Thought these two asks on Su-Won in chapter 136 complemented each other nicely, so I’m lumping them together.

On 136 Su-Won:

I confess Su-Won’s response to Yona’s request actually shocked me at first, because ever since Kouren’s plans for war got revealed I had been defended that there was still a chance Su-Won wasn’t planning on taking over Xing, as Kouren and everyone else was assuming.

Min-Soo’s explanation, however, made me realise Su-Won was being very pragmatic. Like, pragmatic as fuck, which is what he’s always been. Don’t like the king? Kill him. Witness princess escapes? Don’t waste resources chasing her, she can’t tell anybody the truth anyway. Drug dealers wrecking havoc in your kingdom? Go and deal with it in person.

So, I’m of the faction on tumblr who agrees that Su-Won’s behaviour here isn’t abnormal: it aligns perfectly with everything he’s done so far. Though a peace treaty would cool things on the surface, Kuren’s anger would not dissipate. We saw it in Xing - the fire in her is too large, and we know her resentment runs too deep; it cannot be extinguished. It would have just keep cooking, and boiling, and one day it’s going to explode again, and then we’d have a war whether we like it or not. When viewed this way, Su-Won is merely dealing with a problem he will have to deal with anyway, but he’s deciding to sort it out now instead of leaving it for tomorrow. 


Though Su-Won’s decision is logical, the way Min-Soo says that Xing would eventually “revolt” means that Su-Won is only considering peace under the condition that Xing becomes a vassal state, which means he probably was thinking of taking over Xing, which probably means what Hak said (that stuff about how if Kouka wins it would gain the necessary power to oppose the Kai empire) is probably the reason why Su-Won was after Xing, and well… that really does cast Su-Won in a nasty light, doesn’t it?

I think Kouren’s hatred has reached such a fever point that it doesn’t even matter whether Su-Won was planning on taking over, she was probably going to go off anyway, but what matters here is that Su-Won seems to have meant to go after Xing from the very beginning, vengeful warrior princess or not.

To top it off, Min-Soo tells Su-Won that Yona wants to stop the war because if she doesn’t her friends are dead meat.

Su-Won knows the DWs. He’s seen them with Yona&Hak, he’s seen how close they are, he’s witnessed just how far they were willing to go for her and knows that they care for each other deeply. So when Min-Soo asks Su-Won if he’s still going to proceed with this plan even though it means hurting Yona, he’s not talking about Yona’s selfless wish to protect people from war, or about her ideology, or about what she thinks is best for both kingdoms…. he’s asking him if he’s okay with butchering Yona’s feelings by abandoning her friends, if he’s okay with murdering her family again.

So yeah, TL;DR: Su-Won’s a dick. 

He is, essentially, saying “lol yeah and I’d kill your dad all over again”. I see why suddenly there’s a lot of people turning their backs on Su-Won, because really, he’s hurting Yona again, and again, and again. But given the historical context and considering the fact that he’s a king, what he says is an ultimate truth: He can’t place someone above the nation for personal reasons, and to Su-Won it’s in Kouka’s interest to become stronger to fend off the looming monster that the Kai Empire is.

So, war it is.

HELP! Scary Spirit (asking for a follower)

I recently got a message from one of my followers describing a very scary situation. They are saying that their friend has had some sort of being (spirit? demon?) following them since they were 10 years old. Recently this thing has begun to wreak havoc not only in their friend’s life, but theirs and other friends’ as well. It causes nightmares, bruises/cuts them, makes noises, and is generally scary af.

This is not my area of expertise. At all. I know nothing. SO, if anyone has suggestions for this person, please please comment or reblog this! Maybe bloggers that deal with spirits, spells for strong wards/banishing, anything you think may be useful. If anyone would like more information, please ask/message me.

Thanks all! ❀ Sie

“You remind me of the babe”

Merfolk are pretty much the aquatic equivalent of harpies, they can shapeshift and attract people with their singing.
They live in the Sea of Love, and enjoy drowning sailors and sneaking inside of ships to cause havoc.

Mick is a piranha type of merman. He’s been frustrated for years because Bowie would never fall for his charms… It’s more like the other way around.

Wreak Havoc PART 2 [Teen wolf x Reader]

Warnings: Sassy, sarcastic reader. Fighting. Killing. READER BEING REFFERED TO AS HAVOC. 

Words: 1643

Requested: Yeah. The request was simply “More Havoc”

Note: I felt bad for not writing anything new or doing requests so I decided to post this part two of Havoc that I didn’t like that much as the first part… Still hope you enjoy it

Part 1


Havoc was placed on a fancy chair at the end of the big room. She twirled a long curl of hair between her fingers and hummed thoughtfully.

“What on earth are you waiting for, you weirdo? You bring all of us here one by one and then just make us stand here awkwardly in silence.”

“I’m waiting for the audience.” Havoc just answered without looking up. Damon, the so called leader of the group of vampires, the one who had previously spoken, let out an annoyed sound.

“Why the hell do you need an audience? What is this all for?” he repeats with a louder, more annoyed voice.

“Listen here, fledgling- “ Havoc spoke standing up, and then patting the dust off her clothes.

“I’m not a fucking fledgling!” the vampire leader Damon spit out.

“To me you might as well be, kiddo. Look, you just stand there and look pretty and nothing bad is going to happen to you. For now.” Havoc uninterestedly began tying up her hair and when she was done she tilted her head and gave Damon a smile.

“You realize we can just leave, right?”

“Then why haven’t you done that yet? That’s right, I’ll gut all of you if you try.”

Damon sat down on a chair and ran his fingers through his hair. “Why do you need an audience?”

“Did you not hear me when I introduced myself? I like chaos. And look, here my dear audience is.“ Havoc held out her hands towards her guest. Peter, Derek, Stiles and Scott entered the room. They all looked very confused and Stiles seemed to be in awe. Probably because of the gigantic, old fashioned manor he had just entered.

“They’re yours” Havoc gestured towards the group of maybe 10 vampires and walked over to her fancy chair again where she sat down.

“We need you to leave town” Scott’s voice was steady and loud as he spoke to the vampires. Havoc considered him maybe to be a good alpha there for a few seconds.

“This is why we’ve been waiting?” Damon, also known as Count Asshole laughed. “No way. We like it here. Lots of food.”

“You mean people. Innocent people who do not deserve this.” Stiles spoke. He sounded just as annoyed as Damon had done when talking to Havoc earlier.

“Whatever, we still won’t leave. Why does it matter?”

Havoc thought things were getting boring, and realized that now was her time to shine so she stood up again and stretched out her arms.

“What about we have a small duel then. If you lose, you and your little fledglings take your stuff and leave town forever. If I lose you get to stay.” She proposed to Damon.

“And why on earth would I risk all this on something as silly as a duel?”

“Aw, little Vampire Boy is scared he’ll lose.”

“I am not scared of anything, especially not you.” He scowled back and then he ripped off his coat. “Let’s fucking see who’s the fledgling” he huffed and walked out so he was placed in the middle of the floor. Havoc smirked, loving duels, and walked out so she was standing just a few meters away from him.

“What if she loses?” Stiles muttered.

“She won’t lose.” Derek answered in a voice just a low.

“And if she does she’s probably going to kill him anyways.” Peter said with his eyes locked on the pair ready to duel.

Havoc and Damon stared at each other for a few seconds in silence, and then their faces started sinking in. Spots of their faces slowly turned greyish, and those spots grew until their whole skin was that same pale grey shade. Their faces looked sickly sunken in, and you could hear their bones crack as their bodies changed, with a dark smoke emitting from them as their feet left the ground. They floated in the air just a few inches from the ground. In sync they closed their eyes and when they opened them, Damon’s eyes were dark orange and almost glowing. Havoc’s on the other hand, turned a bright blood red and the whites on her eyes turned pitch black. The landed on the ground again and Havoc grinned, showing off rows of sharp and pointy teeth.

“Holy shit” Stiles gasped.

“Wait, she’s a vampire too?” Scott seemed taken aback by this sudden plot-twist.

Without a warning, Damon lounged himself forward, and tried to grab a hold of Havoc but she had already moved. She looked like she was enjoying herself way too much.

The moved around for minutes, Damon sometimes trying to attack his opponent but he didn’t manage to do it even once. When he began to look like he wanted to give up, Havoc made a quick movement and grasped her fingers around his neck. Their feet left the ground, and suddenly they were high up in the air, Damon trying to pry Havoc’s fingers away from his neck.

“I win.” She smirked, before letting go of him. He fell down to the ground, and stayed on his knees with his hands on his neck. Slowly she floated down again. She held out her hand, as if to help him up, but when he was up on his feet her hand flew forward, digging into his chest. Damon made a gurgling sound as her hand sunk deeper and deeper into his chest.

The audience, including the vampire fledglings, just stared at the scene not really knowing what to do. Havoc almost felt bad for a few seconds, but when she crushed Damon’s heart in her hand and the dark smoke left his chest she just opened her mouth, and let smoke fill her. All she could think about was how she would be stronger and wouldn’t have to feed as often. It had only affected her a little bit of course, but it was something.

“Now, I suggest the rest of you kids leave town as you’ve been told.” She called out to the rest of the vampires, almost like if nothing had happened. The vampires scattered out, all of them heading for the door.  Just seconds later there were only five people left in the room, and only one of them being a vampire.

“Stop looking at me like I kicked a puppy.” Havoc shook her head when Scott and Stiles just stood there gaping at her.

“Told you she’d kill him” Peter stated as a matter of fact.

“But why did you kill him?” Scott asked, trying to understand.

“Well he wasn’t particularly nice, was he?” Havoc looked absolutely unbothered and pulled the hair tie out of her hair, letting it fall over her shoulders.

“That is true, but also beside the point.” Stiles told her. She chuckled at him.

“I like you, Human Boy. Do you know what my favorite thing about humans is?” Havoc asked him. He looked very confused and turned his head to look at his friend who just shrugged.

“Their dogs.” She declared. Derek rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, uh, I’ll be leaving now. It was nice seeing you again Havoc.” He turned around and left the house without hesitating.

“Bye bye, lover boy” Havoc called after him. She turned to face Peter. “You’re uncharacteristically quiet. I want you to pay me. In blood. And a favor, of course. Finding all those vampires and getting them here wasn’t exactly easy, ya know?”

“In blood? What is that supposed to mean?!” Stiles made a few gestures with his hands.

“Look, I know you expected me to be some cool military dude or something, but I ended up being a chaotic vampire queen. All you got to do is give me some blood, I’m not that picky honestly as long as it’s not bagged blood from the hospital, and I’ll be on my way. Capish?” Havoc explained to the younger boys. Peter just stood there, leaning against the wall.

“You can have blood from me. I’ll heal anyways.” Scott hesitantly told her.

“You’re an alpha. I’d just get sick from drinking your blood.” Havoc rolled her eyes and looked over at Stiles, and then Peter.

“Don’t look at me, I was only the messenger. They’re the ones who needed your help” Peter said, sounding very defensive.

“Well then. Wrist or neck, what do ya prefer?” Havoc decided and looked over at Stiles. He took a step back.

“You know what, uh, I’m not very fond of blood so-” Stiles tried to slither his way out of the deal. 

“Don’t worry, love. It won’t hurt.” Havoc cut him off and strode over to him. Scott tried to get in the way, and opened his mouth almost as if he was going to try to negotiate but Havoc just moved her fingers over his face and like a puppet he moved to the side. She grabbed the boys arm and moved his shirt away, revealing his wrist. Without a warning she pushed her sharp teeth into his arm, letting the warm liquid fill her mouth. She gulped it down, feeling her hunger go down, before letting him go and wiping her mouth on her arm. All while Havoc was feasting, Stiles made faces as if trying to hold in a scream or as if he was trying not to say something.

“You should stay. This town has been quiet without you.” Peter spoke up.

“No thank you, that means I would have to start feeding on animals and shit probably. Someday I might be good, but tomorrow I’ll be back at it again. You know I love to wreak havoc, and that ain’t stopping anytime soon. ” Havoc sped over to Peter, patted his shoulder and then with the speed of lighting left town. All while trying to ignore the new, very uncomfortable feeling that her fingertips were tingling.

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(If you're still open to Anti and/or Dark theories, I have one). Jack seems to be (mostly) oblivious to Anti, right? And Mark said that Dark was a separate person who likes to F with people. I think that Dark had a part in Anti going after Jack. I think, in an attempt to get at Mark, Dark called up an agent of chaos and bloody destruction to wreak havoc unknowingly on a guy who doesn't deserve it and is one of Mark's friends.

I’m always open to Anti/Dark stuff my dear, no matter the time ;)

Also, oooo I like this. Dark trying to get back at Mark for not letting him in so long. ‘He promised he would let me in again!’. Seems like Dark started to get impatient and decided to mess with Mark to see if he could either get him to obey him easier (considering Dark is very manipulative) or that he could create a distraction and slip in without being noticed. It seems to be the second one in A Date With Markiplier because Mark seemed completely unaware of Dark’s presence the whole time. Even when you got the Vanilla ending where you saw Dark for a split second at the table.

Dark, you sneaky bastard.

Okay but I can totally imagine Annabeth being person A and excitedly telling Percy and because Percy knows the streets of New York like the back of his hand he obviously knows the gangs and their symbols and he is increasingly worried as Annabeth gets further along on her story because it’s starting to sound like one of the most notorious gangs in New York. The only reasons Annabeth doesn’t know this is because firstly she hasn’t lived in New York all her life unlike Percy and secondly she never bothered to learn the ways of the streets simply because she’s always been with Percy when they’re walking around New York and he’s her guide. And of course as Percy said once you delve into a demigod life pretty much nothing scares in in the mortal world. But Percy knows this gang is absolute havoc and ughhhhhhhhh!!!! Just oh my gods! Yes I’m actually just in love with this headcanon

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Pietro brought a goose into the lab and it wreaked havoc. Many of the scientists sustained minor injuries, and the curtains caught fire. -Peggy

Goddamn it! @pietromemeimoff you’re grounded for a month and on dish duty for two weeks. And will somebody please get Monroe down from the rafters!!!!

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CAMILA AND LAUREN ARE DRIVING CAMREN SHIPPERS CRAZY!!! CRAZY I SAY!!!! I hope the both of them are happy now that they are wreaking havoc in our camren hearts and delusional minds now more than evwe!! here, take our fuckin hearts, all the feels are yours! We're driven mad everyday with those two! hahaha

Every CS…Everywhere right now…

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On Nindarhmen’s magic

It’s not a secret that Nin cherishes his magic, and couldn’t possibly live without it. He sees it as a blessing, and is very proud of it.

But it wasn’t always the case.

When he was little, when his magic manifested, his predisposition towards fire magic quickly became evident, as well as the realisation that his training would have to be different, given the nature of his magic. For quite some time, he was only able to set things on fire, and controlling it wasn’t easy. One of the first things Deshanna taught him is to put it out, to take the fire back.

Even if it wasn’t intentional, he was responsible for several incidents, which only caused havoc.

As a child, Nin saw his magic as a malevolent force, only there to spread destruction and harm. He was reluctant to practice it (even though he was a quick learner and had no trouble with his training exercises), and would only do so alone with the Keeper’s First. It took a while for him to see that he could bring warmth and light, and use his magic in different ways.

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By the magic of anons they gave it to him

All Pat did as a response was a frustrated groan and a; “You all need to please stop causing havoc, I don’t get paid enough for this.