The Departed Movie (2006) Original Title

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↟ Storyline:
To take down South Boston’s Irish Mafia, the police send in one of their own to infiltrate the underworld, not realizing the syndicate has done likewise in Martin Scorsese’s multiple Oscar-winning crime thriller. While an undercover cop curries favor with the mob kingpin, a career criminal rises through the police ranks. But both sides soon discover there’s a mole among them.

✱ Details :
Release Date : 2006-10-05
Category : Thriller, Drama, Crime
Casts : Kristen Dalton, Brian Haley, Gurdeep Singh, Jeffrey Corazzini, Chris Chinn, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Joseph Oliveira, Conor Timmis, Armen Garo, Kevin Corrigan, Robert ‘Toshi’ Kar Yuen Chan, Mark Rolston, James Badge Dale, Jim Ford, Jay Giannone, Thomas B. Duffy, Nellie Sciutto, Mick O'Rourke, Johnny Cicco, Vera Farmiga, Anthony Anderson, Audrie Neenan, Stream, Lawrence Cameron Steele, Billy Smith, Matt Damon, Osmani Rodriguez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Takumi Bando, Robert Wahlberg, Chance Kelly, Steve Lord, Larry Mitchell, John Cenatiempo, Conor Donovan, Trudi Goodman, Shay Duffin, Tom Kemp, Henry Yuk, J.C. MacKenzie, Martin Sheen, David Boston, Brian Smyj, John Farrer, Ray Winstone, David O'Hara, Dick Hughes, Patrick Coppola, Eric Bruno Borgman, David Conley, Dorothy Lyman, Alec Baldwin, John Rue, Joseph P. Reidy, Terry Serpico, Mark Wahlberg, Jill Brown, Jack Nicholson, Douglas Crosby, William Severs, Brendan Burke, James P. Anderson, Jack McCullough, David Fischer, Mary Klug, Craig Castaldo
Runtime : 151 minutes

( Departed 2006 Departed movie online movie full hd

Sinister 2 2015 full movie Online

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► Sinister 2 Movie Storyline
“ A young mother and her twin sons move into a rural house that’s marked for death. ”

► Sinister 2 Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-08-19
Casts : Lucas Jade Zumann, Robert Daniel Sloan, Dartanian Sloan, Nicholas King, Laila Haley, Tate Ellington, Jaden Klein, James Ransone, Caden M. Fritz, Delphine Pontvieux, Shannyn Sossamon, Olivia Rainey

London Has Fallen Movie Streaming (2016) HD

➣ London Has Fallen Movie Storyline
“ In London for the Prime Minister’s funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders. ”

➣ London Has Fallen Movie Detail
Release Date : 2016-01-21
Casts : Shivani Ghai, Melissa Leo, Angela Bassett, Gerard Butler, Jackie Earle Haley, Sean O'Bryan, Charlotte Riley, Robert Forster, Colin Salmon, Jorge Leon Martinez, Alon Aboutboul, Aaron Eckhart, Mehdi Dehbi, Radha Mitchell, Morgan Freeman
Duration : 0 minutes runtime
Rating : 5.6

Criminal Activities Movie (2015) Original Title

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⇍ Criminal Activities Movie Storyline:
Four young men make a risky investment together that puts them in trouble with the mob.

↚ Movie Details :
Release Date : 2015-06-01
Category : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Casts : Jackie Earle Haley, Morgan Wolk, Edi Gathegi, John Travolta, Dan Stevens, Rob Brown, Christopher Abbott, Michael Pitt, Travis Aaron Wade
Runtime : 94 minutes

On a scale of Hayley Williams to Chris Hemsworth how tall are you?

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Geena being a plot device made me sad. But also all of Argo was pointless. Like we get all these new ark survivors and have them killed off within an episode. Why introduce them at all? Also is Monty's mom with him? Is Miller's boyfriend alive? Why mention he has a bf from farm station if you're gonna kill off the survivors? I just don't???

I was just talking with @bellamysking about that :(((((