So I have been re-watching Glee. Honestly, say what you want about Glee, the fact is they still had tons of LGBT characters, representation, relationships, and they still are pretty much unsurpassed by anything currently on basic cable (except maybe HTGAWM). Especially considering the show was made for young people. And think about how easy it would’ve been to make a musical show about “straight” people. It could’ve easily been done. But instead, the reality of a lot of people who gravitate toward the glee club/theater wasn’t ignored or painted over. Still not thrilled with how they treated bisexuality at times, but they at least had a prominent and well-loved bi character. They had several main characters who were bi or gay as well as two major trans characters. And their MAIN same gender relationships ended up happy together in a dual gay wedding I mean. Really.

Surprise, bitch, I bet you thought you saw the last of me.

Hilarious memes aside, yes, Santana Lopez has reappeared in the land of nothing, aka, Lima, Ohio. Anyone who is anyone probs knows that I left my show back in LA recently and it was heartbreaking for all of America, I know, but, I’m back where I belong now. Feel free to be star struck and bow in my presence.

The Juncture of Sea and Sky

For the Klaine Summer Challenge 2016, prompt: camping (if you squint)
Research, because this amuses me - I looked up women’s make up in the 18th century (I wanted to look up lip colour), and somewhere down that rabbit hole, I realised I was here. That’s a UMich page. IDK about you, but I’m amused. In other news, I looked up the minimum time it would take to travel between Nassau and Kingston in a sailboat (best guess, allowing for dead time and sleep, about a week, maybe), and I desperately wanted to shoehorn in this titbit, because I love it dearly. That might actually be the most research I’ve done. Look, ma. I provided links.
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Santana makes one detour before she rejoins Blaine and her crew aboard the ‘Princess’. She stops at an inn, and tells Blaine to carry on ahead of her. He looks at her dubiously, indicates her dress and her coat, and asks her if she’s certain. She slips a small silver knife from her bodice and smiles, and Blaine manages to flick the corner of his mouth into a smile.

“I’m certain,” she says. “This is private business. Make the ship ready to sail as soon as I return.”

Blaine nods and backs away, and doesn’t take his eyes from her until the dark of the inn’s interior swallows her whole. He knows she’ll be fine, but-

He bumps into the arm of a man two times his size, who grumbles and grabs at his shoulder and misses. Blaine balks and turns, and then ducks out of reach of the fist that swings at him.

“I’m sorry,” he apologises again, and he darts away, back towards the relative safety of the ‘Princess’. The crew is waiting, and he passes on Santana’s orders, tells them they’re heading back out almost immediately, and he’s up in the rigging himself when Santana finally does return. She doesn’t stop moving as she crosses the deck, and is still wearing her skirts when she orders the ‘Princess’ out, that they’re to set course for Nassau and not around the coast as Blaine had thought they were heading.

He shins down to the deck as quickly as he can, approaches her and asks her quietly what they’re doing. They had a plan, he he says, and she shakes her head and says nothing other than that they have no further business in Jamaica but that she has items she needs to collect in Nassau. If the passage goes well, they can be back in a few weeks. Twenty-one days, she tells him. That’s all she wants, and that’s it. Forever.

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