I think that at the time we broke, there were a lot of hippie bands who just wandered around onstage, looking at each other between songs and just sort of wondering what to do, wondering what key they were in… just wondering. We wanted to eliminate that. we wanted to hit people hard and put on a show, which included dressing a certain way. We wanted to look good, sound good, and play good. And at the time, not many people were putting as much conscious effort into every aspect of live performance as we did.
    The hippie approach was generally ‘Come as you are and do what you feel like,’ and we completely electrified audiences because our act was so focused on every level. Again, it was our professional attitude. People were paying a lot o money to come and see us, so you wanted to sound like something and look like something. And people appreciated it when you put in the effort. It doesn’t detract from the musicianship and it adds to the show, so why not?
—  Jimmy Page, quoted in Brad Tolinski, Light and Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page

1954 Chevrolet Corvette by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
28th Annual Pig Roast & Car Show September 20, 2015 Northern Lights Car Club Blacksmith Lounge Hugo, Minnesota Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site.

Batfam as things my coworkers have said
  • Bruce, overheard on the phone as he's leaving WE: Wait, your brother is at work? (...) Oh thank god, that means I can sleep when I get home.
  • ---------------
  • Dick, giving Duke a tour of the Batcave: I'm sure you'll fit in just fine. Everyone's really nice here. Except for Jason.
  • Jason, from across the cave: That's messed up!
  • ---------------
  • Stephanie: *sees Cass's hand is bandaged up* Oh my god, are you okay?
  • Cass: Yeah, I just stabbed myself. It's fine.
  • ---------------
  • Tim: What, you think that because you're bootylicious, you can do whatever you want?
  • Jason, nodding: Yeah, pretty much.
  • ---------------
  • Damian: Alfred knows everything, he just pretends that he doesn't.
  • Alfred: Well, somebody needs to know something around here.
  • ---------------
  • Stephanie, inspecting Tim's under-eye circles: You need some makeup, fam. That shit is unsettling.
  • ---------------
  • Dick, to Roy: I hereby name you an official member of the family!
  • Jason: It's a trap, dude. You don't wanna be part of this family.
  • ---------------
  • Tim: Has anyone seen my coffee?
  • All: No.
  • Tim: Looks like it sucks to be Steph today. *picks up Stephanie's coffee and walks away*
  • ---------------
  • Duke: You've gotta be crazy to work here.
  • Jason: You don't HAVE to be crazy. We can always train you.
  • ---------------
  • WE Employee: *walks into Bruce's office to hear a loud alarm coming from his computer while Bruce fills out paperwork, seemingly unperturbed*
  • WE Employee: How can you just sit there and listen to that?
  • Bruce: Do you have any idea how many kids I have?
A Dungeon Master’s Complete Works

Ah, the numerous dungeons I’ve created.  Within them are myriad traps, encounters, and dangerous monster.

My extensive world.  All of the lore that I’ve written, all of my plans, my characters, their interactions.  A complete collection of my hidden machinations.

Oh, and then there’s this:

A complete collection of all of the shit I’ve had to make up on the spot, because the Player Characters, are creative, unpredictable, psychopaths.