This Day in WCW History: WCW Halloween Havoc Took Place in New Orleans, Louisiana [October 24th, 1993]

In Mick Foley’s 1999 autobiography Have a Nice Day! A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks, Foley revealed an interesting and crazy tidbit regarding his match against Vader at Havoc ’93. The level of intensity in the main event was by design, specifically because Foley had planned on injuring himself legitimately during it as a way to collect some major $$$ from a insurance policy he gotten through Lloyds of London. Sure, the legalities behind such a thing are murky at best and could be seen as insurance fraud, but apparently Mick Foley was hellbent on to crippling himself during the match as a way to get out of the “bullshit” that was professional wrestling:

“When many fans think about Halloween Havoc 1993, they may recall a particularly painful move that for my money was the single most gut-busting, suicidal maneuver I’ve ever tried. In actuality, I really was going to commit suicide: career suicide. I was trying to end my career right there in the Lakefront Center in New Orleans. The plot to end my eight years in the ring began when I placed a sleeper hold on Vader, who was staggering on the wooden [entrance] ramp.”

“I jumped on Vader’s back, still holding in the sleeper, causing the Mastodon to stumble like a drunken sailor with a 300-pound weight on his back. Here it comes, I thought, bracing myself for the pain and hoping that it would be severe. With a sudden burst of energy, Vader put my plan into effect. He dropped straight back while kicking his legs up in the air, literally crushing me between the bulk of his 450 pounds and the unforgiving wood of the entrance ramp. Vader rolled to the side, and I instinctively rolled into a fetal position, secure in the knowledge that my career was over.”

“There was only one problem. Me. My body had become so conditioned to taking punishment that it had somehow managed to take this. So I did the only thing I knew how. I got up. Slowly. And then, as in Germany [when my ear was partially ripped off during a match], I went on as best I could.”


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Idk if you are feeling it, but ever since the Hawkeye-Havoc undercover date fic you wrote, I've been craving me some Royai undercover investigating a prostitution ring...but this time Roy's taking initiative with who he wants as a "scene partner" if you catch my drift. Of course the gang's all there and shenanigans happen left and right. You better believe Havoc and Rebecca are taking full advantage of the roleplay scenario. I'm garbage throw me away.

I took this mission like it was a calling. Because the moment you sent this, I knew that I had to write it and then I started writing it and it got way out of control. I love writing sleazy assholes, mostly because I just picture guys that I’ve waited on (who have said and done things like this before) and combine them with a few of my past coworkers. Also, I love the idea that Roy has to watch as Riza gets flirted with left and right and can't shit about it. There perhaps aren’t as many shenanigans from the crew because I focused on Riza and the mission, but you better believe I used the word “straddle”.

Last Call

Riza tapped her foot impatiently as she stood at the mouth of an alley outside of a swanky club and thought not for the first time, I’m going to kill that man. Future goals be damned, she was going to murder Roy Mustang.

It wasn’t just the outfit that she’d been forced to wear or the fact that she’d had to wear it a total of six times. It wasn’t the fact that her new “boss” kept making a lot of comments that weren’t the least bit subtle about her “moving up” in the business. It wasn’t the smug grin from Rebecca, who had somehow managed to get the surveillance job that Riza had wanted because “pregnant women aren’t as attractive”, or Havoc’s waggling eyebrows from behind the bar every time she picked up a drink from him. It wasn’t the way Fuery’s face went bright red every time he saw her in her new “uniform” or the exaggerated lewd behavior from Breda as he flashed money in the air.

No, what really got under Riza’s skin was the way Roy’s dark eyes seemed to find her no matter where she was. She couldn’t stand the way he looked at her with such open lust. It was part of the job. He couldn’t look at her like she was his adjutant or a lamp in the corner of the room. He had to play his part of the attracted customer wanting more than just a bourbon on the rocks. But he wasn’t playing at anything. She saw the way he looked at her, like she was the most desirable thing in the world, and he wanted her. Not in that he wanted to flirt or play with her for an hour, but in that he wanted to take her back to his place and explore every inch of her skin with his eyes, hands, and lips.

It was enough to feel so hot under the collar that she could barely breathe whenever she caught his eyes. She felt herself squirming even as she walked, gripping the tray in her hands tighter, and almost blushing as she tried to speak to her customers. To be honest, she couldn’t tell if she wanted him to stop or for him to come up from behind her and take her away from her and do all the things that damn gaze of his promised.

She was going to kill him.

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(kamenriderflip) "Watch out, this means something's going down in Flipside!" Yukio says as an invisible figure begins wrecking havoc.

“…You think that Adam will be fighting…whatever monster it’s suppose to be?”

I need to start doing something like the “superhero cafe” where all of my characters hang out together.

Ryder, Lucius, and Wendy talk about how proud they are of their adopted disabled children.

Minnie and Juniper swap stories and jokes and wheelchairs.

Later on, they have a race with Ryder, Felix, and Jack. Ryder wins when he telepathically causes them all to crash.

Katashi and Jason talk about how tough it is being the responsible brother (”Shut up, Lucius, I am!”)

Firestone befriends Porkchop.

Victor and Pan team up and wreak havoc.

Nicolas and Ms. Darling enjoy a cup of tea and turn a blind eye to the chaos that’s going on around them.

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Since it has already been mentioned that Dedan visits the most often, what is it like when he is there?

🐥: Dedan can certainly be a little… energetic during his visits here. He’s always eager to get around and see how things are, play with the Elsens – some of those from the other Zones come here to take time away from busy work, so his miners pass through here quite often. And the amusement park of course is appealing for its own reasons.

🐱: He’s a madman. But I must admit, it’s nice to see him so chipper.

🐥: And sometimes Alain comes along, too, and while he and I have our…quarrels, Valerie always seems to appreciate his company while Dedan wreaks joyful havoc. They get along quite well! Don’t you, Valerie?


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Why does Yeen dislike the shattergang bros?












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ines! SOS 🚨 midterms (sleepless nights + stress + anxiety-induced skin-picking + less time for skincare) have wreaked havoc on my skin. i have normal-dry skin with an oily t-zone, and thanks to my obsessive skincare regime it's usually very even, smooth, dewy, and soft. but NOW it's dry and irritated-looking and there are millions of tiny bumps on my t-zone and on the sides of my nose. what can i do to get it to recover asap? should i exfoliate more frequently with 2% BHA salicylic acid? ty!!!!

Do you think the weather has anything to do with it? When the weather is dry and cold I break out like crazy unless I moisturize my usually-greasy skin.
If that’s the case, add an oil cleanser (like the Sephora one) to your nighttime routine, and make sure your skin stays hydrated. And yes, you should be using your 2% BHA exfoliant twice a day.
I would even consider adding a physical exfoliant to your routine. My favorite scrub from Dr Brandt is WILDLY overpriced (nearly $100!) but nothing works better, so if you have the money go for it. But if you’re on a budget, the philosophy scrub is much bigger and cheaper. Don’t scrub more than once per day, and make sure your hand is very light - let the scrub do the scrubbing.

'Vote online' hoax started life on pro-Trump message board - BBC News
A hoax image designed to trick people into thinking they can vote via social media came from hard-core Donald Trump supporters.

“Reverse image searches indicate it surfaced in July in a thread on Reddit, r/TheDonald - a bastion of those hard-core Trump supporters known as the alt-right.

The thread credited image board 4chan for its creation and users gleefully celebrated the havoc they thought it would cause by tricking voters into thinking they could vote with their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

“This is amazing. We need to legit make this work come Nov 8th,” one wrote. “This will totally work on millennials,” wrote another. “The key is not to hype it too hard or [mainstream media] will pick up on it. Keep it on the sly, then really pump it up right before the election.”

Another chipped in: “Make sure people on our side don’t fall for this trick."”

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Do you think there'll ever be a spin off?Especially with a successful (probably not) Live action. what do you want it to be about? I miss Roy's snipping tbvh. I watched the 2nd movie yesterday and I was never this disappointed since Digimon broke my heart. (Takari) He didn't do anything. Neither did Riza;;

I doubt it, but one can only hope.   I would love some young Hughes and Roy being BBFs.   Team Mustang having some after hours adventures, Breda and Havoc drinking Roy under the table.   More about Briggs, in fact the North vs East training mission would be fantastic.   Scar wandering around shirtless in the Armstrong home when the family returns from vacation.   Hayate having puppies and a half and hour of Roy playing with them.   Ed and Roy teasing the hell out of each other at his wedding.   Ed’s Indiana Jones adventures.   Havoc Breda and Catalina working in that bar.   Roy goes shopping for hair dye.  Al feeding homeless cats.      It could be more side quests from the canon, or prequels or just Jean Havoc reading craigslist personal ads while sitting next to a fireplace.   I’d love everything.   

I’d especially love if they just made movies out of the games.  I would love some more interaction with the characters we love.  

When Westworld showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy recruited you for the show, what did they tell you about it and about your character?

EVAN RACHEL WOOD: They let me know that she could be compared to a Disney princess at first. She is the quintessential farm girl, the girl next door. So, of course, the people that come to Westworld to wreak havoc just want to take advantage of her and torture her. The heroes want to come to save her, which we’ll explore more. There’s also beautiful parts about Westworld. But that’s just her character build. Underneath that, she’s a highly intelligent superhuman. Now that we know she’s the oldest host in the park, that also means she has the most history with everyone. Dolores is full of surprises, let’s just say that.

And did they give you a reading list or a viewing list to prep?
W: Not really. Jonah [Nolan] and Lisa are incredibly well-versed in the technology. But I talked to some futurists and I devoured TED talks and I read a lot of Ray Kurzweil. The Singularity Is Near sort of became my Stanislavski-actor handbook.

That might be a first for a screen actor.
W: It kind of predicts and breaks down what a sentient being might look like in the future and how they would work. I used that a lot.

Was there a specific passage or idea in there that really helped you get into Dolores?
W: Certain things that you wouldn’t think about. The things that they would be able to detect in a human being that we wouldn’t, like a bead of sweat or certain body language. They would be programmed to be able to read people incredibly well, which the hosts in Westworld also are — that’s why they’re so good at being tailor-made to a guest and to an experience. That I found really fascinating. (via Vulture)

Some people have abusive, negative, controlling tendencies in their blood; they are wired for havoc, bickering and deception. They know of no other way to interface with others except through their created chaos. Chaos is their home-court advantage where they play their mind-games so they can have power over you; it’s a rigged game you can never win. Listen to your inner-voice. Get out while you can! — Bryant McGill

Mizzou Women's Softball Team Says Title IX Is Killing the Sport
University of Missouri administrators forced the team to accept weak players, for equality.

The purpose of Title IX—the federal statute wreaking havoc on campus free expression and due process—is to ensure equality between male and female students. You would therefore expect female student-athletes to be grateful that the law protects their rights and guarantees them equal access to school resources.

But the University of Missouri women’s softball team is currently staging a rebellion against the administration—because they think Title IX is destroying their sport.

The situation at Mizzou is complicated, and involves considerable ill will between some members of the softball team, other members, the coaching staff, and the university administration. But the gist of the problem is Title IX. Female athletes essentially claim that university administrators, citing Title IX, have forced the team to bring on under-qualified players. This has in turn reduced the amount of game time enjoyed by more skilled players.

Why is Title IX the culprit? Administrators don’t want the federal government to accuse Mizzou of violating federal law, so they have to make sure the softball team is big enough. They don’t want it to look like the school is giving more support to the boys’ team than the girls’ team.

According to The College Fix:

In an undated letter to Rhoades, the Unity Council blames Title IX-inflated roster sizes for “lack of playing time or poor individual performances” resulting in player complaints against [Coach] Earleywine. They say Earleywine’s critics on the team are “looking for a person to blame” for their lack of performance and play time.

“This large roster size is not Coach E’s doing, but is required due to Title IX rules regarding women’s athletics,” the letter says.

Involved parties clearly recall the football team’s successful display of solidarity with aggrieved students of color last autumn, which led to the resignation of Mizzou’s president. The administration would like to avoid a similar incident with the softball team.

But this story is useful as a reminder that laws have unintended consequences—particularly when they are misinterpreted by overzealous bureaucrats or broadened far beyond their original scope.