….i just thought of harry after his haircut. like maybe sitting in front of his&louis’s bedroom mirror or whatever & checkin himself out (like u do when u get a new haircut) and just being like, “’s a bit weird isn’t it?” and louis comes up behind him and’s like, “but it’s not a bad weird tho is it?” and like… obviously there’s nothing he could do if harry hated it? especially by way of making it grow back through the sheer Power of Love but harry shakes his head and is like “no.. not /bad/…” but it’s just not… ok he misses his long hair and he feels all naked and twitchy w/o it… but then louis just runs his fingers through harry’s hair. and at first it’s nice but then louis keeps doing it and harry’s like “mmmm hey…….babe……hey…. wyd…” and louis’s just like “i’m making your hair stand up look at it” and harry’s hair’s stickin up all over the place lookin kinda funny and harry’s like “ :| really?”…but then they’re laughing and harry calls him a dork (WHICH HE IS) and like he’s still a lil self conscious but like…. no matter what, being with louis is sometimes enough to just make all the crap stuff go away like…………………… nice…. just…t hinkin….abt that….. Great…

harry and louis are so strong… i’m just thinking of them… seven years deep in this garbage that i’m sure has changed them as people? but they’re still so tender, man. so tender and loving. you don’t go through stuff like that and it not change you but man they are taking these changes and like still managing to keep their hearts so good? it makes me cry like. people tried so hard to break these boys and they didn’t? they didn’t win. fractured, yes, maybe but they’re still going and that’s admirable.. it’s.. a lot. i’m so proud of them haha

electricitytrick  asked:

8., 9. and 17. for the video game ask meme!!

Best Soundtrack

It’s a toss up between Oblivion, Halo ODST and Life is Strange.  They all get regular play in my daily rotation!

I once read that Jeremy Soule had a near death experience while writing the music for Oblivion, so he was inspired to infuse his music with a wonder for life (I believe it, wow those instrumentals are vital).

Martin O’Donnel is a master composer.  All the Halo soundtracks are pulse poundingly good, but ODST invokes the most emotion for me.

And Life is Strange just did a really good job conveying the genre and feel of the game.  

Saddest Scene

I bawled the first time I played Mass Effect 3 and experienced Thane’s death scene.  I knew it was coming, but it was written really well.

Favorite Antagonist


Kreia.  Her motivations are very interesting and unique.  Few things are ever really surprising in the Star Wars universe, since it tends to be a very simplistic moral narrative, but the plot arc of this game was pretty well written.

Thanks for the questions!


the discord watched a guy do a longplay of halo 5 

this guy might be the greatest halo player

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What kind of games are you into? Also have you tried out the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands open beta?

I’ve got it downloaded but haven’t touched it yet. On O”

And I’m just gunna go through a small list cause I don’t think I have a ‘type’ When it comes to games? though I do like rpgs and futuristic stuff I guess?

Fallout, Mass Effect, Portal, Dragonball Xenoverse, Destiny, Halo, League of Legends, GTA, For Honor, Payday. There’s a lotta stuff. I think I’ve done doodles of most of these too.