Maybe I’m just tougher than you.

Today will be quick sketches because I’m exhausted but I watched Tales of Asgard and wanted to draw the Odinsons ✨
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These have been done for a while, I’ve just been a little apprehensive about uploading pictures of them because every single picture turned out dark and blurry. I did my best to fix them but there was only so much I could do

Anyways 10 pairs of horns is a lot to make



To get us hyped for the Jungle Movie, Nickelodeon has been showing all the episodes of the show, and the creator Craig Bartlett has been telling the audience neat little trivia things… and do you know what I just saw? He was talking about the Thanksgiving episode where Arnold and Helga go to Mr Simmons’ house and meet his family and friends. He mentions he wants to make some things clear for the fans, because a lot of people assumed one of the “friends” at the dinner was actually Mr Simmons’ boyfriend. I’m expecting Craig Bartlett to make some off-handed remark like “Oh, that was his cousin or brother-in-law” or whatever, but he just says YEP THAT WAS HIS BOYFRIEND

There are a handful of shows that have either accidentally or secretly implied things about the characters, and sometimes the people who work on the shows hear about the fan theories that support the ideas that a character might not be straight/cis, so they make a comment to tell everybody “NO”. Well, here we are, all these years later and we get the official confirmation that Mr Simmons is/was in a relationship with a man. It is just… really nice, you know?