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New photo release! The 2nd image from my amazing Glamour/lingerie photoshoot with Jay Tablante Photography, which took place at his studio lot in Manila, Philippines, in 2012.

Makeup/Model: #YayaHan
Hair styling: @thearafernando Photography: @therealjaytablante Lingerie set is #AgentProvocateur, paired with a waist cincher from #TimelessTrends

I was in pretty good shape back in 2012, so seeing photos from this shoot really motivates me to kick up my healthy lifestyle once more! What’s funny is that I felt self-conscious that day, and not in shape. That’s why I wore the waist cincher, derp!
Looking back to these images reminds me that we women are often too hard on ourselves, and too worried about living up to various beauty standards. Even if we look great, we don’t always see it until much later.
In a way, photos such as these are a fantasy, because it takes time, effort, and a team of people to make someone look polished and photoshoot ready. Hair, makeup and styling aside, lighting by itself can make a person look beautiful or ugly. Just lighting! Nothing else!
And Jay is absolutely the Master of lighting. Add to it the top notch production quality in all of his images, and yeah, I’m completely living a fantasy here!

But, I find that life is made better with fantasy. I’ve always believed that, and it’s what drives me forward. Whether I’m playing dress up as a superhero character, or as a more glamorous version of myself, I’ll keep chasing that fantasy as long as I can! It’s more fun and exciting that way!!

I have one more photo from the Jay Tablante photoshoot to share, on Monday! At that time, all 3 images will be released as 11x17 signed posters in my store!

Thanks for sticking around through these non-cosplay photos! I hope you can accept that even though I’m a cosplayer through and through, I sometimes have fun with other past-times and hobbies. :) #lingeriephotoshoot #sexytimes #nopants #noshame #fantasychaser (at yayahan.com)

maxcalifa: ✨Bum Bum Bum✨ Cantor @justinbieber curtindo seu brinquedo #Ferrari ” AO VIVO ” ☀️😜🌎🔝🇺🇸🔝🇺🇸🎤🎤🎤🚗🚗🚗🚗💨💨💨💨 !! #Hollywood #Glamour #Celebrity #JustinBieber #Ferrari #Aovivo

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