I was rewatching the Halo 4 terminals today and I’m disappointed that pretty much none of it has been capitalized on. Sure, Halo: Silentium expanded on the Ur-Didact’s madness, but ancient humanity is only alluded to with the Hellcat armor, we’ve yet to see the Librarian AI except for a brief appearance in Escalation, and the Librarian’s hope for he Ur-Didact to teach humanity how to move past the Forerunners mistakes, barring continued Gravemind-induced madness, is likely a non-starter since he’s only being kept around to possibly fill out Halo’s rogues gallery of villains.

Instead we get evil Cortana and Sir Friendzone. Wonderful.

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“When Master Chief’s Car Door is Stuck”

Credit: @Regrann_App from @s117halofilm @izaakfromspace and filmed by @nuksuwanchote.

Toyota $500 Car Repairs $250 Saving the world… Priceless For everything else there’s Master Chief!

Armor by | @evakura_armor
Worn by | @worlds_tallest_spartan
Produced by| @lightformfilm

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117 shots of the Master Chief John-117  No. 117 of 117

Action Figure Pose Challenge 117/117

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Day 3 of 5: There’s a Throwback Art Meme making the rounds on Facebook lately and it’s been great to see the old work contrasted with the new; a bit like seeing old friends and catching them up with new ones. To keep things interesting I’ve also been sharing some .PSD Walkthroughs and Full Resolution files to some of the older images and I figured why not share here as well.

Still chronological, the next batch is from my time at 343i on Halo 4. Miss that crew! Whaddup guys! Lunch?

Here’s a PSD walkthrough of the first, Animation walkthrough PSD of the 2rd and a Full-res of the 3rd if you’re curious: Click! Here’s Day 1, Day 2.

Liking #halo5? Check out this amazing Cortana by @nyanxkatx! #cosplay #xbox

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