~harry potter

The Houses: *Playing Dungeons and Dragons*
Gryffindor: *Dungeon Master* Every time you jerks make a bad pun I’m giving you a disadvantage to your rolls.
Ravenclaw: It’s well worth it. After all I’m on a roll with these bad puns.
Gryffindor: That counts.
Slytherin: I think that was actually rather punny.
Gryffindor: You also get a disadvantage.
Gryffindor: *looks suspiciously at Hufflepuff*
Hufflepuff: Don’t look at me. I don’t want to face that punishment.
Gryffindor: You all are disadvantaged on your rolls.

662. Many ravenclaws struggle with people always assuming great things from them because they’re ‘gifted’ and ‘in the smart house’ and then not being able to fulfill these high expectations when they get older. As kids they start to define themselves by their intelligence and so, as they grow up and realise their intelligence is more average than they thought, they go through something of an identity crisis and constantly worry they won’t be able to fulfill their potential