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Not really a question... You would think the people up in arms about Mt. McKinley renaming(back to its original name) would realize that it is in DENALI NATIONAL PARK!, and get that it should have kept the name Denali all along. Sadly they are in denali... er... um... i mean denial.

Those people are constantly looking for meaningless bullshit to get worked up about. I wish they cared as much about gun violence, homelessness, lack of access to health care and quality education as they apparently care about the name of a fucking mountain that most Americans will ever even see.

Here’s something I think about the Winter Soldier….

This guy enjoyed his work, for the most part.

He was strong.

He commanded respect.

He could do things that no one else could do.

They would have hidden the brainwashing from all but those who needed to know. That being common knowledge would have undermined the Winter Soldier’s usefulness. 

There’s probably a reason that the Winter Soldier commanded Russian troops and those who held guns on him when he came out of Stasis or was being prepared for missions were different people, seemingly American.

And the Winter Soldier? He wouldn’t remember it. They could just tell him he was a hero who’d been injured, that he’d volunteered to be the Winter Soldier and earned the title by shaping the century for the better. 

At the time, he probably thought the mind wipes were either something else, or necessary for reasons we don’t know. He opens his mouth for the mouthpiece looking like he has no fear or objection, even after attacking the hydra scientists. He knows something is wrong, but he doesn’t think it’s what they’re about to do to him. He’s just shown that he’s perfectly capable of attacking if he thinks something is amiss, and he doesn’t.

He knows he has weird shit in his head, sure. Flashes of things that didn’t make sense, but they probably convinced him that he’d made sacrifices to become the Winter Soldier, and that was part of it. It would just be how it was, 

He probably had few regrets until he remembered who he was..

‘And Group B?’ Thomas asked; be glanced over at Aris. 'Or whoever they were talking about. What if they really do wanna kill us? All we have to fight with are our hands.’
Minho flexed his right arm. 'If these people are really the girls Aris was banging out with, I’ll show 'em these guns of mine and they’ll go runnin’.
—  James Dashner, The Scorch Trials

I’m stuck tutoring all the time. The short break on Saturday aside, I feel like I’ve been doing little more than stare at textbooks. Would anyone other than Morgan be willing to take me out for a night of fun? Last time I went out with her someone almost shaved my head and came at me with a tattoo gun, talking about wanting to put Big Bird or some other god awful thing on my ass. That is not a night I want to repeat.

Martial Arts/Fighting.

People who talk a lot about fighting on here pretty much have never obviously been in a fucking fight. “YOU DON’T NEED A GUN. JUST USE A KNIFE, OR A MARTIAL ART, LOLOL.” This isn’t a rant about self defense though, not today, not tonight.  This is just me ranting and raving a bit, take it how you want. Okay, yeah. Look, martial arts aren’t necessarily fighting. Martial Arts are just what it sounds like, an art. That’s not to say that martial arts can’t be used for fighting, because they can and are, but just because you know a martial art doesn’t mean you know how to fight, and just because you’re a martial artist doesn’t mean you’re a fighter. I’ve known a few fighters in my time, and more than a few of those fighters couldn’t name a damn “martial art,” much less practice one. Their punches were sloppy, their technique was ugly, but they could pound a mother-fucker into the ground like it wasn’t nothing.

I’ve also seen martial artists who’s moves were beautiful, and polished, and works of art to look at, and I’ve probably seen babies who fucking hit harder than anything they’ve ever thrown.

With that said, there’s martial artists who are, in fact, fighters. This isn’t a crack at any style, or a critique, it’s just one asshole’s opinion.

Anyways, you can usually tell a fighter from the look of them, it ain’t hard. The calloused hands, the off angled fingers, probably a mangled fucking ear, maybe a nose that didn’t heal right. The way they might drag a leg because of a fucked up knee, or the way one of their shoulders sit on their body. Heh, bet you that there’s at least a reader or two who knows exactly what the fuck I’m going on about, they’ve probably also got the arthritis to go along with it.  

With that said? There’s exceptions to the rule. There’s also those pretty bastards [or bitches] out there who are.. Well, they’re either new, or they’re exceptionally fucking dangerous because no one’s been good enough, or quick enough, to ever lay their hands on them to do significant trauma. Just, just don’t son. Don’t. Those aren’t the people to be fucked with.

It takes experience, and it takes a whole lot of pain, to become a martial artist, it takes even more to truly have the comprehension of what it’s like to become a fighter. Telling someone to just “learn how to fight” is bullshit. Not everyone has the stomach for it. Blood’s hard to stomach if you’re not used to it. Still though, you should try, but at your pace. Find people you’re comfortable with, and don’t be afraid to start out at the brass tacks, because everyone’s had to start from somewhere.

You can find a wealth of experience here, and there’s some great blogs on here as well as online, but research whatever you see, and don’t try anything you just hear on the internet. There’s a lot of pretty goddamn decent blogs out here to learn from, or listen to them, I’ll list a few for you even.

wrath-the-furious is tumblr’s own pretty as fuck gentle giant. He’s more or less what I meant when I said “fighter and martial artist” all in one. He’s pretty goddamn friendly, and from what I’ve seen? More than happy to answer any question you’d ever throw at him.

grumpyvikingwithagun .. Well, he’s not polished, he ain’t fucking pretty, but he could probably twist your shit up before you had the chance to finish what you wanted to spew at him. I’ve never seen him turn anyone away looking for advice.

shaped-by-karate I don’t really know the dude, but I follow him. He’s sound, down to earth, and definitely not a complete asshole so there’s that!

she-kicks-she-throws is another blog to look at, especially if you’re a female or trans. They’re a lot more sensitive to issues that affect both parties, and they tend to think of shit I wouldn’t. 

I’m pretty sure with those four, you can go along and find more!

So I was gonna debate over gun control with my brother. He is smart and was looking for sources to use, as was I. We left it though because he couldn’t find sources while I with a quick google search found evidence that shows stricter gun control does reduce gun deaths and violence. Take this as you will, though I’m taking it as a victory.

American gun culture is unique, taking hundreds of years to grow and harden into the current disaster as it exists. It started with hazy national myths of the frontier and the horrors it housed; it was inscribed in our DNA when Americans were occupied by English forces; it was solidified, much more recently, following a concerted effort by capitalists to misread the Bill of Rights in service of selling people on fear of a future in which they become a hunted minority. Even as the amount of households with guns has steadily declined over time, firearms are still being collected by hardline owners so paranoid of a changing nation that they imagine a day someone storms in their house to take their guns. This will of course never happen (though perhaps it should), but still they react by maintaining their capacity to shoot that someone dead.