The Tale of The Three Sisters: Narcissa

Druella: This picture was taken on my wedding day – such a beautiful day.

Druella: He does try his best. Can be a bit wild, sometimes, like all men. My daughter, Bellatrix – she’s the same.

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  • James: Don't be such a drama queen!
  • Sirius: I can't!
  • Sirius: My mascara would run.
  • James: You don't wear mascara.
  • Sirius: True. Perfection requires no alterations.
  • Peter: I've seen you wearing eyeliner.
  • Sirius: I've seen you eat an entire cake in one sitting.
  • Peter: Your point?
  • Sirius: Enhancing eyes or enhancing thighs. Who's the real winner?
  • Peter: Me? I had an entire chocolate cake.
  • Remus: Peter has a point.
Hogwarts Houses as Countries (rewrite)

Many people disliked the previous version of this post. I was going to leave that up, and rewrite it myself when I had gotten through requests, but I was not content with it, and didn’t want a post you guys disliked so intensely to be a permanent fixture on the blog (plus people kept bringing it back and I didn’t want to see any more angry comments. I’m sorry, I just can’t deal with it right now). So, version 2 for you guys.

Note- I have terrible geographic knowledge (until this year I had no idea where anything in Europe is, which sounds like an exaggeration, but isn’t), so if anyone has any alternate suggestions, feel free to comment them.

Gryffindor: The United States- patriotic and enthusiastic, with a history of rebellion. Historically, they have a tendency to rush in to save others, even if it’s not what would be most helpful.

Slytherin: Ireland- a very old and cultured country, with great value for tradition. Historically, some have been quite conservative and nationalistic, but many people see those views as outdated and have little regard for them.

Ravenclaw: China- Historically, they have been pioneers in many areas, inventing fireworks, paper, the printing press, and much more.  Many individuals work to overcome old, outdated views even if they are deeply ingrained.

Hufflepuff: Canada- Interaction is based on mutual respect, which can lead to others seeing them as soft, which is untrue. While injustices have definitely been committed in the past, they work to recognize their mistakes and repair them.