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I don't know if you can answer this, but what is it exactly with the leftist side of tumblr and memes? So many seem to either come from there or used largely by them

Let me preface this by saying that most of this is conjecture. So thinking back to some memes that I’ve observed were notably popular among some leftists on Tumblr, there was the Gadsden flag meme and the gun meme. I think the Gadsden flag meme was attractive to leftists because (1) it was a means to irritate right-wingers and reactionaries and (2) the use of crude graphic design had an absurdist shitposting quality about it. I think this second point is the more universal one when it comes to memes and leftism on Tumblr as not all memes necessarily have a quality that is irritating to right-wingers and reactionaries.

With regard to the second point made, there was an essay that circulated some time ago on Tumblr about the relationship between shitposting and communism. Although the essay itself does not make much reference to actual leftist ideology, it does provide a thought-provoking thesis–that shitposting “create[s] a uniquely relatable and political literary body of work which strives to process and respond to the anxieties of a life intertwined with the vast and overwhelming mechanizations of a failing capitalist society.” (The essay can be read in full here.) If we were to accept this thesis as true, we can see why, for example, the gun meme has been popular among some leftists on Tumblr. The sheer non-sequitur / absurdist quality makes it have a close association with the shitposting genre.

“Hawkmoon, Monte Carlo, and Gjallarhorn are such beautifully detailed, strong and reliable weapons, that I call them Destiny’s “Triforce”.I also have a few personal headcanons about Hawkmoon and Monte Carlo, such as they were forged by the Gunsmith from pure Motes of Light and scattered Golden Age weapon parts from Earth and Mars, and- to go along with my “Triforce” headcanon- that these two guns in particular had to be searched out in the wild after the Guardians who wielded them decided to hide them, in hopes that they aid future Guardians against the Darkness.“

DESTINY confessions

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I love re-reading 693 because Kakashi just says that Sakura wanted to save him/never wanted him to be hers, but Sasuke jumps the gun and talks about “playing romance”. Sasuke please lol

The Fokker Scourge Begins

Pictured - A modern reproduction of the Fokker Eindecker

Though it may look flimsy today, the Fokker Eindecker planes were the scourge of the skies from summer 1915 onwards, until early 1916.  Designed by Dutch engineer Anthony Fokker, the monoplane Eindecker was the first airplane to have an interrupter gearing mechanism that allowed the pilot to fire a machine-gun through the propeller blades without hitting them.  Fokker had based his mechanism on a crude French prototype attached to a captured French aircraft.  Fitted with this ingenious new device, the Fokker Eindecker planes and their pilots dominated their opponents until the introduction of French Nieuport 11 and British DH.2 fighters in 1916.  The pictured modern replica is the Fokker Eindecker E III, the ultimate model of the design, first introduced in December 1915.

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