Okay. I’m gonna put my two cents in this dilemma. So I use twitter not much but i do. These Twitter hoes™ has been criticizing and belittling us calling ‘thirsty’ and ‘whores’.You see here’s the thing, lol we might be bitch but we don’t don’t show our ‘thirst’ and fucking fling it at leafy. we don’t be like ‘SHOVE YOUR REPTILIAN DICK UP MY ASS’ uh nope. those type of people are usually the, you guess it The twitter fandom OH MY. You guys can try and get leafy to noticed your fucking repulsive remarks but we the tumblr users of the fandom we don’t really want to get ‘noticed’ by him. It’s kind of a big deal that he probably looked at our blogs and for you twitter hoes to call us thirsty and shit. you guys are lucky to be hidden in all those nasty comments. you guys should be called out for your shit like that’s kind of sexual harassment. anyways leave us alone. we are two different type of groups. you hoes can be tweeting leafy nonstop about how you want his dick between your tits and well be here not humiliating ourselves and living life.

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Hello~ I'm sorry, I know you get lots of questions and this only adds to the pileup -sOBS- take your time ofc! but I had seen you talking about how you sort of... gather up ideas for story arcs and such (err, this: /post/146773867788/) and I was wondering if there was any chance you could share a page from your own notebook (like a picture)? I understand completely if you'd rather not, I'd imagine it's a bit intimate. I'm curious what the physical setup is, that's all. Hope you're well~

nooo no worries i always have a pile at all times i’m just a bit of a slowpoke about responding!! I actually originally was going to put photos in that exact post of my mg notebook but I got bashful at the last second and deleted them, ahh (//・_・//)

there it is~ my wee magical girl notebook- it’s honestly nothing fancy…. i feel like it’s a bit underwhelming for how grand and blatant my love for magical girls is HAHA/// I will say right now that I am a terribly inconsistent person in regards to structuring story arcs and the like- A lot of my creative process is verbal and writing stuff down by hand takes forever so I typically use Google Docs for my story creation process and then periodically print out stuff and put it in a binder/folder so i can refer to it offline too, even if it quickly becomes outdated.. i just write all over it.

Anyway, my point is that I use this notebook system strictly for the fact that if I don’t get the idea or concept out of my head, it gets distracting and conflicts with any potential new ideas. my head is constantly buzzing so things like lists and charts are really important to me! so this is really just a way to mentally clean house so you can clearly review everything without having to remember it all. like… dumbledore’s memory birdbath. yeah.

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