See You Tomorrow

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by bgharison

“When we were leaving the office, I said, ‘see you tomorrow’ to Chin and Kono, and they said, ‘yeah, see you tomorrow’. I said, ‘see you tomorrow’ to you, and you said, ‘goodnight’, And ‘goodnight’ sounded like 'goodbye’, okay?”

“I wasn’t saying goodbye,” he said, finally. But he kept his eyes fixed on the water.

Words: 4983, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2aAEdOn

Danny lets out a spectacular and supremely satisfied moan.  “Ah,” he says, closing his eyes and slipping deeper into the warm embrace of the bathtub. “This is the life.”

“This is sacrilege,” Steve mutters from the opposite end, poking Danny’s chest with his big toe.  “And anyway, I thought you didn’t like spas and weird soaps?”

Too relaxed to open his eyes for scowling purposes, Danny scrunches his nose up to convey his exasperation.  “Do you see any weird soaps in this bath, Steven?  Do you see any pumice stones, any bubbles, any ointments?  No, no you do not.”

Steve makes a funny face, mouthing “pumice stones” quizzically to himself - even with his eyes closed, Danny can sense the mocking.  “Stop that, the wind will change and you’ll get stuck looking like a tortoise.”

“You sound like Aunt Deb.”

Danny shudders.  “Please, babe, please do not talk about your aunt while we’re naked in the tub.  Just enjoy the nice warm water.”

“I would be,” Steve says mutinously.  “Except it’s out there and I’m in here.”

Danny gives in and opens his eyes, following the line of Steve’s arm and looking out the window: the big blue awaits, close enough to touch. “Yes,” Danny says as patiently as he can muster, “I see it, it’s lovely, all in good time.  But there’s water in here, too.  Domesticated water, which is my favourite kind, you’ll remember.”

“Domesticated water?  Are you for real?  You’re seriously going to make us have a bath when the ocean is right there?”  

Steve’s Navy SEAL sensibilities are clearly offended, and Danny’s patience is most definitely at an end.  “I didn’t make you do anything!  Go, go on then.”  He nudges Steve with his foot, trying to push him out the tub. “Go and swim with jellyfish instead of curling up naked with me.  I didn’t realize it was such a chore.”

He closes his eyes again, done with the conversation, and while his pout is mostly for show he can’t help but feel a bit miffed.  He’d been hoping for a couple of shared orgasms, and now he’s being abandoned.  Distracted from his thoughts by splashing, he feels Steve shift in the tub, water swirling as he prepares to stand.

But then, no.  Instead of standing, Steve is crawling forward, settling between Danny’s legs and blanketing him.  “You’re sulking,” Steve declares, and honestly, Danny is going to murder him.

“I am not,” he says, refusing to open his eyes, and oh, oh, Steve is kissing that spot.  “You’re just being an ass.”

“That’s Commander-Ass to you.”

“More like Admiral-Ass,” Danny mutters, but Steve is peppering him with warm kisses and it’s hard to keep his train of thought.  “Actually…oh, Steve, Steve, yes.” He clears his throat, determined to get back on track.  “Actually, I take that back, the last thing you need is a promotion.”

“Danno?” Steve asks.


“You’ve got your husband, a Navy SEAL, in your stupid domesticated water.  Shut up.”

And with that, Steve slips down the bath, takes a deep breath, and ducks his head under the water.


Are you kidding me rn? 

7x01 Spoilers 

  • Danny:I think I’m dating Steve.
  • Eric:What? How? Where?
  • Danny:Well, we went to Kono’s wedding and it was really nice, we had a really good time. We laughed a lot and we ate, and then we danced…
  • Eric:Danced… how?
  • Danny:We pop-locked.
  • Eric:Was it a fast dance, slow dance, group dance…?
  • Danny:It was a slow dance. What’s a group dance?
  • Eric:The Hustle. The Hora.
  • Danny:No Hustle. No Hora. It was a waltz. Steve can waltz.
  • Eric:Steve can waltz?
  • Danny:Steve can *waltz*.
  • Eric:Look how you just said “Steve can waltz”!
  • Danny:What? I was just saying I’m surprised Steve can waltz.
  • Eric:That sounded more like “I’m surprised I still have my clothes on”.
  • Danny:Oh, stop!

+ I guess, every time I’m riding a motorcycle and I’m splitting lanes, or I’m doing something, I know it’s not the smartest thing to do, but there’s a certain – I mean, you sound goofy saying it, but there is a freedom riding motorcycles. There is a freedom with having all this power, either on your hand, or on your foot. It’s something that you don’t answer to anybody, or have anything to do with anybody else. I guess we’re talking about the outsiders, or talking about that whole thing. There is a rebel thing to it, too. It’s like we’re different than YOU.