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Do we have a fossil history of chickens?

The best part about chickens is that WE DON’T NEED ONE!

Let me introduce you to the red junglefowl.

“OH, YOU’RE A FUNNY ONE,” you might say. “PLEASE. THOSE ARE JUST THE BORING, REGULAR KIND OF CHICKENS, YOU JOKESTER” And you’d be so wrong! But also right, I guess? Anyway.

Modern chickens - subspecies Gallus gallus domesticus to the red’s Gallus gallus - are known to have been domesticated from the red junglefowl ~3000BP (before present), but the actual start of it probably began earlier (and possibly involved some hybridization shenanigans with the grey junglefowl - scandalous). The red junglefowl’s range is in Southeast Asia, and based off of DNA sequencing of fossil chicken bones from a multitude of human settlements around the world, there were likely several Asian domestication centers that slowly brought chickens around the world.

To go a bit further back, though, junglefowl are in the family Phasianidae (which I think is Latin for “good for shooting at I guess” - aka pheasants, partridges, peafowl, etc), a clade whose earliest fossil traces (Palaeortyx sp.date from the Late Oligocene (~25MYA). The first fossil attributed to the Galliformes - “wildfowl” - order (Austinornis lentus) was from the Late Cretaceous(~70MYA). And, of course, the earliest birds evolved ~150MYA ago in the Late Jurassic.

I could keep going on this wondrous journey through time, but easiest is to leave it at everything else, as they say, is 4.1 billion years of very complicated history.


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oldish stuff I’ve had on my drafts for months.

He’s some tealblood with a bird dad who uses his spray cans to vandalize other people’s property and also uses it as a weapon, then his bff kills him accidentally because she’s the worst and he ends up becoming a sprite combined with one of her weird bombs [now he’s got 6 arms!!! sort of ]

I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted anything with this guy before????

FUCK OK I probably was supposed to upload this yesterday but because of my crippling Depression I’m uploading this today. So first I wanna just mention couple of special memes peeps who had made my time tolerable on this Hell Website™ and in this community in general. 

The Special Beans who make this Hellsite™ feel Okay

@ozcobblepot - ok lemme be honest I have never played batman so to me its hard to say about your portrayal anything but you make the character seem really interesting imo ?? but ooc Tad’s really cool and I Trust him with my memes and Gay stuff 24/7 ,, just how long we have known each others on this shitty website ??

@ustrajncst - your twd/g oc is honestly my fave ? I love her so much and I hope we have more interaction in the future !! (fuck I know it’s me who’s slow with the replies but ilu either way) also the mun seems super sweet ooc and they deserve a lot more attention on this blog ok ?? 

@stcrdcst - this gay baby what the fuck… I love them and the mun seems super approachable most of the time and they are so much fun to talk to tbh ?? I mean we don’t talk much ooc but I get that positive vibe outta you ?? and your ocs pretty great too y’all should check ‘em out. 

@hopelostindays - where do I even start with you ?? bless you for tolerating me 24/7. honestly it’s shame that people tend to ignore multi-muse blogs because this one is pretty gr8 ?? I also love your portrayals especially Nate my absolute Fave. ,, also im sorry I’m so slow with all the threads we have…. 

and then some peeps/mutuals who are pretty gr8 and I enjoy seeing them on my dash !! I haven’t interacted with them all but y’all seem cool and all !!  

@pixiecoveredinguts - @littleemotional - @ofcandybars - @dcadcassette - @kcnnyjr - @henevermadeithome - @painxknives - @somethingihavetodo - @morescared - @aceinthehcle - @lethargic-hunter - @nctbitten - @liivingslowly - @batomos - @brokenbirthright - @dirtandguts - @loudmouthedfloridian - @medicalxperspective - @couldntfindanybullets - @dogbitten - @aintfair - @shitbirding - @bloodybluecap - @saltliicker - @thatsurvivorthing - @rvsolute - @peaceasshcle - @losmuertcs - @shitbircl - @wokeupagain - @candyprayed - @doctorlxdy - @iinfringed - @vigilantuncle - @shesfuckingweird -@ncrthernliights - @crackinthewhip - @gabrielgarciia - @speakiingrussian - @meannohxrm - @devd-wvlkie

I hope I get to interact with y’all this year !! Have a good one. 

okay but consider: the foxes on american ninja warrior (or sasuke, the original)

for those of you who don’t know, ANW is an obstacle course designed to test like every muscle you’ve ever got. it’s entertaining to watch tbh

idk man i just really want them on this show because i’m obsessed

this has been in my drafts forever shhhh

Dan Wilds

  • okay so she is the first woman to make it up the warped wall
  • but that was like 3 years ago
  • and every year since that, she’s made it up and everyone is a little bit in love with her because she’s nice and strong and record holder!!
  • she owns a gym with Matt and they are the Alpha Couple 

Allison Reynolds

  • okay so there was a year that like 6 different women made it up for the first time and allison and dan (and renee but i haven’t gotten there yet) were all in the same year
  • but allison hasn’t been as consistent, but she’s a fan fave so she always gets a wild card to the finals
  • she’s working hard af and trying to get back to her original best and everyone loves that
  • ((not to mention she could easily crush some of these male competitors))

Renee Walker

  • has made it up the wall once but she’s happier for the others because she’s a sweetheart
  • which makes a lot of people love her
  • she’s also the one that’s friends with like all the other competitors so she collects everyone else’s shirts and cheers them on from the sidelines
  • but let’s face it, renee works really frickin hard and the next year she comes back and she’s got this fierce determination

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i’d just like to state that i’m much more likely to reply faster to threads with people that i speak with ooc. this isn’t because i don’t want to write with you, or because i don’t like our threads as much. it’s just that talking to people on a regular basis gives me a lot of inspiration, especially if we’ve been discussing our characters’ relationship, or other potential plotlines. so if you’re wondering where your thread is, i can promise i’m not ignoring you. i just want you to understand how my creative process works most of the time. 


YEAH SO I was tagged by my bro @handsomejackisback to do this six selfies of 2016 thing like FOREVER ago and I finally got around to doing it. With just one day left of this horrid year of 2016 lmao. But ayyy there ya go I guess, have my stupid face.

Tagging: idk anyone that wants to do this honestly <3

Way hey, I was going through some drafts and stumbled on this ficlet. I’d been thinking a lot about Carl Sagan at the time – which I feel is something everyone can relate to. 

Title: Wondering About The Stars

Summary: Stan and Ford go star gazing at the end of summer. (summaries are hard)

Notes: It’s a G-rated, old dude first kiss ficlet set at the end of the series. i love first kiss fics so dang much

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