Bisexual problem
  • Literally every tv show:so we have that character and so far we've seen them dating both girls and boys...
  • Me:so... Does that mean what I think it means...
  • Tv show:yes... They are gay!
  • Me:...
  • Tv show:or maybe they were just experimenting and they are straight!
  • Me:...
  • TV show:I mean there are only two sexualities so...
  • Me:!!!

i kinda talked a lil abt how kurt and mercedes have similar ways of dressing up, but i wanted to elaborate more on that LOL

idk like they don’t really match or dress EXACTLY the same, but they manage to have the same tastes when it comes to outfits.  they even kind argue about the similarities here: 

and i guess i find that really cool bc they both really dress how they feel. if they feel like layers they pack on as fuckin many layers as they caN

but when they get older, they both decide to forgo the layers and show more skin ! they also went from ridiculous as heLL fashion to a little carefully coordinated

and this isn’t really something that they share with other characters…and that’s something i find interesting bc these two have been pretty much been going through similar situations, especially in highschool. trying to fit in, trying to accept their differences, and trying to show others their worth. in a way their clothes kinda kept them connected while the plot obliterated their relationsihp pff


honestlY tho hell their interest go as far as putting things around their necks!  they’re like fashion kindred spirits * - *

so what i’m saying is i still love these two and i’m eating up these breadcrumBS

3 NaNoWriMo Tips

Well, Wrimoers, it’s our time to shine. In just one short week, the clock will strike midnight, and we’ll be typing away trying to hit the golden 1,667 word goal of the day. If you’re anything like me, you’re shifting in your seat, (vague) outline in hand, just itching to get started. But before we do, I just want to review some NaNo-Reminders. 

#1: You will not Write a Completely Novel in November

50,000 words is rarely a novel. Unless you are writing a novella or a short young adult fiction, you are going to need more words. It’s important that you look up your novel’s genre and find out the appropriate word count. It might even be beneficial for you to change your NaNo goal to that word count if you choose to. Don’t push yourself too hard, though. Writing a novel is obviously much more than how many words you’re able to type out. You want to make sure you’re actually writing something decent, even if it takes more than a month. 

The second reason you’re not finished is because you have to edit the novel. A lot. There is probably at least 5 drafts between this project and a novel, and honestly saying 5 was just my way of being nice. It’s probably double that. 

#2 Staying On Track 

Every year I ask Wrimoers what they think the hardest part of NaNo is, and I tend to get the same answer: writing the same story. When we’re moving so fast, we tend to just keep going until we’ve smeared our entire page with word vomit. 

Suddenly, your historical fiction novel about a young woman marrying the evil King includes a crime fighting leprechaun and a talking squid who wants to wants to build a rocket ship. Believe me: we’ve all been there. Honestly: it’s okay. This is the time of year to explore every idea that crosses your mind, no matter how ridiculous. However, try to stay on task. If you know you’re going to have to edit this out later, try not to write it. Save yourself the time. If you want to explore new path that you think might work, then go for it! 

#3 The Ending 

So the whole story builds up to this one dramatic moment and then… what? If endings are a problem for you, you’re not alone. So many writers struggle with creating the perfect ending for their novel, and so many writers find that’s there they get stuck. 

For NaNoWriMo, I’d advise to simply solve the problems / conflicts. That is your number one goal. Writing an ending is a huge challenge because you’re so worried about having the “perfect” ending - and rightfully so! But NaNo is a beautiful time of “winging it”. Once you have that first, boring but resolved ending down, you have time to fluff it up and make it great. Don’t stress yourself on that yet. 

Well, Wrimoers, I say it every week but especially now: best of luck. Our ask box will be open all November to help with your NaNo needs or problems. We’re cheering for you over at Writing the Words blog. 

Happy writing, 

Marina Montenegro 
Writing the Words Blog

Glee Song Tournament (S5): Round 3, Bracket G-H

Welcome to the Season Five Song Tournament!!!

The tournament will be set up like the previous ones, voting on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  

****So – no matter which way you slice it, season five only has 118 songs.  So! Instead of giving certain songs ‘Byes’, I put all them all at the end of Bracket H.  Meaning, Bracket H will just have less matches in it.****

Check out the full brackets: Here

For tagging purposes, I’ll use the tag: s5songtourn   You can also check out the ballots you missed on the main page under Tournaments and Polls.

To vote: List the episode you want to win within each match in a response and then reblog.  You have exactly two days (next Thurs the 27th) at 8am (U.S. EST)) to cast your vote. Go, go, go!

Bracket G

Match 13: 

All of Me (5x20)

I Am Changing (5x13)

Match 14:

Downtown (5x14)

You’re My Best Friend (5x07)

Bracket H

Match 15: 

I’ll Stand by You (5x03)

Don’t Stop Believin’ (5x13)

***Note: Winner of Match 15 will sit out around due to going up against a BYE***

fashion inktober: mercedes version!! >:3 

her style is quite hard for me to peg, she can really go from goth, bright colors, to comfy chill at home outfits! i think mercedes, like kurt, enjoys experimenting a lot with her wardrobe. so she may come out the house wearing sheer top or a giant maxi dress LOL

I know SJ (@diary-of-a-bipolar-girl​) has been having it really rough lately and I just want to say that I love her and hope she gets to feeling better soon. She has given me almost three years of the most adorable ship I have ever had. Danlie is my favorite ship, hands down.

SJ, thank you for being the Dani (@danicamerino)​ to my Charlie (@silent-charlie-emerson), and for just being here for me. I know you’re going through a lot, but just remember:

“Life is a process, similar to building IKEA furniture. Mostly trial and error because the only instructions you have are crudely drawn pictures and minimalist Swedish.”

I can’t necessarily help you put it together, but I can attempt to talk you through the instructions, I’m an art major after all, crudely drawn things are sometimes my life.


After Sebastian had tanked their earlier conversation because all of the intimacy talk and the fact that he was actually seriously considering it made him hit the self-destruct button, he was glad that Blaine had agreed to see him still. He was even more glad to put off the talking thing to do the sex thing first, with the addition of Ryan so their earlier conversation was allowed to be buried for those hours. Now, it was time. Having fucked himself silly between his time with Ryan and his time with Ryan and Blaine, Sebastian was calmer; more prepared to not let his mouth get ahead of him.

There had been plenty of jokes about how he had started with Ryan, gotten time with both of them, and was now going home with Blaine. He semi-lovingly and semi-truthfully called himself a stray at least once, but now they were at Blaine’s. The door closed behind them and he knew they had found the privacy that their impending conversation would require. A little bit of anxiety based in the idea that he might end up telling Blaine something important about himself, who he was on the inside, made him feel a little prickled but he kept himself quiet and neutral in appearance. He hoped Blaine would start, he had no idea what to say.

my nohebi vs nekoma reread: a summary
  • holy  fucking shit their coach is hot as FUCK
  • no seriously
  • he’s the hottest coach out there
  • like i stared at his panels for way too long how did i miss this in my first read??? 
  • he’s hot and nice and cute and i love him? i should stop getting invested in background characters
  • i love how everyone in nohebi calls daishou by his first name
  • they do that with numai too
  • numai has amazing soft hair. look at it. i wanna touch it
  • kuguris hair is even better hes ?? so pretty?? i love him? hes def up there on the prettiest character list for me . what a beautiful boy with beautiful hair
  • i love how his current concern is how his teachers are angry about his hairstyle and he states its just his bedhair . what an adorable boy
  • that one guy with the freckles!! love those freckles!!!
  • kuroo vs daishou is still fav and i love how kuroo trashtalks him but when other people do he immediately steps in and tells them their place yes i am a bitch for kuroshou
  • i cant believe i used to hate nohebi?? they’re so good
  • DAISHOU AND MIKA im still not over them. loved them when i read it the first time and i love them even more. shes so beautiful, my girl
  • when kuguri cries i cry he looks so adorable my boy
  • i’m like dropping hints that i love nohebi
  • i’m love nohebi

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Wait I'm sorry what's happening with Michael and the nbhd right now?

Jesse from the neighbourhood apparently owns all the palms trees in the world and is upset 5sos have some in their new merch designs, michael tweeted him a google search for palm trees that dont have royalties bc like bruh…they’re just palm trees and no one owns them chill tf out

I NEED to throw a shoutout to @flirtdotcom roleplay. It’s an absolutely amazing group and even though it’s just opened the admins are so welcoming and lovely, the players all have SUCH unique takes on their characters while maintain their essences, and the dash interactions are completely on point. Here’s hoping I get to be a part of this group for a very long time!

Two Worlds Collide

This is the first chapter of my new Dantana fic. I used to be comeintomychamberofsecrets before moving all of my writing to this account 

Trigger Warnings: None for now

Plot: A wealthy teenager who has been raised on the rich side of the city, and who has grown up with a silver spoon in her mouth is forced by her school to volunteer at a homeless shelter on Christmas Eve and befriends another young girl who hasn’t been nearly as fortunate as her.

Chapter One

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Makes no difference what happened off scene. And Lea and Naya got along some of the time. Feud would mean they both were at each other doesn't sound like that at all. Seems like Lea separated herself from Naya to avoid that. But that still does not change glee.

The thing for me is that Glee is both on and off screen.

Glee was my first ever fandom, my first ever real fangirl show. Those characters and that cast will forever be a part of me. 

So to me it’s just as important that Rachel and Quinn became really close friends, that Santana and Brittany got their happy ending with each other, that Mercedes got to become a singer, that Rachel won a Tony Award etc, as it is that Dianna and Lea used to be really good friends and defended each other, that Kevin and Naya are the coolest BFF’s, that Chris and Lea were really close, that Harry and Jenna were the cutest, that Heather and Naya considered each other a duo.

That stuff matters to me, and I know it’s stupid because we don’t really know them but the truth is,it felt like I did. I followed them all on twitter, I watched every single interview, I watched BTS footage, I watched Glee Live Concert Movie because the background moments were never in character.

I was following both the show/characters and the cast. My love for Santana wasn’t just my love for Santana, it was my love for Naya as well, same for Lea, Dianna, Heather and every single one of them.

With other shows, I can love both the character and the actor but I can separate the two,with Glee, I can’t! I really honestly can’t do it because the characters were as important to me as was the cast.

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"how can you be pro glee in 2016" such an iconic tag

i’m genuinely SO confused, i’m sure ryan murphy’s paying people to defend glee in this day & age because???? lmao how many times are the cast gonna throw shade at how shitty the show got & how their characters basically got 0 respect from the writers? like the truth is out there… Don’t be an idiot…

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character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

There is no middle ground.

ship with:  Twig, my version of that bug thing (I go with sprite) that he falls in love with during the stinger.

general opinions:  I see a lot going on with Roland, and with that a lot of potential, for being a lot better and a lot worse. He’s manipulative, narcissistic, ambitious to the point of not caring who he hurts to get what he wants. He twists every conversation and situation to his advantage rarely telling outright lies.  He wears a mask for every interaction: suave lover for Marianne, rigid nobility for Dagda, hopeless admirer for Sunny, growling Alpha-male for his trio of goons.  How much of any of those is his real self?  His MO is very much to give people the version of him they want in order to get what HE wants from them, so we only see him alone for about 3 seconds, and that’s him fantasizing about putting a crown on his head.