“If this should end in fire we shall all burn together”

Thorin Oakenshield sim made by @theperksofbeingasimmerxdI was honored to playtest these amazingly accurate LOTR and The Hobbit simmers made by @theperksofbeingasimmerxd in our upcoming LOTR world and promised to take some screenshots.

Here is Thorin in front of Thorins Halls :-)


Gif source:  Here

Imagine being a part of the company and having Fili and Kili argue over who gets to braid your hair.

——— Request for anon ———

“You barely know how to braid your own hair let alone a woman’s!” Kili huffs, only for Kili to puff up in indignation as well.

“Which one of us had to have Mother do our braids until we were twelve?” Fili snorts, before he leans towards you to taunt Kili, “Not me!”

“Boys, boys,” you can’t help your chuckle of amusement, pulling your hair from the high ponytail you’d used to keep it out of the way, parting it down the middle to bring to rest on either side of your body, “There’s plenty of hair for the both of you’s to braid. Now, best get to it before Thorin has us pack up camp again!”