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A Very Dangerous Woman: the Lives, Loves and Lies of Russia’s Most Seductive Spy

by Deborah McDonald


In January 1918, the British adventurer, diplomat, and secret agent Robert Bruce Lockhart arrived in Revolutionary Russia. His official mission: Britain’s envoy to the new Bolshevik government. His true mission: to create a network of agents, plot the assassination of Lenin, and overthrow the Bolsheviks. A dashing charmer, he soon got to know the aristocratic socialite, he…

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I just learned a few things I didn’t know before.

I learned that thousands of people came together to protest suppression of information, and bring an organization’s questionable practices into light.

I learned that thousands of people came together to literally fuel a revolution in a genuinely oppressed nation.  When that government even tried to shut down communication among its people, the people found support worldwide that created lines of communication via third party servers, and instructed citizens on using dial-up modems and amateur radios.

You know where those people came from?  4chan.  7chan.  Anonymous.  I knew a lot about what people from those places have accomplished, but I hadn’t known of the extent to which they had gone, and I had no idea that they helped liberate a nation from a dictatorship.  And do you know what I saw in videos and photos from these events?  Human beings of every stripe.  Not just “obese, cishet white neckbeards in fedoras”, but women, minorities–equal fuckin’ representation.  A Guy Fawkes mask only covers so much.  It hides enough of a person’s identity to protect them, but it doesn’t hide diversity.

(Sorry, I just really love the fact that someone brought a Dal doll to a protest)

^ There are probably more people in the image above than there were at Dashcon, for fuck’s sake.

This made me think about a lot of things, but mainly about the kind of people who call themselves “activists” and “feminists” on this site.  Some of them even wear the label of “social justice warrior” as a point of pride, not realizing that this label is a negative one created to designate the kind of people who (unfortunately) give the face of activism a bad name.

What the fuck have these young “activists” done for anyone?  These same people that even tried to start shit with 4chan on multiple occasions?  What have they EVER fucking accomplished?

A couple of people tipping over a garbage can at a parade?  Ooooh, scary.  That totally helped someone somewhere, I’m sure.  Meanwhile, Project Chanology (unrelated to Operation Egypt) arose in the form of thousands of people across the entire fuckin’ WORLD.  Australia, Isreal, the U.K., the U.S. - some of them in spite of their personal differences, like Isreali and Pakistan people in Tel Aviv holding each other’s flags as they stood together for a common cause.

Fuckin’ tumblr “activists” send anonymous death threats to women who don’t identify as feminists, victim-blame rape victims, try to get people fired from their jobs over drawings, harass cartoon writers for not writing characters according to their personal headcanons, and spread false accusations of sexual assault as though it’s as lighthearted as calling the people they accuse “doo-doo heads”. 

After taking in the information that I have recently, I am just that much more incensed about the morally bankrupt little fuckweasels that act all high-and-mighty on this godforsaken, lice-infested armpit of social media while they not only accomplish absolutely NOTHING, but also gleefully ruin innocent people’s lives just so they can feel worthwhile for two seconds (as opposed to actually being interesting enough people for anyone to give a fuck about otherwise).  They constantly use positive events as soapboxes to drag others down–whether it’s a national holiday, or even an unprecedented win for LGBTA rights.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  They’ll make it about women, or they’ll make it about whatever pet cause they’ve adopted (or rather, appropriated) on that particular week.  They even cry about wanting to “protect” children while being completely in denial of their own unacceptable behavior, or the fact that they’re often far worse than the people they’re complaining about.  Being angry and perpetually offended has become a trend.  It’s a replacement for having a damn personality.  It’s a way to get notes and popularity for these people, and that’s it.  They’re all “Kill all men!”, “Buy my cute shirt that bashes people for their sexuality!”, “This world would be better off without white people!”, and “ALWAYS BELIEVE RAPE VICTIMS!  Unless they don’t call themselves feminists, in which case they’re probably lying about being raped, and just want male approval!!!”.  Meanwhile, the very people they love to demonize most of all HELPED OVERTHROW A FUCKING DICTATORSHIP.

Fuck all the “social justice warriors” and “feminists” on this site.  They’re not in this for justice.  Not at all.  Channers may be a chaotic element with a history of disruptive behavior, but at their best, they are what “social justice warriors” only PRETEND to be.

Harper skips biggest gay pride celebration in Canada, while Mulcair and Trudeau show support
Federal opposition steals show.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was nowhere to be seen at Pride Toronto Festival on June 28, even as all his major political rivals flocked into town for the celebration.

“Who? We haven’t seen him,“ said Karen Kelly.

Even as Prime Minister Harper stayed away, federal opposition leader Tom Mulcair and a throng of NDP supporters following the party’s orange-coloured float did march in the parade, with the NDP procession attracting loud cheers from the crowd.

Mulcair was joined by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who went on a walkabout meeting members of the public before the main parade, as did Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

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Top neuroscientist leaving for UK on Canada's 'diminished' value of knowledge
Dr. Rob Brownstone says the federal government's changing attitude toward scientific research is part of the reason he's leaving.

The present Canadian government is the most thuggishly anti-intellectual in our history. The minister in charge doesn’t believe in evolution and the National Research Council is being run by some corporate goon who thinks that the theory of relativity wasn’t truly “innovative” because it wasn’t commercializable. Harper himself, before become PM, basically implicated 97% of the world’s climate researchers in a communist conspiracy to redistribute money to the third world. 

No matter who wins the next election it’s going to years to clean-up the mess that these dillholes have made of our scientific infrastructure. Good luck getting all of these top scientists to come back.

1% feminism is all about the glass ceiling, never about the floor. It addresses the concerns, anxieties and prerogatives of the 1%, women who are at or near the top levels of their professions, the corporate world or government. Unfortunately, blind to its own limited field of vision, it tends to speak in the name of all women, universalizing that which is profoundly particular.

Lean In and One Percent Feminism

By Linda Burnham

anonymous asked:

What's the story behind swan lake?

swan lake starts out with the prince seigfried with his hilariously stupid name.

his mother is the queen of some unnamed kingdom, and on his birthday she not only gives him a crossbow, which is apparently common in quasi victorian times, but she also reminds him that since he is 21 and like an adult now that he needs to have some responsibilities. these include governing the kingdom and taking a wife, because you know, WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS.

so he’s all like “gosh mom okay whatever i get it” and goes out with some of his broskies to go hunting with his new crossbow. he goes running after some swan and gets separated from his buds. the swan actually morphs into a woman and she’s all like “damn son please don’t shoot me”

he’s all like “man girlfriend you so fine but you’re like half swan and that’s kind of weird what’s your story?”

she tells him that her name is odette and shes a princess turned into a swan by a vengeful sorcerer rothbart who apparently has nothing better to do than torture young ladies, and trapped her and her swan maidens on a lake made out of her mother’s tears and they’re all pretty upset about it

at this point there is a lot of dancing of the swans which is probably the most memorable and gorgeous part of the ballet, but has absolutely nothing to do with the story other than being like “damn these girls are swans”

she’s all like “hey the only way i can get to be a real human again and save all my swan lady sisters is for a man to fall in love with me and swear it to the world”

and despite having known her and danced with her for only like 20 minutes by now he’s all like “oh course ill do that for you bae, in fact my mom is having a ball tonight you should come we’ll do it then”

von rothbart, who is listening in, is all like “hell no am i letting my swan bbs go” and he starts to concoct a plan to fuck up their love swearing shindig

act three flashes forward to the next night, with the ball. seigfried’s queen mom has brought all these eligible princesses from neighboring kingdoms to try to egg him on like “please get married already.” all the princesses are of course into it because hey, cute prince, and they all try to do their best dancing for him to remind him that they are the most marry-able

they dance with their entourages in a lot of traditional dances, like the hungarian czardas, until BOOM INTERRUPTION

in busts odette, or who we think is odette, and some dude. turns out rothbart has used his magic to tranform his daughter odile to look like odette, but she is a black swan, instead of a white swan.

this sassy bitch dances with seigfried and he’s completely enraptured- he totally thinks this is the same swan lady from the other night. she’s such a boss ass bitch with her rad thirty two fouettes and her like mad gorgeousness that he is completely convinced that she is odette, and of course he goes in front of everyone to swear his motherfucking love TO THE WRONG GIRL

this is the terrible moment where we see odette frantically flying at the window, and he realizes THAT HE HAS MADE A GRAVE MISTAKE

odile and rothbart laugh it up and leave in a flash of smoke because they think that odette is now going to be a swan forever with her swan girlfriends and seigfried busts out to there to go look for her

he gets to the lake and odette is in tears, surrounded and protected by her flock, who don’t want to let this dude in. she listens to his plea and forgives him

then she decides that the only way to free her flock of swans is to kill herself, and she leaps off the cliff into the lake, drowning herself, despite the fact that SHE IS A BIRD AND SWAN CAN SWIM, and seigfried, unable to live without her and wracked with guilt, follows her and jumps to his death.

with the two’s selfless death and eternal love, the swans are freed from their bondage and rothbart dies, as we see their eternal souls floating over in the horizon.

(in some versions, the two promise o jump off the cliff and the romise in and off itself frees the swans so nobody has to die, and in some versions, they fight rothbart and kill him, and in other versions, only odette dies, so i can see how this might get confusing)

*shuts story book* and that’s the ballet of swan lake

Marriage Equality Comes To Puerto Rico In Wake Of Supreme Court Ruling
Hours after the Supreme Court ruled marriage equality was a constitutional right in America, Puerto Rico’s governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, signed an executive order requiring [...]

“Hours after the Supreme Court ruled marriage equality was a
constitutional right in America, Puerto Rico’s governor, Alejandro
Garcia Padilla, signed an executive order requiring government agencies
to become compliant with the ruling within 15 days.“

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage? Would you personally ever date a guy?

While I like that same sex marriage is now fifty state legal I don’t necessarily agree with the manner in which is was done for a couple reasons.

1. I think the government should stay out of marriage to begin with.

2. There are a lot of people who just got slapped in the face by SCOTUS and told their votes don’t matter. What I mean by that, is anyone who voted against the legalization of gay marriage in their own state and won the vote has just been told their vote didn’t matter.  Do I agree with those people? No, but this isn’t how our system of government is supposed to work.

I’m also concerned this is going to give rise to hate crimes. I’m not saying this isn’t a time for celebration for those who are really stoked about this. I’m just worried to see the shift in power from the states to the federal government and worried about an increase in violence toward the LGBT community in the states where same sex marriage was previously illegal. 

I don’t see myself every dating a dude.

Marriage is all well and good, but it should not be a fundamental way we access government resources and social privilege in our society. And I’m hopeful that this ruling in favor of equality means we can stop building up the institution of marriage in a political context, and focus our attention on other pressing issues that involve more radical liberation.

anonymous asked:

So, I've always been very anti-marijuana, anti-drug in general. Now that I'm a bit older, and the decriminalizing movement has grown considerably, why do you think decriminalizing it is good? I'm genuinely curious and would like to be more educated on the debate.

In 2013 over 1 million arrests were reached in Canada for marijuana possession. It is silly to me to punish people like this for a drug that is amongst the most harmless in the world:

Marijuana may be even safer than previously thought, researchers say

Add onto that the cops focusing on drug prevention in this way takes them away from more serious crimes and police matters like homicide, missing persons, drunk driving, property damage, etc

Also this ‘war on drugs’ isn’t working:

Canada’s anti-drug strategy a failure, study suggests

Organized crime also depends on the drug being illegal; if it was decriminalized or legalized its likely that money flowing into gangs and drug dealers would decrease. If it was legalized, the Canadian government could make millions off the sale of the drug like alcohol and ensure that the quality is better; so even safety would approve.

The ‘war on drugs’ is a colossal failure.

anonymous asked:

Do you support burning Confederate flags?

I don’t think there’s any reason to burn them. Just don’t display them over government property. And don’t be surprised when you realize that we think you’re a dick for displaying it on your dumb pickup truck.

While I strongly dislike that some people aren’t moved by the troubles of others until it effects them directly, here’s a very small way that the restrictions placed on and directly intended for undocumented immigrants  will interrupt your day, American Citizen!

As my PA ID expires tomorrow, I’m switching my legal residency to DC. Surprisingly, it’s *not* procrastination that’s made me wait until the literal last possible day, it’s the REAL ID Act. As DC is in compliance with this, I’m required to provide a current unexpired government ID, my Social Security card, birth certificate, current lease, and a utility bill in order to get an ID card in the District - this is all before even taking a driver’s test. Sending away for a copy of my birth certificate took me a month and cost about $40. The Real ID will cost me $20, and about half a day away from work. While this is a minor annoyance to me, imagine how much of a bigger issue this would be for people who don’t have access to these things (i.e.: your name isn’t on your lease/utilities). And yes, you need all of them, or equivalents (a recent W-2 can substitute for a Social Security card, for example).
“Well I live in [not DC], and that place is a bureaucratic nightmare! I’m unbothered.” As of January 1, 2016 you’ll need on too in order to open a bank account, board an airplane or enter a federal building, or use your ID for any other federal purpose (FASFA, Section 8/HUD rental assistance spring to mind immediately).




Greece enters uncharted phase in death spiral as government cuts citizens off from funds

Grim uncertainty reigned in the Greek capital Sunday as Athenians quietly trudged from bank to bank searching for ATMs that were still dispensing euros.

The country’s banks and stock markets will be closed for at least several days and strict capital controls are to be introduced, the government said, after a weekend of high drama here and at the European Union’s headquarters in Brussels that began when talks regarding the country’s bailout package stalled on Friday.

European bank shares fell sharply on Monday. Top banks in Spain, France and Germany were down more than 6 per cent as the risk of a spillover to banks in other peripheral euro zone countries spooked investors.

Police riot officers stood on guard outside the Greek parliament at Syntagma Square during an anti-European Union demonstration in Athens, Greece, on Sunday. 

PHOTO: ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images & Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

anonymous asked:


music for pseudo intellectuals that probably wear tin foil hats to protect themselves from government mind reading technology

I fear that our precious movements for social justice and all the remarkable advancements we have made are now vulnerable to being taken over by monied people and institutions, and that those of us for whom same-sex marriage rights brings no equality will be slowly erased from our movement and our history.
—  Chelsea Manning (born Bradley Edward Manning), former U.S. Army soldier and government whistleblower. Her new piece in The Guardian is called “Same-sex marriage isn’t equality for all LGBT people. Our movement can’t end.” Watch today’s Democracy Now! coverage of the Supreme Court’s historic ruling on marriage equality and the next steps for LGBTQ activism.
U.S. terrorism comes from the right
The capitalist media would have the people of this country believe that the main terrorist threat in the United States comes from terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims. But a June 16 op-ed piece in the New York Times revealed that “headlines can mislead.
By Teresa Gutierrez

The police themselves document that it is not Muslims who are the big threat, but right-wing anti-government extremists, the overwhelming majority of them white men. Over 70 percent of the police surveyed report that anti-government extremism is one of the top three terrorist threats in their jurisdiction. In addition, only 3 percent of the police surveyed identified the threat from Muslim extremists as severe.

The study continued: “An officer from a large metropolitan area said that ‘militias, neo-Nazis and sovereign citizens’ are the biggest threat we face in regard to extremism. One officer explained that he ranked the right-wing threat higher because ‘it is an emerging threat that we don’t have as good of a grip on, even with our intelligence unit, as we do with the Al Shabab/Al Qaeda issue, which we have been dealing with for some time.’ An officer on the West Coast explained that the ‘sovereign citizen’ anti-government threat has ‘really taken off,’ whereas terrorism by American Muslims is something ‘we just haven’t experienced yet.’”

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth: the real terrorists are not that racist image of Muslims promoted by Hollywood but rather white, racist, right-wing men.

This opinion piece is limited, however. It ignores the other blatant terrorists in our midst: the unbridled wrath of police in the oppressed communities, for example, who wage war with impunity against people of color. And then there is the terrorism of the Pentagon that has for decades carried out horrific crimes against the peoples of the world, also mostly with impunity.

However, this well-documented exposé about the terrorists in our midst is important to know about in the wake of the heinous racist assassination of nine Black people carried out by Dylann Roof in Charleston, S.C.

anonymous asked:

have you seen that post going around that starts with "people on this site have a tendency to romanticize communism" and talks about the perpetuation of antisemitism by communist governments? if so I just wanted to hear your thoughts?

it’s true that people do romanticize (bad word choice lol) i guess, but i think ppl also don’t understand that antisemitism is in no way a characteristic of communism lol like a) every fucking goyische system is privy to antisemitism, to claim or imply that it’s specific to, or even more pronounced or something, under a communist or socialist system, is just a bad reading of history and society, b) the job of liberating and ending discrimination against minorities should be a priority of communism (and i think that in many ways, cannot be achieved without the creation of a classless society), but it requires a near-total revolution and change in social positional attitudes and modes of power that aren’t always attainable in the ~traditional leninist state model locked in a global capitalist system, let alone ones with embedded ethnic and cultural discrimination and a history of fault lines that were often both economic and ethnic. my point is that there are SO many other more explanatory and more consequential factors in the incidence of antisemitism in communist states that it seems silly to me to place the blame solely on communism lol