be in control, and to be honest he was good at it. He new how to hold you, where to touch you, where to kiss you, when to leave a hickie.

- My god did this boy like giving you hickies. All over your neck, collar bones, breasts, stomach, hips, thighs, and in the morning he’d take a marker and trace them into constellations. 

 - Holy shit does this boy like getting his hair pulled.

 - You and Connor we going at it and Connor needed you, all of you. He grabbed your leg and pulled it over his shoulder, thrusting himself as deep as he could go. He was hitting your G-spot over and over and over agian. You were shaking as you felt your orgasm build up inside you, you needed something, anything, to hold on to, anything to bring you back down to earth. You dug your nails into Connor’s back, but between all of his quick thrusts and gasps for air, your nails dragged down, leaving red trails in their wake. Connor’s head fell into your chest, pressing his face into your cleavage. Your hands flew into his hair, and as he pushed himself deep into you, as he hit the most sensitive part of your entire being, you pulled his hair, hard. He let out the sexiest, loudest moan, and sped up is thrusts. 

 - “Do you have a fucking hair pulling kink, Murphy?!”

 - His response was to throw you into another fit of intense pleasure, causing you to pull his hair again.

 - “Oh fuck Connor. OH FUCK OOOH CONNOR FUCK, YOU LIKE THAT?” You screamed as you felt your body coming to a climax. 

 - Connor literally collapsed after he came, barley getting the condom off before curling into you and holding you as he fell asleep. 

 - This was only supposed to be friends with benefits, that wasn’t how this ended. Tonight you and Connor fought for dominance, and after a long ;) battle, you were on top. You were riding Connor’s dick and tugging his hair, he was putty for you to mold how ever you want. 

 - His hips lifted to meet yours and you’d hands flew all over your body, he was moaning and whimpering your name. You sped up your pace and started leaving hickies on his collar bones. As he came closer to his orgasm he started to form sentences.

 - “OH GOD (y/n), PRINCESS FUCK, OH I FUCKING LOVE IT WHEN YOU RIDE ME, OH FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK,” he yelled as he approached his climax. 

 - “Oh god (y/n) I love you. I love you iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou so much,” he gasped as he came. 

 - You came and once you rode out your orgasm you stood up and left his room. You composed yourself in his bathroom and came back out to find him crying at the edge of his bed. You couldn’t help yourself, you threw yourself onto him. “I love you too Connor. I love you too. Maybe we should try this. Try us,” you whispered. 

 ~ Random Headcanon shit ~ 

 - He definitely calls you Princess, and treats you like one after you two have sex. He holds you tightly, kisses you softly all over, and rubs your back until you fall asleep.

 - he gets really thirsty after sex, so when you know you two will be having some bomb ass sex (and you always do. Constantly) you leave two bottles of water on his bed side table. 

 - Due to the fact that you’re always ready to have sex, and Connor has trouble refusing you. You’ve had sex on just about every surface in the Murphy house hold. It’s almost become a game to you, where is the next most inappropriate place to fuck today? You lead Connor into different rooms and than seduce him and end up giving him some snarky memories. Every time he has Go into his fathers office all he can remember is the way you screamed while he made you came on that desk. (He also remembers you jerking him off and it getting all over the desk (he left some spots there to confuse his father)) 

 - Connor is a nasty motherfucker. He loves dirty talk, but he hates when you do it in public. 

 - “I fuck you to fuck me right here, right now, on this desk in front of this whole class,” you’d whisper in his ear.

 - You made art class a living hell some days. 

 - “Ooh Connor paint me like one of your French Girls,”

 - “Fuck off (Y/n),”

 - “God I just want to clear all of those paintings off that table and have you fuck me," 

- "God leave me alone!" 

 - Your best was when you "accidentally” poured some blue paint in his lap, he instantly tried to wipe it off with his hands, you grabbed the one smock with red paint all over it.

 - “Hey baby wanna make purple?” You mewled into his ear. 

 - “You know I never thought I’d be interested in smacking your ass. But right now I think I’m gonna punish you when we get home,” he growled back. - You never realized how sexy that could be ;))) 

 - Connor F U CKIN G HA TES business dinners, but once he could take you as his date things got a lot better. 

 - you’d tease him endlessly, palming him under the table, pressing your chest against him, upon other things.

 - a slow song began and you practically dragged Connor to the dance floor, and at the end of your dance you lifted the collar of his white dress shirt and kissed the inside corner. Leaving a light pink kiss stain on it.

 - This became the sign that moments from then, you’d disappear and have sex somewhere. 

 - He is the weakest of the three when it comes to your sexual advances. He tries to ignore you but you know his weakness (black lingerie ;)) 

 - He’s also probably the most vanilla as well, he prefers trying new positions, and new ways of touching and talking than buying sex toys or trying BDSM. He’s very afraid of hurting you. You usually are the one to bring in more intense ways of banging. 

 - Anal????? For either of you????

  - Definitely having a three way at some point. MMF or FFM. But Connor gets kinda possessive, he wants to be the one making you cum. 

 - (Wow that was hypocritical wasn’t it. Connor is vanilla, but anal and threeways??). You enjoy experimenting and Connor will try anything once for you. You throw ideas at the wall and some things stick some don’t.

 - You are kinda freaky, and sometimes it gives Connor a fright. To be honest he thinks you’re in over your head at times, but he loves you with his entire being. (You also are each other’s only impulse control, y'all need each other)

So this had to happen sooner or later(rant)

I’m going to rant about this because simply I just find it really frustrating and people are really disconsiderate when it comes to content creators, again I don’t wanna be rude or anything but it’s something that I do want people to consider.

 It’s really discouraging when people demand an artist for this, when I’m trying to make art for a living, when I put time and effort in something that I love and bring content for you guys to enjoy, when I try to make something different.

And here is the thing, becoming known by just fanart ALONE is an absolute nightmare already, now imagine doing this with YOUR original content.

 The only way one can get more promotion is by…well, promoting this said original content in your fanart page, or in this case, my askblog. And it baffles me how it gets to the point calling just a simple reblog of my original content SPAM, (funny, seeing you get ADC updates almost everyday and I interact with all of you with unrelated questions and I reblog memes and fanart, is that spam too then?)   Yes, this IS drunk Chara, but it is also my blog and my art, if anything, I think it’s super fair to encourage my followers from this blog to support my comic and more projects. 

All in all, I’m glad the comment was overall polite, but I have to express my dissagreement with this and how this is so frustrating to read, idk I guess I’m just frustrated in general.

Just, please considerate this, and don’t kill art. 



(Reposting this so it’s under my new blog name)

I’ve long been kind of annoyed with the traditional circle-with-lines-coming-off-it design. Its round but not round, a little too on the nose and imho kinda blasé. I decided to deconstruct it and make it a bit more visually appealing.

I also felt in these fucked up times a better symbol was needed for trans resistance and insurrection. Easy to recreate, memorable, visually impacting.

The break down is of course the masculine and feminine symbol for trans men and women, the combined symbol for genderqueer identities and the circle crossed by the lines for nonbinary genders. The direction of the lines implies movement, striking out in multiple directions.
Included above are a black on white and white on black version with a circle border as well as the glyph itself. The images are 17″x17″ @ 500dpi so if you want you can make stuff and it should be crisp. And because I’m leftist trash have some flags!

ALSO: PLEASE SPREAD THIS!!! I want this symbol and it’s ideal to be spread far and wide. I want people to know what it means and that trans people will no longer be forced to reside on the margins of society. We are here, and we are going to fight for our lives with all we have. So long as you’re art/group/statement keeps with these ideals and those of liberation for all trans people (keep it intersectional, folx) then use it! Let me know if you do (tag me/link to this post) cause I wanna see!

Enjoy, and keep fighting 💖

Tikki is struck by modern times and learns that sweets can, indeed, make up every meal.

It’s April. The holidays have been over for almost four months. My mind lives unbound by the sands of time. I was hit by this at like 7 in the morning.

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

jaeki1712  asked:

Hey. Another question. Sorry. I wanted to ask. Why do you keep going? Why are you still doing underverse? Yo have your project "metadora" (i think its interesting) so, why? Everybody aking when. I will like your answer. Keep going.

Because thanks to this I could understand that I’m worth it and I can’t waste this opportunity to show what I love to do. 
Metadora and other projects I created years ago were too different before Underverse because I was about to giving up. I wanted to make some stuff about my projects and then screw my whole life forever.

Even when I made the first animation of the Sans’es, I was having the same thought about to end and destroy all my life as a nice person that the only thing she does well is drawing and animating.

But then I realized there was a lot of supportive people who loves to draw too. I inspired many of them, when they were the ones who inspired me first, I’m still surprised for that.

This was a chance. I decided to spend all my time on this because I don’t want to make the same mistake many people does here in the country where I’m living…giving up and leaving this project incomplete because is more easy and safe comform themselves to destroy their own dignity, health and dreams for parties, drinking, football and filling their souls with hatred, envy, jealous and ignorance about art and science.

I want to continue with Underverse because I’m discovering myself about things that I never thought I was able to, because I’m learning how to prepare my future projects when I finish Underverse with people who really are proud and happy about my work, because I could trust people again and I made the closest friends around the world.

Because this makes me so happy and this will be a nice memory when I get old.


Will has always been the brighter burning star, the one to catch attention — but Jem is a steady flame, unwavering and honest. He could make you happy.

He was Jace’s parabatai and that was all the glory he needed or wanted: like being the dark star to someone else’s supernova.

Future Shance AU

Hey guys!! I’ve been making art and things for this, and I’ve already made this post but, as you know, tumblr mobile crashed while I was making it.. SO HERE IT IS!!!

-they move into a small farm house on the country side
-they own a whole field of lavender
-they sell lavender by the bunches and enjoy the sunrises
-their first real fight was over the color of their living room (lance baby bue, shiro wanted a soft gray)
-they ended up painting it a sandy yellow color
-they both have ptsd flashbacks and night terrors, but comfort eachother accordingly
-they decide to adopt a galran child
-the child is fussy when tired, and only wants to be held by lance at that point
-shiro was whipped in the face by the child’s tail at one point while telling a bad pun
-lance went from chuckling to wheezing on the floor
-the child has claws. it learned to crawl, and then crawl up walls.
-shiro buys a camera 
-he carries it with him everywhere and takes pictures of everything
-his favorite picture is of lance holding their child on his hip, cookin breakfast
-shiro and lance like to celebrate their wedding anniversary by dancing in slow circles around the tree in their lavender field
-the child yawned and shiro has a blurry picture… keith calls the kid ‘cryptid jr’
-hunk and keith visit on fridays, they like to battle over who is the fav uncle
-shiro can’t cook, so lance tries his hardest to teach the child how to cook
-the child finds a kitten while playing in the field
-they keep it and let the child name it spark
-lance likes finding shiro napping with the kid on his stomach
-speaking of stomachs, shiro gets a little chubby
-lance loves it lots

In celebration of the 1st anniversary of Koi ni Naritai Aquarium where Watanabe You is the center, I decided to upload this You-chan I drew!

This was supposed to be for her birthday but I wasn’t able to make it in time… haha… haha…

This was based off the fairy tale-themed line of Aqours acrylic keychains. You as Cinderella was so cute I decided to paint it~


Live up to your wildest shipping dreams my pals. Fuck whoever says you can’t ship yourself with people. Fucking do it. Make art, write shit. I’ll read it, I’ll reblog it. Fucking tag me in it idc I’ll cheer u on. Need a friend to add to the fic? Need a character to add to ur comic? Add me cheering on idc bro I live for this shit. I’m here for u my man fuck yea ship yourself with who you want and if someone bothers u about it tell me and I will beat their ass.


The most scorn I’ve ever experienced in one sentence was when I was nervously making conversation with my study abroad roommate, a very Art girl who I assumed was much cooler than me, and we were talking about documentaries, and I asked, “have you seen the one on helvetica?”

And without a beat and with a tone that implied I’d asked her something as obvious as it was inappropriate (say, have you ever farted? And exit wise, did it come out the butt?), she replied, “we’ve ALL seen the documentary on helvetica,” and I permanently lost three inches from my height

We lived together for a semester, had a grand time, and were good friends, but as we embraced before leaving the country, I did want to whisper in her ear, “it’s a popular documentary but that still makes it esoteric in the general population, fucking work with me here”

Deep into the night, with the moonlight as my guide
I go wander through the pines and make my way to nature’s shrines
and I look up to the sky and I know you’re still alive,
but I wonder where you are, I call your name into the dark.

Insp. X, X

I wanted to draw a peaceful Haxus again, so here he quite happily got caught in a downpour at some point during shore leave. When you live on a spacebound ship most of the time, you kinda miss stuff like rain.~