havoc-4  asked:

I'm always looking for music recs! Got any?

oh man… I might be the Worst person in the entire world to ask for music recs. really 99% of what i listen to is movie soundtracks, musicals, and music for whatever I’m obsessing over right now. it’s currently glee and starkid. 

here’s my 9 most recently listened to songs though

1. Defying Gravity - Wicked

2. Singing In The Rain/Umbrella - Glee

3. The Scientist Glee Cover - Coldplay

4. Getaway Car - Lea Michele

5. Every Single Night - Computer Games

6. How Far I’ll Go Minor Version - Chase Holfelder

7. Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy 

8. So Much Better - Legally Blonde

9. The Grey Piano Cover - Into The Fray

Sleepover sunday!

Watched fma for the 500th time and realized i really love Havoc. Think i’m gonna do Ling/Greed next ..😉


I got dragged to see Beauty and the Beast on Thursday and it ended up making me want to revisit the doodles I did when working on @the-flame-and-hawks-eye‘s birthday present  (◠‿  ◠✿)