If you were Thorin’s queen...

You would be his most prized treasure and he would not shy away from public displays of affection. He would dote on you with every ounce of show and present you to his court as if you were the Arkenstone yourself.

He would forge you your own crown:

To go along with his own:

If you were to have children, they would be his little princes and princesses and he would marvel at how much they looked like you. He would take them to council meetings and let them sit on his lap as he sat his throne. He’d teach them to forge and use swords and play with them in the Mountain corridors. And in the middle of the night, when they had bad dreams, he’d let them snuggle in bed between the two of you but you’d kick him Thorin out when he started snoring too loud. And he would laugh and sleep on his stomach instead.

If you were Thorin’s queen, he’d love you so entirely that he’d move Erebor to be with you for his queen is his world.

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But consider the middle earth version of chuck tingle

I’m not saying the Chuck Tingle of Middle Earth is Bilbo Baggins but- no wait that’s exactly what I’m saying. Classics drawn from the Imladris library include:

I’m Gay For My Living Sentient Gemstones

Pounded in the Rump by Mine Own Rump

Pounded in the Rump by Mine Epic Poem “Pounded in the Rump by Mine Own Rump”

Morgoth’s Doom Stalks My Gay Butthole

Pounded in the Rump by My Irrational Bigoted Fear of a Man of the Edain Marrying My Daughter

Corsairs of Umbar Haunt My Balls

Living Inside My Own Butt for Eight Hundred Years, Founding a Kingdom and Defying Morgoth Through Isolationism and Advice from Handsome Water

Pounded by My Handsome Ghost Boats (Did not edit this one)

Slammed in the Butt by Annatar’s Attempt to Avoid Accusations of Plagiarism by Murdering Everyone Involved in the Creation of the Rings of Power

First Steward of Gondor Pounded by the Handsome Living White City

Shared by the Consequences of My Ill-Advised Blood Oath

Good Morning Petal (Fili x Reader)

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Inspired by some headcanons that me and @bettythedwarfqueen did a long time ago. And anybody else that likes Fili.

Waking up to Fili was the best thing any girl could dream of. Apart from the tangled mess of braids and the occasional snoring, it really was a beautiful sight.

This morning was no different. You lay next to him smiling and caressing his bare arm until he woke up. He groaned a little as the morning sun shone in his eyes but he quickly changed his tune when he saw you; his One.

  “Good morning petal.” He said with a slight smile. “My, you look radiant this morning.”

  “And you look…like a mess.” You retorted with a chuckle.

He sat up and cupped your face in his hands gently, and gave you a light kiss on the lips. You’d always admired how romantic and laid back Fili was. He was never rough or callous, but always soothing and tender. Some would say he couldn’t be rough, even if he wanted to be. He was a gentle soul, Fili was.

He lay on his side and leaned on his hand for support while looking into your eyes.

  “I suppose it’s time for me to get up and get ready. But I’d rather stay here and look at you all morning.”

  “I’d suggest you get ready so your uncle doesn’t come after you.” You poked him on the nose. “Besides, you’ve got all night and all weekend to stare at me.”

  “Why must you always be so truthful?” He sighed playfully.

He sat back up and pulled you in for a soft, romantic kiss before moving on with the rest of his day.


Used an intense hour (plus some reference on Pinterest) to improve upon the background and it REALLY helped. Really starting to have high hopes for this painting… Please, I love to hear your opinions! 🌟