Flashback: Behind The Scenes of Glee episode 4X10 “Glee Actually”

Filmed on November 19, 2012

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So I've read a lot of ~well known~ fics... are there any fics you think are underrated/ should get more attention (preferably on AO3)?

Another Tomorrow by xCaellachx

How many times will it take for Blaine to get it right, when he doesn’t even know what to fix? Supernatural elements.

Masterpieces Verse by Anonymous

Kurt is an Art student at NYU who is partnered with the mysterious but talented Blaine Anderson for a piece on identity and finds himself instantly captivated and longing to know more. Blaine is a good guy with a bad reputation stemming from his Freshman year who’s issues often get the better of him. Blaine, defensive and bitter, finds hope in Kurt.

Headway Verse by @blaineydevon

Snapshots of Kurt and Blaine’s life together, unconditionally loving each other despite dealing with lifelong consequences of a traumatic brain injury.

The Takeaway by @villiageidiot

The takeaway is this: Blaine Anderson can’t find an inspiration.  (Or: the one wherein Kurt is a muse.)  

You’d Tear This Canvas Skin Apart by @sirenvoice11

Blaine is at last embracing his second love - art. What he doesn’t expect is for the living statue of David to walk into his art class in nothing but a silk robe…

The Handcuffing of Kurt Hummel by K8Malloy

Most of the time, people were charmed by Deputy Sheriff Blaine Anderson, even while receiving a well-deserved traffic ticket. Of course, Kurt Hummel wasn’t ‘most people’. How long will it take before Kurt finds himself in handcuffs - with Deputy Anderson holding the key?

Case Study by @purseplayer

In an alternate universe, Kurt and Blaine room together at Dalton Academy for Special Education, a boarding school for boys and girls who suffer from various mental health issues. Each boy carries his own burden, and they couldn’t be more different… but sometimes the right differences can make two people fit.

This Earthly Paradise by glassparade

In Victorian England, Kurt Hummel is a struggling artist and contemporary of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, an organization of painters, poets, and critics who strive to turn the art establishment of England on its very head. His mentor, one Dante Gabriel Rossetti, has grown tired of Kurt’s reluctance to grow as an artist, and so enter Blaine Anderson, an artists’ model of Bohemian disposition and eye-catching good looks. Can he, using rather unorthodox methods, succeed where Rossetti has not?

I Feel The Chemicals Kicking In by @beatlesgrl

Blaine Anderson is about routines. His days involve him running his company and avoiding the dates Cooper tries to set him up on. At least, it used to.

Louder Than Words by @sararye

A rosy cheeked stranger walks into Kurt’s bookshop one autumn evening, and the story begins.

Move With Me by @znks

Forced to work together, they were at their best when they moved together.


November 19, 2017.

5 Years of the Ice Skating Riot 2012!

“It’s been a whirlwind, but amazing. We got to film at the ice skating rink in Bryant Park, which was just incredible. It was one of the best filming experiences I’ve ever had. For one, we were on ice skates for 11 hours, in the heart of the city, surrounded by the Empire State Building and the Chrysler building. It was gorgeous.”

- Chris Colfer.


video by  LesbianStudios

TDB Rewatch: The Rocky Horror Glee Show (2x05)

Welcome back to the rewatch and welcome to Season 2!!!  This week we’re doing The Rocky Horror Glee Show!

Will decides to have to the glee club perform The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the annual school musical after learning of Emma’s newfound love for the cult classic. Despite Sue’s usual scheming, the members of New Directions inject their distinctive style to the show’s timesless tracks. As casting begins, Emma calls in Carl who auditions for the role of Eddie, much to Will’s dismay. His audition song in the choir room surprises the Glee Club, and so Will gives in. As casting progresses, Will finds it hard to find the right people for the parts because the musical is very controversial. Will the musical go through as planned? Or is Will’s choice and motivation to produce the school production questionable?

The episode was directed by Adam Shankman and written by Ryan Murphy with assistance on the story from Tim Wollaston.

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Dear showrunners

I’d like to start by saying that I’ve seen so many complaints about this particular subject, but it looks like you don’t see them, or more likely, you choose to ignore them.

As a young member of the LGBTQ+ community (you know these people who gather every year during the same season to party on the streets and spread colourful messages everywhere, but also those who ship your best Heterosexual Characters® together), I’ve had the chance to see a few queer characters on TV during my teenage years. I remember the first time was on Buffy The Vampire Slayer when I was only 10 (reruns), and I didn’t even know that I was gay at the time. Then, when I realized my sexuality, I decided to search for shows and movies to watch. And THAT is when I also realized that there was very few LGBTQ+ content available. If you wanted to see queer folks on TV you had to dig really deep.

Lucky for me, around 2010, producers learned that putting gay people in their mainstream shows was attracting a rather important fanbase. So they gave us: Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Glee, Modern Family, Degrassi, Skins, etc. And we thought “YAY THAT’S MY PEOPLE” and watched these TV shows religiously, memorizing and analyzing every interaction, stare, kiss, date, hand-holding, love scene, thinking that we finally got what we wanted.


Queer characters cheat, break up for no logical reason, end up alone, disappear, or in worst case scenario, die. Because why not, right?

And if nothing happens to our loving LGBTQ+ characters, the show is just canceled, as seen with Faking It and Sense 8.

But, our community is a fucking strong one. When we fight, we put everything we have. There is so little representation of our community that when there is we give all our attention to it. That’s why you lose audience when you make a character disappear or kill it, because if you respect us, then we’ll be the greatest fanbase you’ve ever seen. We’ll spend all our money to go to conventions, buy your merch, buy your DVDs, and your actors will be loved and admired and pushed to the next level thanks to us.  If you don’t respect us, then ciao adios we’re done.

So, why? Why do you keep repeating the same mistakes? Why in 2017 (almost 2018), having LGBTQ+ characters is still problematic? Why is it still impossible for a lead character to be queer in a mainstream TV show (except for OITNB, you’re doing great sweetie)? Why is it so difficult for you to consider making a non-canon queer couple canon? I mean, I’m not saying all of them, but when you have ships like Bechloe, Stilinski-Hale, Faberry, Johnlock, Supercorp, (and many others) where thousands and thousands of people believe in it and have countless undeniable arguments in favor of the same theory (and let’s be honest, it wouldn’t even matter that much since it’s sooo obvious), why would it be so stupid to even think about it? Give your series some new sparkly twists goddamit!

Make a queer person angry and you’ll have to deal with the whole squad, and trust me you don’t want to try it. We basically run your series. You should’ve learned with Clexa.

So, you’ll probably never see this because I’m nobody, but if you do please don’t ignore us.


- the Rainbow Community

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