‘Oh my - !’ shrieked Hermione, as she and Ron caught up with Harry and gazed upwards at the giant now trying to seize people through the window above.
'DON’T!’ Ron yelled, grabbing Hermione’s hand as she raised her wand. 'Stun him and he’ll crush half the castle - ’

This is so important. Like, this tiny moment demonstrates the way these two think, and how they think differently. (And that doesn’t make either of them smarter or dumber. (ง︡’-‘︠)ง)

But like - Hermione approaches this situation in a very problem-solution way of thinking: Giant is threat to people around him, so get rid of giant. Ron - and I would expect to less from a person who’s been playing chess for so long, and so well - has more of a cause and effect way of thinking. And in this moment, he thinks a step further than Hermione - he realises Stunning the giant will come with consequences as well, and these must be taken into account. 

Classic chess player.

How the Houses would react to:


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Random Lily Evans Pictures For Your Brain:

- Lily Evans, in charms class, standing in the middle of a river, everyone is looking at her, she is horrified, she has said the spell wrong, James is giggling.

- Lily Evans, eating breakfast, waving her fork around, it has egg on it, her hair is everywhere, she is talking to a second year next to her who looks like she is looking at the sun, the second year is correct.

- Lily Evans, in bed, surrounded by tissues, red nose, looks like death, yelling loudly at Sirius in the doorway because he decided to move the tissue box, he is very afraid, everyone is very afraid.

- Lily Evans, writing in an exam, there is ink on her nose, her foot is tapping, she is biting her lip, there is twenty minutes to go, she has doodled a star in the corner of her paper.

- Lily Evans, standing in the hallway, it is very dark, she is holding her wand, she has heard a noise, her hair is tucked behind her ears, she hears the noise again, it is just Peter who has dropped his jam donut, she turns around, turns him into a bed sheet, later she will apologise 268 times for this.

- Lily Evans, wearing James Potters shirt, standing in his dorm, he is staring at her very hard, there is a scab on her left knee because she fell yesterday chasing Sirius to history of magic, she scratches her head, the sun is in the window, he is still staring, “what are you looking at” she asks him, “you” he says.

The Malfoys: Daddy!Draco x Reader


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Warnings: FLUFF

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Draco stirs slightly, as the bedroom door opens and a light from the hallway casts into the dark room. He rubs his eyes and turns to his right, seeing Y/N fast asleep next to him, face half buried into the pillow and a hand lightly covering her stomach. He turns back to the door and sees Scorpius standing in the doorway, his baby blue blanket clutched tightly in one of his tiny fists and trailing on the floor next to his onesie covered feet. 

“Scorp? What’s wrong, buddy?” Draco asks, beckoning his two year old towards him as he sits up straight in the bed trying not to jostle Y/N. 

“Daddy.” He whines, running across the room with his little feet thumping wildly across the floor. Draco’s brows furrow in worry, as he leans down and scoops the boy into his arms. His heart pangs when he sees Scorpius’ little face stricken with tears, his brilliant blue eyes watery. 

“Hey, hey, what are tears for, huh?” Draco mumbles, as quietly as possible kissing Scorpius’ head as he brings him closer to his chest.

 “B-bad dream.” The little one hiccups, burying his head into Draco’s neck. 

Draco sighs quietly, rubbing Scorpius’ back, “You’re okay buddy. Daddy’s right here. It was just a bad dream.” Scorpius doesn’t respond, but buries his head deeper into Draco’s neck, dropping his blanket on the bed and curling his little arms tighter around him. Draco bites his lip, glancing over at Y/N who is still fast asleep. They had been trying to slowly ween Scorpius into sleeping in his own room, because in a  few months time  there would be no room for their first born on the bed. He had been doing so well, but from a young age Scorpius had been a clingy child, always wanting to be with his parents. It warmed Draco’s heart, because he was so young and he reminded him so much of himself when he was a child.

 “How bout we go get you a glass of milk, hm? Then daddy can tuck you in, maybe read you a story?” Draco whispers, running his fingers through Scorpius’ soft hair. 

“No. Stay here.” Scorpius mumbles into his collarbone. Draco frowns, because as much as he doesn’t have the heart to send him away, Y/N hadn’t been sleeping well lately with all the kicking.

 “Buddy..” Draco mumbles quietly.

 “No. Mummy! I want mummy.” Scorpius cries, panicked. The boy was smart, he knew exactly what Draco was thinking. He pulls away, his little arm reaching toward Y/N and his fist closing and unclosing as he tries to reach her. 

“Scorpius. No, let mummy sleep.” Draco says, leaning his body back and pulling Scorpius with him. 

“I- I want mummy. Pwease, pwease daddy!” Scorpius whines, his bottom lip quivering and tears spilling down his face.

 Draco sighs, knowing that if he throws a full on tantrum, it would be sure that Y/N would wake up. “Mummy!” Scorpius cries, louder, before Draco can stop him. Y/N stirs, blinking and looking up at the scene. 

“Scorpius? What’s wrong baby?” She asks, voice still sleepy as she sits up. 

“Mummy.” He cries, relieved,  both arms extended now. She sits up straight after a moment, and opens her arms, glancing at Draco, “Hand him here.” 

Draco lets his son go and he crawls over to Y/N, crawling on top of her and causing Draco’s breath to hitch. 

“Oh, what’s wrong, my love? Why are you up?” Y/N whispers, kissing his head as he clings to her like a monkey. She glances at Draco when Scorpius doesn’t reply, his sniffles muffled into her neck. 

“Nightmare.” Draco supplies, his eyes weary. Y/N frowns, keeping one arm tight around Scorpius back and using the other to run through his blonde locks.

 “Oh, it’s okay baby. Mummy and Daddy are right here. You’re just fine.” She muses quietly, turning her head to kiss him. Scorpius whines, a whine Y/N knows by heart. She leans forward a little and gestures to the blanky sitting on the bed next to Draco. He hands it to her, keep an eye on Scorpius legs that are thrown clumsily over her sides, his little bum perched on her stomach, using it as a seat. 

She laughs slightly sensing his panic, “Draco, he’s a child. Not an elephant. I’m fine.”  “There’s your blanky, sweet boy of mine. You’re just fine.” She whispers, wrapping the blanket around his torso. 

Draco watches with admiration, how even though she’s half asleep she handled Scorpius so well. “Mummy, can I sleep with you and daddy? Pwease.” Scorpius mutters into her neck. 

She smiles leaning down to kiss his head and rest her cheek on top of it, “Course you can darling.” 

Draco sighs, titling his head at her, “Y/N…” 

“Oh, don’t tell me you aren’t thinking the same thing, Draco.” She tuts, settling Scorpius between them. He curls closer to Y/N, snuggling his head under her arm and resting it on her belly, a small hand pressed there..She pulls the covers up around him, making sure he’s all comfy. 

“Y/N.. it’s not that I don’t want him here, just, you need all the room you can get, love.” Draco mutters, pulling his side of the covers up and pressing a kiss to a now serene Scorpius’ head. 

Y/N chuckles softly, “Mhm. Well, I thought you’d like this, your family all together.” 

Draco rolls his eyes leaning over and kissing her cheek, “Our family. I do, darling. Just- Scorp kicks a lot. Don’t want him hurting you two.” He murmurs, reaching over the toddler and covering his hand on Y/N’s stomach. 

“We’ll be fine. Anyhow, he’s too cute to say no too. Much like his father.” She mumbles, sliding down onto her side and wrapping an arm around Scorpius. Draco chuckles, shaking his head as he settles down too. “If it’s too uncomfortable let me know, I’ll go back with him to his room.” 

“Stop worrying, love. We’ll be fine.” Y/N mumbles tiredly, and a few moments later she’s asleep.

Draco watches in admiration at his family, fast asleep next to him and he feels his heart swell. He glances down and watches as Scorpius turns, now burying into Draco’s side, his blonde hair tousled messily and blanky bunched up against his face. Draco smiles leaning down and encasing an arm around his back, pulling him closer to his chest. He keeps it there, wrapped around his bum with his fingers sprawled across his legs just in case. It was once again another serene night at the Malfoys.