~i cried and cried

Congratulations to Nu’est W fir their first win in a music program. You guys worked hard not knowing if tomorrow will be the last day. You joined Produce 101 and suffered through that program. But you never gave up. A word of thanks to LOVEs also who did all they could and more to make the dream of these boys come true.

im just gonna spill my guts a bit, ive been having a really tough time lately and i genuinely thought about giving up on art because it didnt make me happy anymore and i was never satisfied with my art, ive been at this for years so it was a really big deal for me to come to terms with the fact that i was not happy doing this anymore. but things have changed, today while watching will he i started sketching joji, the first drawing of mine i have liked in maybe 4 months, and now i cant stop, ive drawn maybe 12 still from will he and i havent felt this happy in a really long time. so just thanks joji, for helping me find my passion again, and for helping my creativity come alive. thank you for being my muse.

Finding new k-pop groups
  • Me: Damn, they are good! I want to stan them.
  • Brain: NO! Too many names to memorise and you need to choose a bias as well. You don’t have the time.
  • Me: ... *mouse hovers over the member profiles*
  • Brain: Don’t you dare.
  • Me: WATCH ME! *clicks on it*
  • Brain: I hate you.
Autumn “Would You Rather?”

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1. Go apple picking V.S. Go on a hay ride
2. Scary V.S. Sweet
3 Sweaters V.S. Boots
4. Socks V.S. Mittens
5. Bonfires V.S. Football
6. Trick or Treating V.S. Watch Scary movies
7. Apple Pie V.S. Pumpkin Pie
8. Halloween V.S. Thanksgiving
9. Bake Pie V.S. Bake Cookies and make a cake!
10. Rain V.S. Fog (ok this one’s not fair ;;;;;;;)
11. Black Cats V.S. Owls
12. Ghosts V.S. Wizards
13. Harry Potter V.S. Halloweentown
14. Go Hiking V.S. Sleep in (woooo!)
15. Cinnamon V.S. Nutmeg
16. Reading V.S. Writing
17. Hot Chocolate V.S. Tea
18. Live in a Cabin In a Forest V.S. Have it be fall 24/7
19. Candy Apples V.S. Caramel Apples
20. Blankets V.S. Pillows
21. Roasted marshmallows V.S. Roasted Chestnuts
22. Coffee V.S. Apple Cider
23. Red Leaves V.S. Orange Leaves
24. Braids V.S. Bows
25. Scented Candles V.S. The Smell of Fresh Baked Goods
26. Carve Pumpkins V.S. Make Pumpkin Pie
27. Pumpkin Spice Lattes V.S. Chai Tea Lattes
28. Coats V.S. Oversized Sweaters (love big sweaters but I got some bomb ass coats that I can literally only wear them like three days a year so yeah XD)
29. Beanies V.S. Berets
30. Candy Corn V.S. Peanut Butter Cups
31. S'mores V.S. Apple Crisp
32. Jump In a Pile of Leaves V.S. Swing on a Tire Swing 
33. Corn Maze V.S. Haunted House
34. Bob For Apples V.S. Visit a Pumpkin Patch
35. Whipped Cream on Hot Chocolate V.S. Marshmallows on Hot Chocolate

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so I’ve been struggling on a subject in my class that involves remembering codes for specific tests. my classmates have been supportive and have even taken time after class to study with me. Today I did a quiz on that subject and received 70%, which is good, this means I am improving. I’m proud of myself for studying extra hard these past few days. I also received a pink note by my instructor saying, ‘I would have liked to see you try’.